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Preparing my trip to South Africa and Victoria Falls, came across of information that indicates that the best time to view the Falls is in the wet season. My trip would be in October (dry season). Is it worth to pay for a roundtrip flight and two nights at Royal Livingstone Hotel to see the Falls in this month? Need your comments and personal experience in this matter.

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Hi Gilberto-
My husband and I went during that period and we were totally fascinated with the Falls. It was only after I started reading Fodors that I realized they were not at their best. We were sprayed with the mist about a half a mile away and since we were on the Zim side we were drenched from the mist as we got closer. I would LOVE to see them during the wet season, but since we didn't know we thought they were magnificent. Knowing now they are so much better at other times, I'm afraid I wouldn't have gone. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Liz
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My wife and I were at Victoria Falls in November 2002. Someone said that it was at 20% of full flood. I have to admit that the helicopter ride was a bit disappointing from a beauty stand point. What I mean is that I enjoyed it anyway, since I had never been in a helicopter before, and we got some pretty decent pictures, but I can't imagine the view from the air at full flood.
However, with the river down, you do get to see the gorge, which is quite impressive. To sum it up, if I had a chance to go at full flood or at the end of the dry season, I would take full flood, but if this may be your only chance to go, don't miss it, full flood or not.
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We were also at VFA in November and yes the falls are at low flow. But there is still plenty of mist and we were wet enough.
Some friends had been there during hi-flow and they saw nothing except mist and water and mist and water... at hi-flow you can hear it and feel it half-mile away if not more and they were rather disappointed. They felt they just walked thru a shower with a rainslicker.
When we were there, we were able to see all points from which the falls flow and deep into the gorge. Our photos show the heavy flow at the beginning of the falls to a trickle down near the Zambia border... we were able to stop at each and every lookout point without being drenched in water and at least being able to see something.
While it is probably amazing to see hi-flow, what are you really seeing... nothing.
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I was also in Vic Falls in early November, and was well satisfied. I'm sure it would have been more impressive at full flow, but if you can't see the falls for the mist, what's the point? I was based in Vic Falls, and did safaris at Hwange and Chobe while there. Whether it is worth the cost of a round-trip flight and hotel just to see the falls is up to you.
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How's the weather in Victoria Falls in October? Some posters mentioned that is too hot. Has anyone stayed at the Zambezi Sun or Royal Livingstone hotels? Still not decided where to stay.

Thanks for your input.
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Gilberto - You're in Southern Africa and it is Summer, so Yes, you'll find warm, hot and humid weather!
Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa (Kruger area) are relatively hot and can be humid. Though evenings do cool a bit - it's still summer.
Yet we got caught in amazing thunder showers in both Zimbabwe (VFA) and Kruger and it was just what was needed to cool the air and settle dust.
During daytime you wear shorts and t-shirts/camp shirts and it's comfortable. Evenings in long pants and long-sleeve (or dress), but you're indoors at your hotel which is air conditioned.
As I posted above, at least we were able to see the Falls and weren't disappointed in not having seen them "at full flow". Bought a postcard of it instead.
Be certain to have a ziplock-type plastic bag for your camera when not taking photos.
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Absolutely worth the trip! I was at VF during their summer - 1st wk of Dec - and the Falls were low. The most extraordinary time to go! From the Zambian side, I was able to hike out into the Zambezi River, jumping rocks and wading through the river to swim to the EDGE of the Falls! I was able to hold on by fingertips to the edge and look down to the bottom of the Falls! Truly exciting!! This is not something everyone can do, but you certainly cannot do this when the level of the Falls is high. There is ALWAYS a good reason to travel to a new place. Also, being 1 of the 7 natural wonders of the world, you will only have 6 more to visit!! The heat should not be a determining factor in your choice of accomodation. The nights are cool enough, especially in Oct. I have stayed at the River Club and the experience of waking to the sounds of Hippos in the river is better than waking to the sound of AC!
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It will be my first trip also. We are going in Sep.I can't hardly wait to see Vistoria Falls even if the water is low. So I don't have any first hand info,just some thoughts.

We picked the Royal Livingstone over the River club for one reason. We were told that you can't use lights at night because it draws the bugs into your room at the River Club.I know it is Africa and I am preparing myself for the insects,but I am hoping to not have to sleep with them.Just thought I would mention it, in case that might bother you also.But the sounds of Hippo would be wonderful.

The rooms look a little bigger at the Livingstone, then at the Zambezi Sun.I thought the rooms at the Zambezi looked pretty cramped.But the Zambezi Sun is cheaper.
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We were at the falls in late August of 2001. We stayed at the Victoria Falls Hotel and walked both sides. My best photos were from the Zambia side walking down to the Knifes Edge area, lots of rainbows. Seeing the gorge was a beautiful sight. As for the hotels we did stop at the Royal Livingston for some drinks, at that point it had only been in operation for a few months, the place was wonderful and the service couldn't have been nicer. You will have your dinner right by the river and hear the falls and see the midst. I think no matter the time of year you will be impressed.
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