Lower Zambezi NP Conservation

Aug 24th, 2005, 09:49 PM
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Lower Zambezi NP Conservation

I would like to take this opportunity to print a correction for a mistake that I made when previously speaking out about the lodges in Lower Zambezi, particulary about Sausage Tree Camp and Chiawa.

From looking at various maps a couple weeks ago, I wrongly concluded that each Sausage Tree Camp and Chiawa Camp were located within close proximity to a Zimbabwean hunting concession known as Chewore North. The fact of the matter is I have new information that proves that each Sausage Tree and Chiawa are far away from Chewore North. Moreover, only these two camps may claim that they are within the national park and look out onto another national park, Mana Pools.

All of the other Lower Zambezi lodges are either bordered by a hunting concession, or in the case of Kulefu Tented Camp, while I believe it is within the LZNP, it is so far east that it is beyond Mana Pools and this surely does face a hunting concession, as was evidenced by the thundering rifle shots that I had to sit through for four nights last year that would occasionally come from across the river on the Zim side of the border.

Although I believe that I am set to have a fabulous time at Kasaka and Chongwe River Camp, I do see now why Sausage Tree and Chiawa are said to be in the best part of the Lower Zambezi.

Each Sausage Tree Camp and Chiawa should also be duly congratulated for their conservation efforts with Conservation Lower Zambezi:




Although this may be disturbing to some, I strongly recommend that you each take the time to read this:


Only by supporting agencies such as Conservation Lower Zambezi and the South Luangwa Conservation Society will we be able to help combat poaching.

The one thing I really like about Zambia is because I really believe my patronage and my participation has the ability to make a noticeable impact. Can the same really be said anywhere else in Southern Africa?

Anyway, I am scheduled to visit each the headquarters of Conservation Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa Conservation Society. Providing my mountain bikes have been procured in South Luangwa, then I intend, after riding them in from the airport, to donate the bikes to the South Luangwa Conservation Society for use in anti-poaching activities. Although they will not be bicycles, I do hope to make a token donation to Conservation Lower Zambezi, but more importanly sit down and meet personally with CLZ to try to devise a strategy that will bring in more income from people like you and I.

Think about it...do you have a gym membership (or two) that you do not even use. How much are you paying for this membership...$30 per month? $40 per month?

What if this same amount were instead donated to an organization like Conservation Lower Zambezi, which is really the guardian angel of the wildlife in Lower Zambezi. I mean even if there were only 100 people to step up and donate $25 automatically each month, that would make a tremendous impact, putting $50,000 USD in the hands of CLZ each year.

I would like to encourage the other travelers who may be visiting the area to do your best to help CLZ with whatever donation is possible, or in South Luangwa, help out SLCS with whatever donation is possible.

I will be posting photos of my mountain bike ride through the streets of Mfuwe, along with photos of my visits to SLCS and CLZ. Hopefully this will lead to more interest. Grant Cumings, the vice-chairman (after chairing CLZ for a few years) and owner of Chiawa Camp has generously offered to meet me at Chiawa during my visit. I really hope that I am able to come away with a better understanding following my visit to CLZ that I will then be able to awaken others into an activism that will help reduce poaching and illegal hunting.

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Aug 24th, 2005, 09:56 PM
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Correction...I meant to say that Grant Cumings will meet me at Conservation Lower Zambezi headquarters.


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Aug 24th, 2005, 10:42 PM
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I was wondering, you say only sausage tree and chiawa look out onto mana pools, but chongwe river says they are directly opposite of mana pools. i''m lost...again!
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Aug 25th, 2005, 05:23 AM
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I meant to say that only Sausage Tree Camp and Chiawa were situated within the actual LZNP and also looked out across into Mana Pools.

But, you are right, Chongwe (as does Kasaka) does look out across to Mana Pools. Here is a map that clearly shows as much:


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Aug 25th, 2005, 06:13 AM
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Great idea! Geez, in NY I pay around $85 per month for gym membership.
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Aug 25th, 2005, 07:31 AM
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Mwambashi River Lodge (owned by Lion Roars Safaris) is also located inside LZNP and looking on Mana Pools NP - and it's an interesting less expensive alternative to Chiawa and Sausage Tree.

Aug 25th, 2005, 08:49 AM
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I applaud your efforts to make an impact in helping the conservation programs in the Lower Zambezi.
Grass roots organizations can be very effective in raising awareness one person at a time.
Can't wait to see your pictures as you bicycle in from the airport...hopefully you will not have a lion on your heels!

Happy Travels,
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Aug 25th, 2005, 07:00 PM
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Mitch, (are you new around here?)

The map that I have shown would indicate that Mwambashi is very near to the border of Mana Pools but would look opposite the Zim GMA just east of Mana Pools. My guess is that this would put it very near to Chikwenya (Wilderness Safaris).


Last year I did run into a couple who for whatever reason visited the Lower Zambezi for four nights after spending only three nights in South Luangwa. I actually met them while I was on the way to Kulefu and while I was returning for Kulefu. While it seems that they had much better gameviewing than I did, they did not seem overly impressed with Mwambashi and far preferred their experience at Nkwali (RPS) in South Luangwa.

My next time around in Lower Zambezi I do want to splurge and stay at the Superior Safari Tent at Chiawa Camp!


Dream Zambia Itinerary:

Lunga River Lodge (2)
Busanga Bush Camp (3)
Lunga River Lodge (2)
Luangwa River Lodge (4)
Kaingo (2)
Mwamba (2)
Kutandala (4)
Chiawa (4)

I don't know where I would find time to do 23 nights on safari, but then again, it is only 4 nights longer than I am doing this year, so if I would be able to find a traveling companion for my wife for about a week in the Western Cape, then something like this would be possible in the future.

After flirting with Botswana for awhile, I am feeling a rekindled love for Zambia that does not allow me to stray, well, other than the fling I wish to have with Tanzania and Zanzibar!
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Aug 25th, 2005, 07:33 PM
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I kept trying to tell you how much we enjoyed Sausage Tree!

There are a number of interesting grass roots programs that try to reach out to safari tourists. When we stayed at the Robin Pope camps we met a couple who were heading out to stay overnight in a local village. I think they paid about $50.

The people at the camp knew about the program but it was the first I'd heard about it...apparently they offer it as an add on.

For Micheal and eveyone else... the question isn't what do you pay for your gym membership but do you use it?!!
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Aug 26th, 2005, 02:52 AM
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You should use the maps in your Bradt guide. They are by far more reliable (often based on GPS data) than those you find on the web.

Aug 26th, 2005, 08:22 AM
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I am more worried about some excited children who run up to the roadside to greet me accidentally knocking me over. Really, I will have to travel at least a dozen miles through Mfuwe before I even approach an area where lions or elephants will be a concern.

The only downside to it all will be that I am arriving at Mfuwe around 1PM, so it will be HOT. The good thing is that once I am ready to pack it up, I will be able to simply throw the bikes in the back of the vehicle and call it a day.


Unfortunately I did not think that either Sausage Tree Camp or Chiawa would fit in my budget this year, but after my mom had to cancel, my budget really opened up.

In any event, I am really looking forward to each Kasaka and Chongwe River. I believe they will each have their strong points...Kasaka for its luxury, food and hosting and Chongwe for its game activities and location. Although they are located within a couple miles of each other, I believe each camp will have its own individual personality.

However, next time around, unless I go absolutely ga-ga for either Kasaka or Chongwe, a combo of Sausage Tree Camp and Chiawa would be a natural choice.

You made mention of a local village near South Luangwa. It is Kawaza Village and tourists are provided the opportunity for either day visits or even overnight or multinight visits. It is a great opportunity to really experience an African village and the costs are so very reasonable and all proceeds go directly to the village.

I will definitely be visiting Kawaza Village (during the day), as well as other places such as South Luangwa Conservation Society headquarters and Chipembele:


I would like to setup a scholarship or sponsor a particular child at Chipembele.


Plus, a visit to Chipembele would allow me to meet Bulu The Wonder Dog!


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