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What you described is refered to in my family as "Wal-mart parenting" (because thats where you see a lot of it). I can't stand it when parents let their children run around out of control with out regard to others.

Common curtesy isn't so common anymore.
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After reading the responses to my exasperated post I learned a couple things. Apparently there is hope, other people are appalled by bad manners, regardless of those who think of them as ridiculous or a waste of time, especially while ordering their beer. Anyway, I noticed something. Does good service have to be friendly? Can it been just polite and well mannered? I would say yes in Europe, but I think maybe Americans equate friendly service with polite service? Certainly a smile is better than none. But in Europe it is frowned upon to be familiar with those who are not your friends and family. Thoughts James A.?
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Wills -

Concern yourself with that which you feel comfortable and expect nothing of others. If you're comfortable with please, thank you, pardon, holding doors, smiling - then go for it. If others are rude, ignore it - the only one who will be bothered is you, because rude (no manners) people don't even know they are loacking.

So sneers or glances and god-forbide a comment will only make you the bag guy.

You got it all out here and should feel better as most posters agree with you - so get on with living and "have a nice day!"
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These days people will rarely give out their name, the reason apparently is that everyone has to be so rigid 'scared' of every word they say in case they say something wrong and the company gets sued! Also they have to read off from Service manuals, often you can ask the same question over and over and get the same almost computerised response. I guess flight attendants get the backlash from rude customers because the customers know the Attendent can do nothing about it. Same. Progress?

Am I getting old earlier than my time when I say ' The good old days when you could actually intereact with someone on the phone or a business in a friendly manner and actually get a straight answer'.

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Good afternoon,Wills! How are you today?

Now get over it,some people just dont want to be bothered by smalltalk or interaction on airplanes. Maybe some people "Are not having a good morning".

Have a nice day;-)
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If I read the ? correctly the poster is asking for a small display of manners such as please and thank you, not conversation. I agree manners seem to have gone down the loo (yes I'm dreaming about England today).
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My biggest manners pet peave is parents who let their kids run amok -- a result of parents wanting to be their kid's friend instead of authority figure. How many of us have witnessed parents respond to their child's seat kicking/tantrum by begging, pleading, bargaining, then just giving up and ignoring the little devil while (s)he makes life miserable for those around them?

I wait in hope for the day when one airline takes a stand and starts desginating the back 10 rows or so of each flight as the "passengers with children" section, outside of which, only adults are allowed. THAT airline would probably get all the business travelers back. Or am I just dreaming?
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That is my pet peave,period. Why is it that parents think the key to raising good kids is being their best friend? This is why kids today have no respect for anyone including themselves.
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Parents want to be their kids best friend because they stick them in daycare for 10+ hours 5 days a week. By the time the kids are picked up the parents are so worn out from running the rat race they have no energy to parent. It's eaiser to give into a whinny, demanding child than to punish them or set limits.

Respect for themselves and others, as well as manners, values, morals, etc. are not taught in school or daycare. These are things that are taught from a young age at home. When kids are dropped off at jail, oops I mean daycare, there is no hope of them learning thses important lessions in life.

Children spell love T-I-M-E. And don't give me this bull that quality time is more important than quantity. If they're not getting the positive attention they crave, negative attention will have to do. At least then the parent is having to deal with them. What's the point of having children if you have no time or energy for them?

When you become a parent you have to sacrifice things, whether it be nice meals out, travel, a new car, bigger house, etc. Most two income households could get by on one income if they would do without some of life's finer things.
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