Best advice for Jordan

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Best advice for Jordan

I'll be spending a week in Jordan shortly and any advice regarding best hotels, best restaurants, best ways to travel in the country, best guides and contacts in Amman, Petra and other good places in Jordan would be appreciated. I'm looking for the high quality/luxury end of things.
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The Movenpick hotels in Jordan are excellent! In Petra, stay right at the entrance gate at the Movenpick Petra. The concierge in Petra can arrange for a knowlegeable guide to accompany you. I also recommend the Movenpick at the Red Sea. Friends really like the Movenpick in Aqaba as well. If you dive, diving can be arranged with the Royal Diving Center in Aqaba.

You can also contact Amani tours at:
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Thanks for that. Do you think I should book the hotels direct or is it cheaper to use an agency. Also do you think the desert is worth seeing?

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You pose two hard-to-answer questions there.

1. I doubt travel agents outside of Jordan can get you a better deal than the Movenpick's own website. Travel agents in Jordan should do better though. We had a sweet deal at the Movenpick Petra through a connection and did very well with the Dead Sea location though a local agent. (Be careful - there are two Movenpicks in Petra - be sure to book the one at the gate!)

Did you try e-mailing the agency I recommended in the above post? Dealing with a local agency will definitely be a plus for you. They CAN get you price breaks and arrange all your transfers.

2. Is the desert worth seeing?? Have you seen an "Arabian" desert yet? with bedouins and camels and sand and rock formations? If yes, a week is awful short to spend a whole day of it in the desert. If not, it's a must see. There are a couple of wadis that you could jeep to from Petra. Again, this is something that you can arrange on the spot with the concierge at the Petra or have your travel agent set up. It depends on you.
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Diane: Many thanks for that. I hadn't looked up Amani Tours. I had mistakenly thought the web address you had given was for the Royal Jordanian airline! I take it that you were pleased with them. I will email them.

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Oh James, lucky you. I love Jordan and as far as the food goes ask at your hotel where the locals eat. I had the luck to meet up with a Jordanian who took us to a local restaurant and the food was fantastic. Make sure you stay more than one day in Petra too as its so big you need that time just to explore it a little. Go also to Jerash the Greek/Roman town as its so well preserved. There is so much to see and do in Jordan that a week will fly by but one thing for sure is that you will leave with a different view of the "problems" close by than you had before.
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Liz: thanks for that. I'm just doing my itinerary and your suggestions are much appreciated.

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I am not usually a tour person but my husband and I are going to Jordan with my parents in February 2003.

We are going on a 9 day trip from London with Titan, the trip uses 3 hotels, at least one of which is a Movenpick and this appeals to me more than changing hotels every night.

I know you haven't mentioned this kind of tour but thought the Titan itinerary might give you some ideas for what to see/ do?

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Me again. I just wanted to make some further suggestions - especially if you try to get a local agency to put an itinerary together for you. Right off, I can't recommend a good hotel in Amman, I was staying with friends. There ARE some excellent 5* choices.

For a one week trip, I would priorize two full days in Petra: one guided day in the site, and another half day walking in on your own. The other half of the day could be for a late afternoon trip into a wadi, that could include a sunset meal with Bedu.

Here's a *suggested* itinerary: (you should, first, ask the agency to propose an itinerary for you, then amend to your tastes, i.e. like from these suggestions)

Day One:

Arrival in Amman, visit of the Roman ruins in Amman.

Day Two:

Early morning departure from Amman, guided Petra tour starting at 10am, lunch in the on-site dining room, back for a nap, shower and dinner at the MvPetra.

Day Three:

Walk into the site and wander for the morning, lunch & nap at the MvPetra, late afternoon desert trip with Bedouin dinner. Return to MvPetra.

Day Four:

Early morning departure to Aqaba, beach it or pre-arrange a dive/snorkel tour in the afternoon. (you can possibly arrange a 2td) **Arrange this yourself** Dinner and overnight at the MvAqaba.

Day Five:

Early morning departure, return to Amman via the Old King's Highway, stop at the MvRedSea for part of the day (no overnight). Pay the day fee to float in the Red Sea and to use the facilities. Do not have this fee included in your package, because you may choose at the last minute not to swim (due to an open cut or graze - the salt hurts like @#$#%!!). As well, if you're booked at the MvAmman, the day fee may be waived. Have lunch there (best Turkish coffee!). Proceed to Amman, with a stop at Mt. Nebo.

Day Six:

Day trip to Madaba & minor sites nearby (there is a little known Byzantine settlement, that was destroyed in an earthquake, and the excavated church has the finest example of mosaics I saw in the region - it is a 1/2 hour drive or so from Madaba and worth seeking out). Lunch in Madaba.

Day Seven:

Day trip to Jerash & minor sites nearby. Although not nearby, Umm Qays is also worth a detour - not as impressive as Jerash, but it has an great view over Lake Tiberias, Syria and Israel.

I've misplaced my travel notes from the trip and will try within the next couple of weeks to dig them out. There is an exceptional restaurant in Madaba that I kept returning to time and time again and a luxury hammam in Amman that must be experienced for a total pamper fest! I'll try to post the names of these soon, as well of the Byzantine church near Madaba.

I do envy you! I loved the whole region. It's too bad that you don't have a second week to spend in Syria.

It's a short drive from Amman to Damascus, with very efficient border formalities. Damascus would most definitely rate a couple of days. Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers and Baalbek (in Lebanon) are highlights of the region that should not be missed once you've come this far.
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Diane: You're a star! Thanks for taking the trouble. How did you travel around in Jordan? Should I rent a car? Or should I get a private car with a driver?

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Better to hire a private car and driver.
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Hi James,

I would recommend you to visit, you will surely find all the answers to your questions (tours, hotels, weather etc). And don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.
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Hotels & Suites
The infrastructure for tourism in Jordan is well developed. There are hotels of international standard, nice restaurants, souvenir shops, qualified guides, experienced staff working in tourism, public roads and airports, communications and public transport, however European perfection should never be expected
Jordan is well equipped with five and four star luxury hotels throughout the country. Luxury Hotel and restaurant prices are controlled by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Supply. Government accommodations, rest houses with sleeping and dining facilities are located at key tourist sites throughout Jordan. Five star hotels are operated by local groups and well known international chains such as Intercontinental, Marriot, SAS, Forum and Trust house Forte.

Eating well and heartily is part of the Jordanian traditions, and there are many fine restaurants that offer a wide selection of authentic arabic food at reasonable prices.

Hotels offer a mixed menu of arabic and continental cuisine. Dishes to try are the national dish, Mansaf, a whole stewed lamb with cooked yoghurt sauce served on a bed of rice. Another dish which is Musakhan, chicken with onions, olive oil, pine seeds and seasoning. Cooked in an oven on a thick loaf of Arabic bread; Maglouba, a meat or fish and vegetable stew served with rice; and ofcource, the basic Shish Kabab, pieces of lamb, marinared chicken and patties of minced and spiced lamb meat all cooked over a charcoal fire with onions and tomatoes.

Locally produced beer,wine,and spirits are available throughout the country, as are imported drinks.

Botteled water is available, in addition to imported sparkling water.

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After visiting Jordan, I will say the Movenpick was the best bet, the pool was not as nice as the Crown Plaza but the price was def more competitive and the beach has a great look at the mountains. I was able to get 3 dives in while I was there, I dove with a company called RED SEA DIVING, and I will say they were great. The shop is also the meeting spot which is walking distance from the Movenpick (3 Blocks) and it was on me and another tourists and two instructors. Everything was great and I got to dive the Japanese Gardens and the Sunken Ship. I flew to Jordan with Royal Jordanian, a good hint make sure to buy your ticket from a Consolidator, never buy directly from the airline because you will pay 20% more. I went through a travel agency based in Chicago, IL and I talk to a agent named Adam, he is also a avid diver and he referred me to the Movenpick and RED SEA. The website is , if you want the discounted airfare you have to call them directly at 800-613-0200. They were great and I hope that everyone gets to dive the treasure that is the Red Sea.

Manhattan, New York
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