best 7 day safaris on a budget

Jan 26th, 2007, 09:52 AM
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best 7 day safaris on a budget

Does anyone have suggestions on what the best Kenyan safaris (in August 07) might be for a 7 day safari trip? We are quite happy "roughing it"... any suggestions on operators on the ground would be great.
Thakn you!
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Jan 26th, 2007, 01:15 PM
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I am sure they exist but do not know of any budget camping tour operators in Kenya. You might try regular tour operators such as Southern Cross or Eastern and Southern. They are the best value in regular safaris.

Good luck

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Jan 26th, 2007, 01:45 PM
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How budget is budget?

Eastern & Southern offers camping safaris and posts prices on their website. However, they aren't particularly low budget and for slightly more than what they charge for a camping safari, you could probably do a lodge safari.

If you're willing to travel with a group, that would bring the cost down. Gametrackers or Nairobi Backpackers might be able to put you with a group. Low budget camping safaris sometimes use large overland trucks, so you'll want to inquire about the type of vehicle used.
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Jan 26th, 2007, 03:14 PM
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Hi Patty,
I am actually not sure what the range usually is but in $700-$1000 range for 7 days would be good? Is that reasonable? Obviously not including flights etc. And to clarify, is camping not less expensive than lodges?
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Jan 26th, 2007, 04:11 PM
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OK that's pretty budget. How many are in your party? If just one or two, you'll definitely need to find others to share with to bring the cost down to that range and even then, I'd say the high end of that range. Give Gametrackers or Nairobi Backpackers a try.

Budget camping is less expensive than lodges. Other forms of camping (semi-lux, lux) not so.
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Jan 26th, 2007, 04:56 PM
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What is actually a reasonable budget then?
Are there major downsides to sharing with a group? Seems like it might be fun as well?
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Jan 27th, 2007, 01:13 PM
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It really depends on how many people are in your party as the larger the group, the more people to split the vehicle/guide/fuel/etc cost with. I'd say for 2 people on a private safari, the cost would be close to $200pppn for a camping safari (but I haven't really priced that many camping safaris) and start at $250+pppn for a lodge safari in high season (which is when you're traveling).

There are a few, but not many, group safari reports if you look through the East Africa index link that I posted on your other thread. The downside is that you may all need to agree on a plan for the day and you might not get along with your vehicle mates. On the other hand, you could hit it off really well.
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Jan 27th, 2007, 02:56 PM
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I know you mentioned Kenya, but have you considered South Africa, Kruger National Park? web site -
You can safari Kruger for $100 USD per day per person which includes a nice bungalow, rental/hire car, and meals. I know, I've done it, September 2006. If a camp site is ok, they will provide a tent and beds and save you another $30 per person per day. Fly into Johannesburg, rent a car (we used Avis) drive to Kruger, 6 hours. Don't go during school holidays, their busiest times.
regards - tom
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Jan 29th, 2007, 12:16 PM
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Check this out. They just returned.
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Jan 29th, 2007, 01:45 PM
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At $110/day, considering at minimum $40/day goes to park fees, that doesn't leave much for your camping (room/board, etc).

Do be sure you get flush toilets, hot running water, a bed on which to sleep, and decent food.

Granted if going with a group you save money on guide, transport, vehicle, but you still want something decent as a camp.

In August (high-season), you can expect a daily rate of about $200-$250/person including meals, park fees, game drives, transport by road to/from your parks. Also, if traversing by road to the parks hudsonsafari mentions, you'll be spending more time traveling than game viewing.

Contact Africa Point, in Nairobi. They're a wholesaler who can probably assist. A number of regular posters here have used them for private safaris and been quite satisfied.

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