Very bad experience in AMS

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Sounded like him to me and it was a brand new poster who just happened to find his way to this thread and was staunchly on his side? I think it was him.
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I thought it was him trying to look like someone else. Which made it look like him.
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Lesson learned: if you're going to start off by refusing to be body scanned, then you'd better have everything else exactly correct by the rules.

Take off your shoes, empty your pockets, be aware that luggage that's sealed may be open, etc. etc.
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How did I miss this thread??

But, as always, there's some good information amid the refuse:

Body scanners do not use xrays.

Pockets must be EMPTY. I don't travel as often as pariswat and even I have heard agents announcing this over and over and over as people approach the scanners. Empty means empty. I once went through with my boarding pass in my back pocket and got stopped for it; had to take it out and hold it in my hand as I went through.

Use your head and stuff the things in your pockets inside the bag that is going on the conveyor belt. That way, only you need handle your disgusting pocket contents.
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Putting the radiation risk of airport xray scanners into perspective:
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Airport X-Ray certainly has adverse medical effects on several body parts. Kidneys can be damaged permanently if one passes through several x-rays during travel. Damage to kidney can be easily observed by measuring GFR before and after travel through x-ray. If one's GFR is normal at 90 then measuring GFR each month after x-ray one can easily see substantial drop and fluctuations that take couple of years reach steady state but no longer at 90 but rather at lower values indicating kidney damage. After several travels through x-ray one's kidney become worse than an alcoholic person's kidney ending up on dialysis or kidney transplant. People older than 45 must definitely avoid unnecessary airport x-ray and indicate to security that you have kidney problem must avoid x-ray then let them body search you as much as they like.
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You had more radiation exposure from your flight that you would ever have gotten from an x-ray, either airport or dental.
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We are not that lucky, Pariswat/whathello always comes back after a temper tantrum.
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Pariswat aka maxjasper, if you decline to do a scan that is your business, but don't be surprised if they hassle you.
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Since the horse or this thread is dead already ...

1. Scanners are not x-rays.

2. You cannot get x-rays at any airport, unless you are a suitcase.

3. Scanners are not yet fully legal in the EU.
The few airports which have them operate the scanners under an exceptional trial permit. That's why you have big signs telling you that you can demand a traditional check - either by going through a regular metal detector (if available) or by getting an individual check with those magic wands and/or a pat down. It's not the choice between the scanner or waterboarding. If you feel like you receive a "special treatment", ask for a supervisor in a reasonable voice and tone and file a complaint.
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"People older than 45 must definitely avoid unnecessary airport x-ray..."


Do you really believe this stuff you write?
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Max that is utter nonsense. Don't believe a word of it.
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