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Bangkok and Thailand updated restaurant listing and comments

Bangkok and Thailand updated restaurant listing and comments

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Bangkok and Thailand updated restaurant listing and comments

Many of you have followed this restaurant listing as i have develped it since about 2005. I have now updated it with info from our last trip which ended on dec 2. 2010.
I hope that some of you might find it of some help in planning your Bangkok eating experiences and some other tourist places in Thailand.

By way of explanation, we do not eat street food (for sanitary reason--we know we miss out by not doing that, but every day is important to us and we don't need any down days for potential stomach problems)... we tend to eat more upscale, but i have been turned off by some of the pretentious places that have sprung up in Bangkok. Good food that is presented in an attractive way in a friendly atmosphere is what we seek.

comments are welcome..


MY FAVORITE BANGKOK and some Thailand RESTAURANTS AS OF OCT 2005 (revised 12-31-06), (FURTHER REVISED 7/08) and further revised Jan 2010, and now revised December, 2010..Baht was reduced to about 32/33 per US Dollar in 2008. Baht remained about the same for my 2009 visit.. Baht was between 29-31 in oct-dec, 2010.

We had some wonderful meals in Fall, 2010… we tried a few new places and went back to some of our favorites. We entertained two SEA newbies who could not handle much spice for 2 weeks, so this influenced where we ate quite often. They did learn to tolerate some spice. Thailand remains as a very favorite eating place for us—it beats france, germany, UK, most other parts of SEA and offers almost any cuisine you might want, especially in Bangkok.

I will divide the restaurants by cuisine for easier reference….some I have only eaten at once, but many I go back to over and over again…
Generally food is cheaper in thailand, and presented in a much more pleasing and
innovative way with great pride and courtesy, than what you find elsewhere in the world…I do note that prices have increased significantly in 2008…in some case as much as 30%... and again in 2010 I see more price increases… The western restaurants increasing generally more than the thai ones.


Tongue Thai--- Thai restaurant located directly behind OP Place
which is in back of the Oriental Hotel (1/2 block off of new road)…
Small place with maybe 10-12 tables…moderate price…they will spice the food to suit your
desires…res not necessary…lunch and dinner…very high on our list of
favorites…dinner for two with beer and bottled water about $30---1200 B
We had three meals there in 2006, two were ok and one was excellent…it has
perhaps slipped to #2 thai in Bkk for us… $45 for two , $36 for two another nite.
2009-- again a very good meal 1300 B for 4 (pomello salad, chicken cashew {remains the best in the world}, fried morning glories, flat noodle and chicken dish, beers/water).
Nov, 2010… still excellent, good service and the thai food is well prepared…. Prices may be up a bit but still moderate… good family place or for a quiet dinner for 2 or 4…. Never very busy..
18-20 charoen krung rd, soi 38 tel: 0-2630-9918

2008, they have sprung back and may have new owners and/or management…… we had at least two excellent meals there in 2008…menu remain the same.. same relaxed atmosphere… 1191 B for a good dinner (cashew chicken, river shrimp with garlic and pepper, pineapple rice {fantastic}, fried morning glories, 2 beers and H2O…
all very delicious… a second meal for 4 adults: $30 per couple…pomello salad, banana flower salad, spring rolls, chicken and cashews, pork with pepper sauce, yellow curry chicken, phad thai with glass noodles, fried morning glories, 1 beer each, H2O’s, and finally mango and sticky rice….again a delicious meal…

Harmonique---unique thai restaurant…located in a former alleyway between a
couple of buildings, and in some rooms directly off of that alley…when it
rains, if you are sitting in the alleyway you get wet…eclectic décor…owned
and operated by 3 (2?? 2006) old
people—family…delicious…reasonable--$22.---855 B full dinner with hors d’,
mains, rice, mango and sticky rice and beers and waters….huge menu….
22 New Rd (Charoen Krung Rd), soi 34…Tel: 02-630-6270….the soi is just to the left
of the huge general post office on new road….there is a colorful archway
over the entrance to the soi and the restaurant is down the soi about 200
feet on the right….they will hail a taxi for you when you leave if you ask them.
also very high on our list…
2006---stays at the top of our list, based on quality of food, serving size,
price, variety of menu----service is still slow but who cares at this price
and quality----closed Sundays…also closes for holidays from mid-December to
early January….the male owner was not seen this year….have never made a
reservation….a/c room on the right has been cleaned up and painted (well
partially painted) and has a new tile floor…we have only eaten in this room
which is a bit isolated but cool and dry (if it rains)—you have to ask for
a/c on arrival…appetizer plate with 4 choices, chicken cashew (best in
Thailand!!), fried morning glories (best in thailand too!!), rice, beer and
water, mango and sticky rice…505 B ($13.75 for 2)….800 B another visit--$22…

2008---closed on our first attempt…. They continue to spiff the place up a bit, but it is still an eclectic place….same two ladies running it…. Sat in a new a/c room to the left…much nicer… same good food… mixed appetizer, chicken cashew, lemon chicken, fried morning glories, steamed rice, pomello salad and mango and sticky rice---1140B… noted it was about 30% more expensive than before: exchange rates and price increases….but still a bargain for excellent food…

2009--- just as fabulous as ever….2 visits this trip.. prices have remained about the same with some increases……. Yellow Crab curry was a hit…

November, 2010--- still no male owner in sight….still fantastic, still a favorite….prices are up a bit… food was good as usual.


Celedon at the Sukhothai Hotel on south Sathorn road….expensive….
Beautifully served and decorated thai dishes…worth a visit if in the area…we thought it
overpriced and food was so so….we are told they have an excellent Sunday
brunch (featuring lots of chocolate)…..2006 – did not visit
2008—did not visit
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Gallery Café---86-100 New Road, soi 30 Tel: 02-639-5580…near the Sheraton
Orchid Hotel…from the door of the Sheraton turn right , go to the end of
capt bush rd, turn left…it is along that stretch of the road on the right
before you reach new rd….excellent…moderate…massages available on second
floor…eat in or out…lovely asian decorations….good service…food is very
tasty…mostly foreigners as customers…$29—1154 B full dinner with one glass
of wine, one beer and bottled water…a gpanda favorite…nice gift shop
2006---still a nice and convenient place to eat….shop has even nicer things
than previous years….did not record price, but still moderate…excellent
service and food..

2008---had dinner there our first nite as harmonique was closed… went there with tong who was not impressed with it…. Our dinner was fine, except I think they really dumb things down there as most of the customers, westerners, come from the Sheraton near-by…. The food was fine, but nothing special in any way…. Dinner for 4 plus a child: $86… too expensive for what it is… dining room is pleasant and you will not have bad food here, just not very inspired….hey gpanda loves it??
2009—did not visit
2010—had lunch here one day… a bit bland.. I’m just not wild about the place but it is very convenient from royal orchid Sheraton.

Coconut Palm Restaurant; 394/3-5 Maharaj Rd; Tel: 02 622 2246.
Beside wat pho and not far from the grand palace… basically a luncheon place… I think it closes at 7PM. Clean and fresh simple interior with comfortable seating. Tong’s favorite in-town restaurant. This is authentic thai eating. 100 X better than CC.
We ate: fried mushroom spring rolls, fruit papaya salad, banana flower salad, fresh pork laab, fresh spring rolls with a sprig of mint and wrapped in rice paper, seafood macaroni (way too spicy for westerners), tom yam soup, steamed rice, fried chicken wings and more water than the river holds…. 600 B total for 4.5 of us.
Simply the best regular thai food we have had.
Can’t wait to return. 2008

2009—returned for lunch one day… good food just as in 2008.. English menu..
November, 2010—we did not eat here but our friends did… they loved it…

JOK Thai Kitchen; 23 Trok Issaranuphap; phlap phla chai rd---good luck finding it….its in the middle of a market near to Chinatown, down an alley… Tel: 02 221 4075….reservations essential months in advance….only a few tables….BYOB…. as far as I know there is no choice as to menu…you get what you are given, but it is all excellent…mostly very fresh fish/seafood… we went with 6 of us and had the following: shrimp dumplings, steamed snowfish, stir fried ginko nuts, steamed ‘she’ crabs, shrimp in a ginko sweet sauce, monki (sp) fish soup, special fried rice, smoked duck pieces, some sort of unik (sp) (former male) crabs,…sticky rice with bean paste… wine (byob), tea and water…I think I have left items out…. Hanuman ordered and paid so I have no idea about price or exact items…. It’s a fantastic place and all thais… 2008

2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Spice Market---located within the Four Seasons Hotel on Rajadamri rd…average
thai food prepared with foreigners in mind….not very spicy… nice plain
restaurant atmosphere…moderate to expensive….
2006—did not visit….a favorite with many foreigners….

2008—did not visit, but did look in the door—almost empty at 8PM

2009—did not visit, although walked by one day and it was only ½ full of people..
2010—did not visit

Face, Thai Restaurant---29 soi 38, Sukhumvit rd….Tel: 66-02-713-6048…open
lunch and dinner….excellent thai food and preparation…expensive…lovely
setting…beautiful at nite with candles…$45 for lunch—1385 B…see also Indian
section…hard to find on soi 38…watch for a black sign on the left of the soi
with a gold face on it…
Did not visit in 2006-----excellent spa on premises as well as bakery and
Indian restaurant (see below) and a bar…res essential for dinner….
2008---wanted to visit but just never had time.

2009—unfortunately did not visit but on list for 2010..
2010—on list but got scratched during a realignment of restaurants on list….

Lemongrass---Soi 24, Sukhumvit rd….old thai house….res essential or you will
be turned away…so so food and atmosphere….we would not go back there, but
many love it and it is always crowded with tourists and ex-pats…moderate…it
is sort of run down…
2006 did not visit but Kathie reported a great meal there…
2008--- did not visit.

2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Baan Khanitha, soi 23, Sukhumvit rd…there is another one, but we have not
yet been there—it is on sathorn rd…old thai house…lovely atmosphere…lunch or
dinner…res suggested…Tel: 02-258-4181…delicious thai food well prepared and
elegantly served…carved decorations…good service…moderate to
expensive…$35---1377B dinner with appetizers (always given free, house
selection, unique to this restaurant), mains, rice, beers and water, mango
and sticky rice…
2006---did not visit either one although did drive by new on on
sathorn—looks nice..

2008---did not visit although rode by the new sathorn location several times and it looks very fancy indeed…

2009 – did not visit
2010—did not visit, but it was on our list

Cabbages and Condoms, soi 12 Sukhumvit rd….cheap thai food…eat in or
out…project of the international population control center…shop, with
everything made out of condoms…food was bland…tourists love it…lovely garden
dining outside if you wish…we would not go back there—uninspiring…
2006—did not visit..
2008--- did not visit.

2009 did not visit…
2010—did a tour but did not eat there

Salathip at the Shangri-la Hotel…indoor or outdoor dining, next to the
river…thai…lovely red thai pavilion building…have not eaten there myself but
have looked at the very varied menu….recent reports not good…expensive…
2006---did not visit yet again…
2008---did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Sala Rim Naam---opposite the Oriental Hotel on the other side of
the river…owned by the Oriental…site of their nightly dance show…also dinner
only…expensive…food decent …uncomfortable seating for dance show…show good
if you like thai dance…they also provide outside lunch/dinner only service,
sans show…. Take boat from hotel…
2006 – did not visit
2008---did not visit, but saw that they were doing some riverside reconstruction.
2009 did not visit
2010—did not visit

Thanying---behind the holiday inn silom…10 soi Pramvan, Silom road…old thai
house, formal dining…good food, moderate to expensive…2006 – did not visit
but did drive by..
2008---did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Thalaythip at the Peninsula Hotel…al fresco dining…dinner only and only on
non-rainy nites…excellent…dine near to the river…3 tasting menus with
excellent choices or an a la carte menu…set meals for 2 in the 1900-2500 B
price range….moderate…$65 or 2600 B for middle priced tasting menu for
2….res necessary…one of our favorites…menus have great variety…
2006—did not eat there this year, but noticed a small 2nd floor dining area… only Thai food.
2008---did not visit, but I have observed that people are not liking the food very much on the forums.

2009—did not visit, although reviews lately have been less glowing.
2010—did not visit

Jim Thompson House and Main JT Store Cafe (Suriwongse rd at junction with Rama IV rd)….excellently prepared thai
and western dishes, lunch and dinner…reasonable….new restaurant at
the JT House Museum is large and well appointed, although modern…fits nicely with
old houses on property…walk from national stadium stop of skytrain…Main
store: 2nd floor….Suriwongse rd at junction with Rama IV rd…excellent
place for lunch while shopping…worth a trip just to eat….lots of
local business people were eating there when I ate lunch there in june, ‘05…
always cheap and excellent….$10 or 400B…2 mains and 2 desserts with water…excellent
desserts….we eat there at least once per trip…so cheap and good
quality…there are other jim Thomson eateries around town….all excellent…
2006---did not visit house….main store remains a favorite…prices up a bit…
there is a new JT café at the outlet on soi 93, sukhumvit…limited menu but a
great addition..5th floor…
2008---of course we had lunch at the main JT store… reasonable and excellent as always..K did not record the menu, but I am sure she had the pasta with the ham, as usual, and I think I had pomello salad---in any case, 2 mains, a split dessert and two drinks---550 B..

they maintain their good quality year after year, plus you get to shop the wonderful JT new items….

Café is still at the outlet on soi 93, sukhumvit…

2009- unfortunately did not visit…
2010—ate lunch at both the JT house and the JT main store—menus are changed a bit—less selection for desserts, but main courses are basically the same….prices slightly higher….remains high on our lists… good value, but way less busy at main store…house still very very busy

There is a new thai restaurant next door to the Six Degrees restaurant at 42
convent road…it is very attractive and the food is excellent we are
told…can’t wait to try it…moderate to expensive…bright and airy with tons of
plants…very modern.. the name is Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine…Tel:
2006---had a reservation but went elsewhere in some minor re-arrangements of plans..
did not visit in 2008
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Kaew Saveoy---on the ground level of the Marriott resort and spa
Mini mall…in back of the bank and directly across the parking lot
from the Swenson’s ice cream…very cheap…mostly thai families eating there….excellent
simple thai food…clean…$15 or 612 B…beers and glass of wine, many
mains and mango and sticky rice…tons of food..
2006---remains good with low prices…600 B with beers…excellent service and tasty.
2008---never got there this time but others told us it is still good..
2009—did not visit
2010—lunch one day… good and reasonable

Supatra River House—266 Soi Wat Rakhang, Arunamarin Rd..Tel: 02-411-0305..
This restaurant is located directly on the river, up opposite the
Grand palace….lovely building with a huge dock for their private boat and other
boats to dock at…their boat comes from a parking lot across the river (call
for instructions)…delicious food but expensive…only had lunch
there…4000-5000 B for 5 people without booze….wonderful restaurant also on
the water at hua hin at a far cheaper price (our #1 rest. In HH)—2006.
no visit in 2008.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

MahaNaga—2006---after passing it up mainly because of price in
previous years we did go there this time largely based on kathie’s
and other’s suggestions….huge disappointment…2 sukhumvit, soi 29…first building in on
the right from sukhumvit…Tel: 02-662-3060..the location is fantastic and so
is the building and its setting…the more we sat there the more we felt it
was overdone…service was showy and aloof, but moderately attentive…Karen
feels our waiter was new so this may be part of the issue….very few people
there for dinner at 8PM…expensive….1853 B .. $50…no desserts…food was ok but
nothing special …will not return…
2008---saw sign and it brought back not great memories.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Basil at Sheraton Grande Hotel, Sukhumvit Road….guenmai has raved
about this restaurant and others have had good comments but we were totally under
whelmed…our waitress, the head person, was totally distracted and
bordered on rude….no greeting, no smile, no warmness---one of the few times we have
ever experienced this in thailand…strangely other times have also
been in Sheraton hotels…food was decent but a bit bland.. karen
used the word “unimpressive”…combo appetizer platter, chicken and cashews, beef with
mushrooms and asparagus and a house fried rice, one glass of wine
and one beer plus water—we were so unhappy with the meal that we
skipped dessert---1871 B--$51…they offer what travelduo and guenmai have reported to
be an excellent cooking school….we intended to do that but after such a bad
meal experience we decided against it…we might give it another
chance on another trip??

2008---not even in the hotel this trip.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Kinnaree; 43 Skhumvit Rd, soi 8.. opposite the Adelphi Suites serviced apartments…. Easy walk down from nana skytrain station..
Tel: 02 256 0328… carol simpson found this place as it is just past the adelphi suites on the left hand side of soi 8…. Attractive modern style thai house adapted to restaurant usage…… set back from the soi down a driveway….large sign out front…. Open air bar out front and both inside (a/c) and outside dining… we had two appetizers, pork with garlic and peppers, S/S chicken (whatever that is??), combo of crab and chicken shredded, then fried and served in a crab shell……all was very delicious, 1971 B…I had beer and K had a house wine I believe.. a definite repeat place for upscale thai. 2008.

2009—held a Fodor’s GTG there in private room… food choices were mostly appetizers, so no main dishes sampled…. What we had was good.. it remains high on my list..
2010—did not visit

Chotechitr…made famous by the NY Times… also in a side soi near to Chinatown… Prang Pu Thorn alley, off of Tanao RD.. owner is a very disagreeable older woman, who made the whole process a bit uncomfortable… we would NOT return there….the food was good but not excellent… we had smoky eggplant salad, banana flower salad, yellow curry shrimp (only 2 shrimp in the dish), mee grab noodles fried in coconut sugar…drinks for 4 plus child… 435B.
No a/c which is ok as we were the only customers, but if the place was full (maybe 6 tables) it might be quite uncomfortable… 2008

2009—did not visit
2010—thought to try it again, but backed off


Rang Mahal on the 26th floor of the Rembrandt Hotel, soi 18, sukhumvit rd….
Great views of bkk…wonderful Sunday brunch…mostly Indian families…res
necessary and ask for a window seat…Tel: 02-261-7100, ext 7532…also open
nightly for dinner (not sure about lunch)….delicious food well
prepared and served…brunch is huge and turns over quickly---very fresh…brunch 575 B each
(june, ’05) --$14.50….very very high on our list..
2006---still at the top of our list for Indian…excellent brunch.
2008, unfortunately did not visit there this time.
2009—did not visit
2010—did the Sunday brunch which remain excellent (850B).. good variety and great location

Face---Hazara Restaurant…only open for dinner…in Face complex, soi
38, sukhumvit rd…reconstructed thai houses….candle lit at nite….
excellent food…restaurant is on the 2nd floor of one of the houses.
Res necessary…moderate to expensive…huge menu…$43---1700 B for two…full dinner
with beers and water…high on our list..
Also thai restaurant at same location (see above), plus spa and bakery and
bar…only thai section is open for lunch …see above…
2006---did not visit
2008---did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—on our list but got axed..

Himali Cha Cha---off New Road, soi 47—opposite to the rear of OP Place and Tongue Thai
Side of the street…excellent Indian food…small restaurant….… moderate…a favorite of Karen’s.

Branch off of sukhumvit closed in 2006.. new branch on sukhumvit near nana
2008—did not visit.

2009—did not visit
2010---had dinner one night and it was better than I remembered.. prices are excellent…. Food is rich and filling.


Biscotti---in the Four Seasons Hotel, Rajadamri Rd…excellent Italian meals ..
…german or swiss chef (new chef in 2006)…open kitchen…innovative
and attractive servings…excellent pizza and soups as well as intricate entrees
and first courses…artful…one of our most special favorites…moderate
to expensive…$73---2930 B…full meal…beer and glass of wine, 2 first
courses, 2 main courses and 2 desserts, plus one cappuccino…meal would be $200 in
usa…there is a sense of excitement at this restaurant…only thing to
change in 4 years are the prices and they are up about 30%....well
worth it however…special occasion or a break from thai food…Tel: 02-250-1000…
2006---remains a favorite—new chef I read recently but not during
our visit.. 4048 B ($109)—one beer and one glass of wine ($12);
water, crab salad, parmigiana, 2 beef tenderloins, 2 fantastic deserts

2008---one of Karen’s only requests for the trip was dinner here… not as busy as in years past but a res gets you a very nice table we have found.. we had the following: crab salad for K (her favorite all time dish anywhere), soup for me; we each had pastas (black ink pasta with shrimp and scallops for me) and some other pasta for K with meat or seafood?; 2 delicious desserts (I had the raspberry treat: raspberry sorbet on raspberry reduction sauce, 3 huge fresh raspberries, and an almond cake with raspberry filling---K had a fruit, probably mango, sorbet—boring)…. K had a nice glass of wine and I had a singha beer, 2 H2O’s… price continue to increase---$100+---- I do note that it was cheaper than in 2006, but in 2006 we had beef which is twice as expensive…

2009—one of our group said it was the best meal she had on the trip.. remains expensive… always good… less crowded..
2010—final night’s dinner there… fabulous… was not busy at all.

L’Opera, 53 Sukhumvit, soi 39…on a corner where road goes to the left…not
easy to spot…worth the effort however…excellent Italian foods, well
prepared…huge servings…all the favorites…good service…interesting
interior…$40 or 1600 B for full dinner…also open in Yangon, Myanmar….will go
again and again…
Did not visit in 2006
On the schedule for 2008, but we did not get there.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Gianni’s…off Lang Suan…very disappointing and expensive…lots of
Attitude…would never return…
2008—would not return there as noted above.
2009- did not visit
2010—did not visit

Angelini in the Shangri-la Hotel…two level restaurant with view out to river
over swimming pool…excellent lounge with live western music that can be
heard throughout the restaurant….expensive….$7.50 for a small pony size
bottle of Evian water (that made me mad)….excellent dinner…very
romantic…delicious food…great presentation…maybe $75+ without a bottle of
2006—did not visit
2008---unfortunately did not return.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Lalo Italian---corner of soi 23 and Sukhumvit….small modern
restaurant…decent food…moderate…we only had pizza for lunch…good place for
lunch or even dinner…good location…2006—did not visit
2008—did not return.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Six Degrees, new restaurant at 42 convent road, off of silom…excellent, hip
place…minimalist…excellent food…straight forward service…highly suggested as
an alternative dining place…$48 or 1836 B…glass of wine, beer, two appetizers., 2
main and two desserts…we look forward to returning….excellent

looking thai place next door…Tel: 02-632-2995…2006—did not visit
2008—did not return.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Buono Italian Restaurant---286 Silom Rd…located in a house set back from the
street and just next to the Evergreen Laurel Hotel…excellent full service
Italian rest…moderate…2006—did not visit
2008—did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Portifino on the 2nd floor of the Bumrungrad Hospital….odd place
indeed for a good Italian restaurant…33 sukhumvit, soi 3..Tel: 02-667-2580…open lunch
and dinner…we had lunch and it was delicious…not cheap, but
affordable…expansive menu…thank you carol…2006
2008—did not visit but did mention it as an option one nite.
2009-- closed

Shaz in the lobby of the Majestic Grande Hotel on soi 2, sukhumvit…behind
the JW Marriott hotel….thank you carol again!!..we had dinner res
but had to cancel, but made it back for lunch and are glad we did.. excellent service
and delicious food… attractive restaurant on the first floor…953
B--$26---pizza, caesar salad, drinks…expensive but fantastic and beautifully
presented….2006----would definitely return there….getting good marks for
rooms also….we looked at them…they are small but decent…
2008—did not visit..
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Via Vai, soi 8, sukhumvit rd…. directly across the street from adlephi suites….again a suggestion from carol simpson…. Decent simple Italian restaurant… more supper than dinner … house wine is fair to poor.. K had wine, I had beer….she had a pork dish which she said was very good and I had rollitini’s—rolled filled pasta in a red sauce…. Water….. 1020 B…. would return again but not rush back….european chef…2008.

2009—good simple lunch: salad/pizza lunch special—199 B pp.
2010—did not visit.

Pomodoro, located on the food floor (5) of the Emporium Mall at soi 24, sukhumvit. Decent but not memorable…. Pasta dishes and pizza.. $17/pp incl 1 beer each. 2010

CalderazzO, 59 soi Langsuan.. Italian and thai. Modern, minalmilistic, multi-floor small restaurant. Excellent.. ate dinner there twice-2010. good selection. Great red sauce. 804 B/pp with dessert (they were not great—a big disappointment). Diagonally across the street from Marriott Mayfair. 2010

LeNotre, soi Langsuan, directly across from Marriott Mayfair… only had dessert as the menu was more French than we wanted. Very good. Indoor and outdoor seating. 2010

9th Café, 59/5 soi Langsuan. Opposite Marriott Mayfair between lenotre and calderazzo. Not sure of night menu, as we only had lunch, but combo of thai and western. Excellent food and fabulous desserts. 2010

New French pastry shop opening in that same block as 9th, Lenotre and CalderazzO on soi langsuan. Thai/American owned but not opened yet as of dec 1, 2010. French trained thai owner. Should be fab. May be in the lobby of the new condo project on the right of the Marriott Mayfair. Owned by an acquaintance. 2010


Le Delat Indochine---Vietnamese…cousin restaurant on same street:
Le Delat(permanently closed in 2006)…excellent ….beautiful presentation and tasty
food (2006—not overly tasty)…grow all of their own greens so this
is a place to eat lettuce, etc… old thai house…costumed wait staff…excellent service..
exceptionally fresh…14 Sukhumvit road, soi 23…Tel:
02-661-7967….moderate…res suggested.. 2006---good alternative--
$51.. res necessary…lunch and dinner..fried carp is their specialty
and its presentation is worth the price of the dinner alone…
2008 did not return.
2009- did not visit
2010—tried to call but no answer—may be closed?

Liu Restaurant on 3rd floor of the Conrad Hotel, Wireless rd…excellent fixed
priced dim sum luncheon or a la carte…select items from a 36 item menu…unique dim sum…
all you can eat…the best we have ever had…I can’t get enough of
this place….highly highly encourage you to visit…600 B or $15 per person….total
bill 1458 B one time and 1500 B the next visit…high high on my list…
2006—remains my favorite for dim sum….huge menu for dim sum—42 items..1883 B
a la carte this time--$51, but worth every cent---huge quantity of
food for this meal…2nd visit 1200B --$33 fixed price menu…
2008---of course we went back here…our first lunch… chose from the menu again..1295 B..its hard to beat, except for the Penn..

2009—never got there but was on our schedule twice
2010—fabulous as ever…went twice: once with our new to asia friends and once for a fodor’s GTG… just the best!!

Mei Jiang at the Peninsula Hotel…lower level, 333 Charoen Nakorn Rd, lower level.
Tel: 02-861-2888…res not necessary…dim sum and other asian specialties…lovely
setting, overlooking the hotel lawn…excellent attentive service..limited dim
sum menu but Karen says it is the best she has ever had---very unusual
choices and all delicious….expensive…1030 B $28, 2nd visit 1383 B ..$37…2006.
2008—return visit for lunch….delicious as always…had about 9-11 dishes---all so very different than normal dim sum….its not to be missed---K’s favorite DS---1295 B.
2009—did not visit
2010—on list but did not make it..

Oishi, Japanese Restaurant, Thonglor soi 10, Sukhumvit rd, soi 55…Tel: 02 712 2456.
Lunch stop for their buffet….anything Japanese and they have it…decent but
not fabulous but reasonable…$30 for 2….
2008---did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

China House, Oriental Hotel, Oriental Lane, Tel: 02-659-9000…recently
renovated (2006) into a ‘Shanghai Opium House’ look-a-like…lovely to look
at, horrible to work or eat in….they have ruined a perfectly good
restaurant….the rhkkmk’s and the gpanda’s had longed for the peking
duck that fodorites rave about (1100 B and will feed 4 with an additional dish or
two--$30)—beware there are two peking ducks listed on the menu—one
is much cheaper than this one.….we had it and are completely non-plused…. There was
nothing wrong with it, it just wasn’t fantastic, ioo’s—none of us
had had it before and will probably never order it again…we were badly disappointed,
and the service was awkward at best….lets put it this way…we left no tip…!!
They did know it without even a word from us, and the restaurant
Manager offered us a complimentary dessert….he was ‘no where’ to be
seen when we left the restaurant even though he had been falling all over us upon arrival. 2006

We had been twice to the old china house for dim sum and quite
enjoyed it…now we will never return….but this does not mean that you should not try
it….i had to be honest in my comments…
2008—based on past experience I don’t think we wish to return.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Silver Wave, top floor of Chatrium Serviced Apartments. Fantastic view up river from high floor location. Very, very expensive: $175 for 4. food good but not exceptional. Probably would not return. 2010


The Loft on 7th floor of the Central Chitlom Department Store,
Plenochit road…direct access from skytrain…excellent upscale cafeteria…unique system
for purchasing and paying…very fresh food…almost any cuisine you
want…inexpensive to moderate…staff provides some table service…each
thing we tried was excellent and very very fresh…italian pizza for two with water and
desserts $11—431 B…Japanese tempura for two $22—866 B…quick and
delicious….shop and eat at the same time….great place for a break
during shopping…lots of shops are near by as well…freshly made items/ongoing and
cooked to order…will go often in future….
2006---remains perfect lunch destination—852 B--$23…huge sushi
selection, water for me and Karen had pasta plate—waters and desserts…
2008---did not have a chance to return.
2009—our pick for lunch one day… uniformly good.. less offerings as the space has shrunk to less choices, but still plenty to choose from..
2010—did not visit

Crepes and Co…18/1 soi 12, Sukhumvit rd…Tel: 02-653-3990..directly
next door to cabbages and condoms…open from early morning to late at nite…
middle eastern food as well as crepes of all sorts…a favorite for a
full meal or for just a dessert…dining inside or out…Swiss owned…
relaxed atmosphere…moderate..very fresh and delicious….$28 (1100 B)
for full dinner with glass of wine and beer and two courses…. $19 (750 B) for late nite
supper…all very delicious…unique in bkk….high on our return list…we
have eaten there many many times…
2006—contiunes to be a favorite—1100 B--$ 30
2008—no chance to return.

2009—good dinner one nite—600 B pp…
2010-- as good as ever…

Lord Jim---located in the Oriental Hotel…Tel: 02-659-9000…one of
the best luncheon buffets in bkk…about $27 per person…emphasis on fish/seafood but
loads of other items…very extensive…lovely view out to the river
from large picture windows…excellent for dinner as well…
2006---simply fantastic buffet…one of our best meals of
2006…expensive…expanded varieties over previous years—2519 B--$68…
no booze…almost anything you might want to eat…res important for
best tables overlooking the river…
2008—no chance to return.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Senses---simple restaurant located in the lobby on the 2nd floor of
The Gaysorn Plaza on Plenochit…lunch and dinner…excellent
sandwiches and entrees…moderate…gaysorn is an upscale designer plaza with nice thai shops
on its 3rd floor…
2006—did not visit.
2008—never went to gaysorn this trip.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Senor Pico…excellent Mexican restaurant located in the Rembrandt
Hotel on soi 18, Sukhumvit rd…moderate to expensive but very good…
2006—did not visit, but most consider it the best mex in bkk….
2008---did revisit with 6 of us….good but not fantastic… expensive for what it is…
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Suan Lum nite market at the corner of Rama IV and Wireless roads….
Open air beer garden and restaurant in addition to a tourist
orientated night market…one stop shopping especially when you don’t have much time in bkk….
Still open in december, 2006
2008—still open but did not visit.
2009—still open—did not visit
2010—looked mostly closed

Gourmet Gallery---6/1 soi Promsri 1 which is a right turn off of
Soi 39, Sukhumvit rd…Tel: 02-260-0603…restaurant is located behind a row of shops on
the soi…on the right, look for a small parking lot behind a dry
cleaners…excellent continental meals…onion soup a specialty—get the
one with the “hat”….good steaks…excellent desserts…we almost always go there the nite
before our long plane ride home…American style food…moderate…$33 or 1339 B
for glass of wine, 1 beer, 2 filet mignon, 2 desserts…
2006---unfortunately did not visit in 2006
2008---did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Uno---ground floor restaurant/coffee shop/bakery at the Marriott resort and spa..
simple fare like pizza, salads, bakery items and limited menu
including the famous Marriott burger made with American beef (no longer offered in 2008).. a quick stop for a bite
or bakery items…moderate..2 caesar salads, desserts and with
water.. $24 or 1070 B..
2006---ate there a couple of times…no more Marriott burger…good but
moderate to expensive….great salad bar… salad bar may be gone in 2008?
2008—only had one or two pastries there, but did have a 2 pound cake custom made there for about $50—expensive but fantastic and decorative..
2009—only pastry this trip
2010—ate there twice—good but expensive…did buy a house gift there for a thai friend. Good place for salads and burgers and even pizza… pastry is excellent and cakes delicious.

Marriott Evening BBQ by the river….first time in 2008---freebie with reservation (X2)….very expensive if you purchase it—about $45, but for free we could not pass it up….great variety of food, much cooked to order: shrimp, phuket lobster, chicken, steaks, lamb chops, pork----raw bar---indian specialties---sushi--- fruits--- Italian cooked to order--- desserts of many kinds, including ice cream---live thai dance entertainment on both nites we went…other nites they have other things—thai boxing for instance…

Food was ok, but not fantastic… good turn over in many things but others just sat there for the whole meal, i.e. Indian dishes in pots…

2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Bed Supper Club---soi 11, Sukhumvit road…unlike anything else in bkk or this
world…you sit on 50 foot long beds with bed trays as your table,
bathed in white sheets, with loads of pillows to prop you up..…everything is white in the place..
gourmet meals--continental….set meal on weekends and choice of 3
appts. and 3 mains and 3 desserts during the week…during the week the price
is 1090 B per person (june, ’05)…expensive…our total bill was $69
or 2640 B…excellent drink list…good service…res necessary…lounge/club attached…free
entertainment each evening…dj with good tunes…projections on walls
of animation…good for all ages…adults only—over 20 I think…Tel: 02-651-3537..
2006---we did not visit—its really a one time thing we think…we
maintain that the food is excellent contrary to some reports…
2008—did not go there, but did consider their new venue, The Long Table on soi 16, sukhumvit..
2009- did not visit
2010—did not visit

Manohra---sunset cruise on the chao payra river…operated by the
Marriott resort and spa hotel…one hour cruise up the river to
Memorial bridge and back at the time of sunset…lovely trip and chance to enjoy a cocktail…dinner
cruises also available, however we consider the food storage and
preparation on the edge…many other hotels also offer dinner cruises on the river…
2006---complimentary cruise offered with our accommodations…a nice
leisurely hour ride to observe river activities…
2008---took the cruise again as part of a package with our room… finally we had sun.. nice cruise on a nice boat.
2009—did not visit
2010—did a cooking class and it was fab—contact Marriott resort and spa. See write-up below.

Saladaeng Café—one of the Jim Thompson restaurants, also called JT
Farmers Market…1 Saladaeng, soi 1, Silom….similar menu to other JT outlets…
Excellent place for lunch or dinner…sort of in back of the dusit thani hotel…near to
the nite market..cheap to moderate…
2006---did not visit
2008—did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Sky Bar…atop the State Building at the corner of Silom and New roads….
64 floors up… an open air bar with an unparalleled views of Bangkok
and beyond…there are several other venues up there as well including the ultra
expensive Sirocco restaurant….don’t go if it is going to rain…
indoor and outdoor dining…2 beers at the bar are a whopping 610 B or $15….well worth a
visit on a clear nite…we were there as a thunder storm approached and it was unbelievable in 2005. no seating in bar area.

2008—did not visit—see below—vertigo.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar---2008--- roof top dining and bar on roof of the Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn… need to be a mountain goat to get there: one elevator, then another, then up a flight of stairs, up another, then down one flight, then up some more, and yet up again…

However, it is all worth it just as is the sky bar….we think we like vertigo better as there is ample seating around the bar, plus bar tables, which sky bar does not have…..extremely expensive….we went twice on the same nite….one before dinner and once after dinner… view is breath taking.. unique…59th+ floor.

2009—mini fodors GTG .. continue to prefer it.. nice seats.. great views… bottle of wine $120..
2010—on schedule but had to be cancelled

Taihei Japanese Restaurant, 53rd floor Banyan Tree Hotel, Sathorn Rd--- unique style restaurant where you are given a chef to prepare Japanese foods for you in your own unique dining area….the chef has a full kitchen at his fingers… Hanuman took us there and it was quite interesting and the food was good..we had a sampling of all types of food and styles of Japanese cooking… fixed prix and a la carte..2008

2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

White Lodge—41 sukhumvit, soi 4, Tel: 02-251-1701…quaint English looking building down past all the hub-bub of soi 4 on the left… lovely dining room
with both thai and continental food….we had a quick lunch there…2006----
looks out onto the pool of a local hotel…friendly service…525 B--$14—sandwiches and water.

did not go in 2008.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Witch’s Tavern English Pub, 306/1 sukhumvit, soi 55…Tel: 02-239-9791…
We did not eat there but nicely located amongst the shopping area of soi 55….2006
2008—did not go.

2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Fiji Japanese Restaurants…. a chain with shops popping up in
various places around Thailand….we ate in the one in Hua Hin which was excellent….they have
about 32 (2006) in Bangkok…excellent fresh sushi and other Japanese
specialties…475 B for 2--$13…very cheap…we both had a set meal with
soups, and a main…excellent value and delicious…we do not like chains generally…
2008—visited their new restaurant in pattaya…same good experience.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Flow, the main restaurant at the new Hilton Hotel on the river—
“other side”…much of the front, riverside, of this hotel is devoted to a series of
restaurants….most have no walls, just dividers, that make one sort
of ‘flow’from one to the other…there is a huge open kitchen and a very unusual buffet
area….we took lunch one day at flow so that we could experience the
hotel….we were quite impressed….we were not expecting much as one
senior bkk hotel person had told us the food was terrible…we found
quite the opposite…huge windows allow a fabulous view out to the river and river city
shopping center on the other side…they have an office, like the
penn does, on the other side of the river at river city shopping center, so you can
just go in there (entrance from outside the building on the river
side and nearest to the Sheraton) and they will call the pathetic Hilton boat for
you…did not record the price but a simple lunch was hotel prices,
but it was fresh and delicious…
Guest rooms are weird—we will glad we cancelled our res there and
stayed at penn instead….
2008---attempted to have lunch there. Large convention was having lunch and they shuffled us off to an adjacent building where seats were practically on the floor, so we left… not sure I would return there after that treatment.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

360 bar ---this is the bar at the new Hilton…it is on its top
floor and is perhaps floor 34?? The bar completely circles the round top of the
building, thus its name….the views are fantastic…we were there in
the afternoon and it was not operating so we got a good walk around…highly
suggest a nite time visit or late afternoon (sunset)….it has its
own elevator or it can be reached by the regular elevators and you
enter through the club lounge and then have to climb one flight of stairs…
2008—did not visit
2009—did not visit
2010—went for a drink..expensive, but view is fab

Le Bouchon…the oldest French restaurant in bkk…37/117 Patpong II,
Tel: 02-234-9109
A bit difficult to find but it is there about ½ down patpong on
your right if you access from silom…set back from the soi a bit…just ask anyone…very
small and simple like a real neighborhood paris bistro, and I was
told they do not take res…does not open until 7…3 of the 4 of us
had delicious dinners, mine was under cooked stew….all your favorite French things, and
moderate in price….did not record the actual price…moderate…2006---
would return again….
2008 did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Cy’an in the Metropolitan Hotel , 27 South Sathorn Rd….Tel:
02-625-3333—total minimalist hotel…cool and calm as you enter the
front doors—black and white…fusion…delicious and expensive…$140 for
two.. 3 courses and a few drinks including wine by the glass…a splurge but a memorable one…I
thought the food quite delicious, others were turned off by the price I think..
2008--- did not visit.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit, but may have been transformed to another restaurant with a famous british chef

Tawandang Brewery…a german brewery in Bangkok… 99% thais in this huge, and I
mean huge, place with a stage show…did not eat there but Brad says
the food is very good, we are told, and huge portions from what I observed….the beer is
excellent…dispensed from 3 litre + cylinders with its own ring of
ice to keep it cool…very dramatic…rama III… a young peoples place really….2006
2008—did not visit, not our type of place.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Many food outlets at the new paragon mall on plenochit rd…. check
them out, and a gourmet grocery and wine and cigar shop in the basement…..2006
2008---walked through again without eating—very busy area.
2009—had simple lunch one day—lots of choices
2010—did not visit

Marriott Resort and Spa Sunday Brunch in the Trader Vics Restaurant…
Billed as the ‘best brunch in Bkk’, just as each other hotel bills themselves…
Every cuisine represented….huge undertaking and very delicious…soup
to nuts affair….1500 B per person ++ --$48 each all in…. unlimited
booze of certain types… we took 3 hours there….we did not find one thing that we did not think
was perfect…. fois gras to satay to ice cream sundies…. nice laid back affair to talk to friends and lay low..

2008—had to cancel our plans to go when our friends were unable to join us at the last minute. Price up about 100-200 B per person.
2009--Did not visit
2010 did not visit

Au Bon Pain---many locations…. good sandwich place and pastry… in 2008 I could not have the santa fe southwest chicken sandwich enough times…. It drove K crazy.
2009—did not visit
2010—did not visit

Swenson’s Ice Cream---simply the best ice cream for the price---2008—39 B per scoop…we paid as much as 130 B in other places… sundies, huge dishes of ice cream… located all around Thailand.. could not stay away.. lemon sorbet for me---mango sorbet for K, plus other kinds..

2009—no ice cream this visit
2010—good as ever.

Bistro M Restaurant, located on the ground level of the Marriott Sukhumvit Park Serviced Apartments, soi 24, Sukhumvit. Clean, fresh and bright.. International and Thai food. Excellent.. Moderate. Eat in or out (limited).. separate bar. 2010

Plaza Anthanee Hotel main restaurant--- breakfast buffet was very very good, but not as fabulous as the Marriott resort and spa.. 2009
2010- did not visit

Olive Kebab and café…Emporium plaza mall…way in the back on the food court floor…. 600 B for 2 for great lunch---2009
2010—did not visit

River Barge Restaurant, ground floor of the Chatrium service apartments bldg, New Road. Lovely river view from wide windows overlooking the gardens. Dinner buffet was 7000 B per person—good selection. Could also eat a la carte, which we did.. 4378 B for 4 including 4 beers and desserts. 2010

I hope that this gives you some ideas on where to eat in Bangkok….it is one
of the best eating cities on this globe…. There are many, many
more restaurants, but these are our favorites, and some not so favorites…bon
Bon Apetite!!

Last update in December, 2010

Elsewhere in Thailand:

Hua Hin

Figs at the Hyatt Regency, Hua Hin….this is the main restaurant at
the hotel…a fabulous breakfast buffet (400 B each...$11—a bargain)
is served here daily….totally open kitchen…3 meals per day…dinner quite delicious:
wine and beer, cannelloni and penne main courses, ice cream and a
chocolate tart…671 B..$45….breakfast is extraordinary—try to have it included but it
is also worth the expense as a stand alone…each day they feature a
fruit cooler/shake all of which were exceptional…pizza and salad another nite was
very reasonable….hyatt has made a wise choice to keep food prices d
down and thus many people stay at the hotel for meals…
2008---good breakfasts..

You & Mee…at the hyatt regency hotel, Hua Hin… poolside….excellent
casual eating….lunch and dinner…burgers, salads, noodles, lite fare
or just drinks…847 B..$23 for 2 phad thai and soft drinks…very charming and again an open kitchen.

2008—remains a good place to eat and prices are still decent.

Let’s Sea---located on the beach south of the hyatt…. road and
beach access….return transportation a bit of a problem…but you could walk out to
main road…83/188 soi talay 12..Tel: 032-536033—odd number of
digits?? Charming location right overlooking the beach…interesting
thai architecture….nice bar just above beach…several seating areas…
1900 B..$51..pommello salad, chicken larb, yellow curry shrimp,
fried butter fish, rice, desserts, drinks…reasonable and tasty… thank you jamesA….
They have a new hotel there as well…
2008—did not eat there.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant in the new village mall opposite from the
Marriott hotel…a chain written about above….excellent and very very reasonable…
2008—had dinner there one night..both had benito boxes, plus an extra sushi plate.. beers and H2O—717 B---very good.

Regency Club Lounge, hyatt regency hotel….drinks and canapés are offered
Offered nightly to regency club guests….open air pavilion
overlooking the pool….delicious varied canapés and various drinks…lovely service and
beautifully displayed foods…could make it your meal but we chose not to…
too many other good places to eat….not sure we would spend the extra money for
club rooms another time ($50 per nite)—rooms themselves were
identical in both club and regular hotel…
2008---very good breakfasts and good cocktail hours…more favorable impression than our 2006 stay.

Supartra by the Sea….fantastic, our best meal in thailand we think…
right on the beach…lovely thai buildings but we ate al fresco under
the stars…charming service, exceptional food…just up the beach from
the huge standing Buddha at the base of the hill where La Mer Restaurant is
located…they have their own tuk tuk transportation, small charge…
122/63 Takieb Rd, Tel: 03253-6561..fresh sea prawns out of the shell, fried whole
fish, other dishes, rice, beers—many…laughs galore…1600 B..$43…a
steal at double the price….a must visit!!!
2008—did not visit---did not want to ruin our 2006 experience.

La Mer Restaurant….rustic restaurant atop the hill overlooking the entire HH
beach back towards the town and palace….did not eat there in
2006.. all fish…little English spoken….excellent fresh fish!! Moderate…
2008---no English problems.. dinner one nite…good: curried crabs, huge grilled shrimps with garlic and pepper, morning glories and steamed rice—890 B. excellent.

La Villa, for Italian…. we did not make it there in 2006, but are told that it
is excellent by an ex-pat friend.. 12/2 poolsuk Rd.
2008---on a side street in town near to the town hall building..
open air restaurant…. Good but not fantastic.. eggplant lasagna for me and pork in wine sauce with proschut. for Karen…wine and beer—952 B.. prefer a/c but not available with Italian food.

Platoo, on beach near to new Courtyard Hotel between Cha Am and Hua Hin.. fantastic fresh fish open air restaurant right on the beach.
fish steamed in soy sauce with mushrooms and veggies, chicken sautéed with garlic, shrimp with veggies, 2 rices, 1 large beer and 2 H2O… 994 B…would definately return—2008.

Chomkluen Seafood, naresdamri rd, hua hin…..fish pier restaurant..
Good food served in thai style…


Casa Pascal, 485/4 Moo 10…Tel: 038-723-660…directly across the
road from the pattaya Marriott….excellent service and fantastic food…International
fare with a european feel….water, beer, wine, lobster soup, mushroom soup,
thai seabass, goulash, crème brulee and mango sorbet…2477 B--$67….they will
pick you up for a fee equal to a taxi…old world upscale feeling
inside….2006---would return in a minute…
2008—did not visit.

Pizza Pizza, located in the new mall called The Avenue on Second Rd..
Excellent Italian fare at reasonable prices—next door to au bon pain on the front of the mall—2008—2 visits.

Lobster Pot, 228 Moo 10, Tel: 038-42683…on the walk-in street….a
pier out into the water….select your seafood from the display or
eat from the menu…. excellent…did and would return again…2005
2008—did not visit.

Bruno’s, 306/63 Chateau Dale Plaza, not far from the Sheraton towards
towards jontien beach …Tel; 038-364600…excellent European restaurant…
fantastic service…delicious food….were we in france or nyc?? 2006…
beer, southern comfort, 2 wines, lobster bisque, French onion soup, liver pate, angus beef
filet, angus sirloin, angus rib-eye and pork tenderloin, share
mango ice cream and coffees….5568 B (for 4)--$150…. excellent and expensive meal but
again well worth it, especially for a splurge…res necessary…
2008—did not visit

Pan Pan Italian Rest…. across the road from Bruno’s….reasonable
family style Italian red sauce restaurant….delicious….we went twice…pizza is
delicious….so are pastas….simple to complex meals…moderate…not far
from jomtien beach….
2008—had dinner one nite and again very excellent: brushetta with our wine and beer, pasta with fish and herb sauce for K, pizza for me, 2 H2O… no price but reasonable.

Brio—Marriott Resort and Spa Hotel—Italian, expensive… very very good… their special meatballs are exceptional.. 4500B for 5 without dessert---2009

Several good quick restaurants in the mall attached to the Marriott hotel, including Au Bon Pain, a Boston chain..

Rimhad Restaurant, off of Sukhumvit Road, south of Pattaya and
jontiem…near to the sun, sea, sand resort…THE BEST THAI MEAL WE
fish and seafood served informally on a pier jutting out into the
ocean near to the fishing village of Bang Sarae…there are several restaurants along
this sea side road…I think they are the first one you come to…
moderate price I believe but we were guests so I really don’t know…yellow curry crab
(my newest favorite dish or with shrimp---Nuea Poo Pong (the crab);
spicy tom yam shrimp soup; grilled prawns; rock lobster steamed;
mussels cooked with basil; fried morning glories; steamed rice….simply fantastic…we went in
a private car but I think a taxi could take you out there….have them wait as it is very isolated.
2008---one of the only places I wanted to return this trip….went for Sunday nite dinner.. : curried crabs, morning glories, sea food rice, fried whole fish, grilled shrimp, raw oysters (not for us but for our guest), sweet pepper soft shelled crab…lots of drinks…. 1750 B for 4 persons---very reasonable.


Patong Beach Hotel restaurant called Papaya; on beach road… open air dining in the wildness of patong beach road….good food however: shrimp in tamarind sauce, chicken and potato in yellow curry---huge pieces of white meat chicken—fantastic, fried morning glories, pineapple seafood rice, beers and water—1766 B….could not believe the food was this good at a roadside place in patong..

Kan Eang; at the pier in Chalong port….. big venue, but weak on taste, imo… highly recom. by a fellow fodorite but it failed us..
Tamarind shrimp, garlic snapper, stir fried veggies, pineapple rice, beers and water---1495 B---2008
Would not return again, although the setting is lovely

Mom Tri’s Kitchen; Kata Noi Beach area---part of a complex including mom tri’s boathouse restaurant and their hotel complex.
Situated above the pounding surf, basically an open air restaurant with many different sections. We sat on an open patio, next to a tree with a small pool directly down the cliff from us and the sea pounding the rocks next to the pool.. Res essential. Fabulous views, very good service and delicious food: international, thai, seafood.
Next to the kata thani hotel which many fodorites use. Our menu consisted of the following: an eggplant salad appetizer for me and mussels in wine for K; a steamed seabass and a pork tenderloin which we shared, 2 fabulous desserts, wine and beer plus water…expensive but we did not record the price, but worth every penny---a perfect splurge location…..cool sea breeze made us forget that there was no a/c..2008
A definite repeat place!!

The Deli at the JW Marriott Resort. Ground level. Fantastic sandwiches and pastry, wines, beers, smoothies, etc. expensive but perfect for a quick bite to eat. Moderate to expensive. 400 B each for sandwich and a drink.


The Terrace Restaurant; directly across from the driveway to the Sheraton Krabi… excellent thai foods, friendly staff, good value.. we ate there a couple of times and everything was good..
Fabulous fried pineapple and honey for dessert… curried shrimp and veggies, chicken and cashews, steamed rice, 1 beer, two waters and two pineapple desserts—900 B---2008

2009—ate there several times.. excellent value, excellent food…
grilled eggplant salad with shrimp was fantastic..

Amari Vogue Hotel, Italian restaurant beside the sea…simply a fabulous location.. excellent service, very good food..
We all had appetizers followed by pasta dishes and all were excellent….. some had desserts as well which were good.. we were treated so I do not know price—I suspect it was normal hotel pricing—expensive. 2008

2009—excellent dinner.. Bellini is name of its restaurant… the gen mgr suggested we try the gnocchi and we all agreed it was the best we had ever had--- shared it as an appetizer for 4… WOW!!

Blue Mango Restaurant in Ao Nang Beach… good stand alone restaurant with fans.. 161/1 moo 2, Ao Nang, near krabi..
Thai food/western foods.. 880 B…menu not recorded.. 2008.

2009—good meal, but nothing special—nice change from thai food—sweedish run..

Khao Lak

Pinocchio…wood fired oven.. Italian open air restaurant next to the road on a side street. Excellent pizza and pastas. 1800 B with wine and beers—not sure of this price—it seems high?? 2008
2010—did not visit.

Olives, JW Marriott Resort. Excellent site, looks to beach through lawns. Italian/greek/middle east menu. Excellent—moderate. 2010

Waterfront Restaurant, JW Marriott. Breakfast buffet.. soup to nuts… excellent quality, well laid out… smoothie station.. 2010

Candle Restaurant, 31/6 M. 5, Bang Niang Rd…. Thai… one of the best thai meals we have ever had. Small restaurant with seating inside and out. About 400 B/pp with a huge quantity of freshly cooked food. 2010 A+++.

Green Pepper, 67/145 Moo 5, soi off same road as the candle restaurant, and almost next door to the back of the night market. Outdoors only, covered. Thai/western.. excellent.. 600 B/pp with 2 beers each and dessert. Steaks cooked as requested—medium rare. 2010

Near the Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi area

Pak-Wan-Ban Restaurant, 91 moo 2, Tambon loomsoom, Amphor Saiyok
Remote restaurant very near to the entrance to the Tiger Temple, but out on the main road.
Eat in the main building or one of the small out huts with fan.
Excellent thai food, tasty and well prepared..

Cooking Schools

We have attended two thai cooking schools over the years.

Anantara Hotel, Chiang Saen.----visit to the market in chiang saen followed by a full morning of cooking with a chef and helpers. Chef explained many items in the market to us as we walked around and he bought a few items there. Each person had his own cooking stations. After returning to the hotel the chef demonstrated each item which we would cook at the front of the room. We then went to our individual stations and cooked all of the 4 or so recipes. The staff had prepared most of the ingredients, chopping, etc.
After the prep and cooking we ate our own creations at a large table at the back of the room… great fun, terrific chef, memorable day and good instructions. Recipes and apron given to each person and a certificate of course completion. Probably 2005 or so.

Manorha Boat, Marriott Resort and Spa. 2010… 2800 B each, minimum of 4 persons required.
Course is unique as it is held on a large rice barge while cruising up and down the river in Bangkok.
Course started with 5 of us having a light breakfast aboard the barge, including pastry and juices and coffee/tea.
Next we cruised up the river to the taskin pier where we disembarked and walked to a market place in back of the Shangri-la Hotel, accompanied by our chef and one helper. We toured the fish, veggie, meat and fruit market. Basically we were the only farang there.
We re-embarked onto the boat and had a nice drink and relaxation for about 15 minutes.
A central cooking area was set up mid-ship. Most of the prep work had been done while we were gone, but we did some chopping, cutting, etc. The chef explained the 4 or 5 dishes which we would prepare. He then led us through the preparation of each dish using a one burner gas stove. Each of us participated and observed.
All during our cooking we were sailing by the landscape of Bangkok. This makes for a remarkable and unique cooking experience. We went as far north on the river as the very high tide would allow. Finally we reached a bridge which we could not go under.
We turned southward and took our places at one large table and enjoyed our creations which had been plated beautifully by the staff (I think the staff was about 4 plus the captain). We also had a fantastic vista of Bangkok as we rode south.
Drinks were served all during the experience. We started at 8AM and returned to the dock at exactly noon.
Each participant was given recipes for the dishes we prepared and a very nice black apron.

I have tried to be objective and informative and to give you our honest
honest impressions on the day or days we have eaten in these
places, but as we all know each of us has different tastes and establishments vary from day to day or cook to cook---Bon Apetite!!

2008---there is never enough time for us to eat at all the places we wish to, but I have tried to present again this year our impressions of old and new places.. by and large we have had very few poor meals in Thailand, most are above average and some are absolutely outstanding…Let’s keep sharing them.

2010—we revisited some of our favorites and some new places… Thailand is just such a wonderful place to eat and eat and eat.
I will add a small section on Vietnam this year for the first time.

July 11, 2008/ January 16, 2010 December 16, 2010
Reg. rhkkmk
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Just an update. Last time we hit the lunch buffet at Lord Jim's, it was up to around $50 PP.


I don't know if this will promote street eats, or make one nervous about established restaurants, but the only time I became violently ill was from eating at an international standard Japanese chain restaurant. It resulted in a wild ordeal, highlighted by over 3 solid hours on the throne, with a bucket on my lap! Yes, a full out poisoning!!!!

I have picked up some alien bacteria from time to time. Not sure from where they came, possibly from dirty hands. These are hardly incapacitating, easily handled with the pleasing pink, or a few days of antibiotics - don't leave home without them!
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Many thanks Bob.... Hey 30 pages!!!!!just about cleaned me out of printer ink!. Still, so glad to have the list, I'll be going over it tonight and checking off those that appeal to us and try to fit them in.
You and Karen should get the Thai Gastronomy Award for keeping the Thai Restaurant Business afloat.
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sue, they do a good job on their own....

our favorites currently are:

biscotti for hi-end
harmonique for ordinary thai/chinese
tongue thai for thai and small rest. atmosphere
calderazzo for italian
rang mahal for sunday brunch (indian)
himili cha cha for indian

lord jim for lunch buffet

liu for dim sum
peninsula hotel chinese for limited dim sum

coconut palm for thai lunch

via via for simple italian and pizza

face for thai--moderate to expensive and atmosphere at night

if you have questions ask away
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Well done, Bob. After this past trip to bkk I will only be eating select items from street vendors. I had a little Khao mun gai the first night and I was pushing nahm the next day. Certainly not worth it anymore. I also agree with you about top tier restaurants.. underwhelming and really for those who need them for extraneous reasons.

I did have reservations for Rang Mahal but had to cancel since we were short on time...maybe next time.
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Bob, just a suggestion, but the places you haven't eaten at since 2006 should perhaps be cut from your list as you do not have current info. I think all restaurants change over the period of even a year or less. To be giving data that is now 4 years old seem unwise.
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you are correct kathie, but i am not willing to do the work to carve things down to where they should be.... i also do not like the way word has left holes in the narrative..

remember i am busy working on 2011 and 2012 trips...

i am having a ton of trouble figuring out how to get to kathmandu, without a stop in india, WHICH IS ALSO AFFORDABLE.... $400-500 seems way to much.. also most airlines seem to stop in india... i've even looked at Kabul, Islamabad and Dhata.
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Best route to KTM is through Bangkok, though Hong Kong is another option.
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kathie---the cost is what is knocking me down... maybe i just have to bite the bullet...
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Bob, one of our trip regrets is that we didn't eat at Harmonique more often! Really great food, my favorite.
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I appreciate you posting this enormous list!

I've been to some of these places (Tongue Thai, Harmonique, Gallery Cafe, Cabbages and Condoms, Lemongrass) and was surrounded pretty much by other westerners (ie: tourists).
It's not really surprising since they are mentioned in so many guidebooks.

But for me anyway, there's something that seems strange about traveling all the way to Bangkok and then sitting in a restaurant full of tourists. It feels sort of like eating in an insulated bubble. I live in LA and would pretty much avoid most of the restaurants here that are popular with out-of town visitors.

Maybe I've gotten more daring, but I enjoy going where I see Thai people eat - street markets and smaller local restaurants. The neighborhood between City Hall and the Grand Palace has some great local restaurants (this is the area where Chote Chitre is located).
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somehow his Bobness has produced somethig helpful. who else should we follow for grat food? plus, we had a big snowstorm and he is housebound. how long would one have to be in Thailand to eat at each one of the restaurants ? months.
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john--i appreciate your suggestion, but our problem is that we do not eat street food or food from many small restaurants... i know we miss out but the western stomach is not attuned to the same things as is the local asian stomach... one day wasted in your hotel is too much for me to give up on holiday...

btw, we thought CC was not worth the effort...
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I love this listing and all the effort, thanks alot!

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just booked a return trip for oct 2011... so the update may continue
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