Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

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Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

Trying to decide which town to visit, or is it worth going to both?

I know it would normally depend on my itinerary but as yet it is not planned so I would just like to compare the two on their own merits as far as interesting a traveller is concerned..
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The two peace museums are somewhat repetitive, so I would vote for Nagasaki, simply because it's a beautiful city. Only the north section of Nagasaki was destroyed, whereas pretty much all of Hiroshima was decimated. Therefore, the southern part of Nagasaki is historic and beautiful. There are some beautiful temples, colonial buildings, and great museums. Also, Nagasaki was open to trade, more than the rest of Japan, so there is a Dutch influence there, as well as Chinese. You will not find another city in Japan quite like Nagasaki.
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I chose to go to Nagasaki instead of Hiroshima, because it seemed that people forget that Nagasaki was bombed too. I visited the memorials, although not the museum (after seeing Auschwitz I have limited my exposure to horrors).

I thought the "Chinatown" area way over-hyped, but enjoyed the Dutch "island" and Glover Garden (although some of the buildings are in dire need of TLC).

I combined Nagasaki with Fukuoka, and there were a couple of worthwhile day trips I didn't find time for.
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We went to both and liked them for different reasons. We went to Nagasaki first and opted not to go to the atomic bomb memorial there, since we would be going to Hiroshima. Nagasaki has an interesting history, with its Portuguese and Dutch influences. There are some specialty foods of the area too. I thought Nagasaki was a pretty city.

We were only in Hiroshima for a day, but the atomic bomb museum was quite sobering.

I think you might want to make your decision on the amount of time you have and where you're coming from. If you're on Kyushu, then Nagasaki is an obvious choice. If you're in Kansai, then Hiroshima would be my pick, with a detour to Himeji.
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You haven't given us any info about your itinerary or other interests, so I will give simple answers to your simple questions:

>>Is it worth going to both?
Absolutely, yes.

>>Hiroshima or Nagasaki?
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Wow! Tricky one. I'm going to go with Nagasaki. The main reason being that the city is more visually interesting, the way it spreads up the surrounding mountainsides means there are so many great views to be had. Also, the international influences make Nagasaki really unlike anywhere else in Japan (that I've been to at least). I suppose if you want something a bit more lively then Hiroshima would be the best choice out of the two; Nagasaki can seem a bit quiet if what you want is more of a 'city' vibe.

In terms of the atomic bomb museums which I think are a must see in both cities, I would say that the museum in Hiroshima handles things better. That sounds bad maybe. I mean, both are very moving and informative, I just feel that the one in Hiroshima is structure a bit better. That said, it will likely be busier.

Food wise, I mean neither city is that much to get excited about in this regard although, of course, you can get all the Japanese dishes you could wish for in these cities (and everything in between). If you go to Nagasaki maybe try the 'toruko rice' for a funny interpretation of 'Western' food ...


And in Hiroshima they have their own take on okonomiyaki, which is even heavier than the regular kind.


To be honest, either city and you're 'winning' as someone once said. Maybe in the end it'll come down to itinerary. Nagasaki, in particular, is long way from, well, most other places in Japan, so that's something you might have to take into consideration.

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Thanks for the link. Hiroshima style okonomiyaki was a shock, and not really s good one. I much prefer the style I had in Kanazawa.
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Is it worth going to both?
There is a LOT more than just the A-Bomb museums!

But overall, if you could only visit one city?
Unquestionably it would be Nagasaki. It is truly a unique city with western and Chinese influences going back centuries. Eating the chanpon and saraudon are absolutely divine.

There are also great hot springs at nearby Unzen.
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