anyone been to Tunisia????

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anyone been to Tunisia????

Hello all....has anyone on here ever been to Tunisia? A friend and myself are planning to go and are wondering how safe it is etc etc. We are going with a tour group. Thanks......Arlene
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Tunisia is a safe country. Especially for tourists travelling in groups. Tourism is where the country is getting money from so they can't afford to be an unsafe destination.

It's the most european-like country of all North Africa.

Of course you must remember that it is a moslem state and there are rules you need to follow in order to avoid problems with the locals. It's all about basic things proving that you respect their culture (e.g. not trying to enter a mosque during prayer time or not taking photographs of people without their consent).

Also, do not try taking pictures of policemen, soldiers or government buildings if you want to avoid trouble with the local law.

Sounds complicated and a bit scary but there are thousands and thousands of tourists going to Tunisia every year and they usually come back happy.

It's a very beatiful country that's definitely worth a visit!
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We were there 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. We did go with a tour group to start and then had a few days on our own at the end.

It is very modern yet you still can get a little of the flavor of the "old Arabic" way of life. There was very little police presence and nothing at all was scary or frightening. In fact, it was no harder to get around (especially near Tunis) and do things than in Europe.

Be sure to see the moasics in The Prado ... simply fantastic!
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I'm in my late 40s now and went there, totally alone, female,and did my own solo-planned trip back in 1980 or 1981...can't remember which...and had no problems. It was a very beautiful and relaxing place and the majority of the tourists/travelers were European. I was probably the only American traveler around. Met some really nice people, both Tunisian, European, and people, on vacation from Qatar, and had a VERY relaxing vacation since it's a very relaxing place. I was in both the beach near Tunis and Sousse...about an hour and a half away, I think...which was also at the beach. I'll never forget the kids riding down the beach on camels. Happy Travels!
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I haven't been to Tunisia, but, earlier this year, International Travel News (ITN), a popular travel publication out of California, ran an article by someone who drove around the country. I formed a negative view of Tunisia as a place of mostly desert and not much to see---which is in opposition to earlier opinions, based on an archaeologist acquaintance. Check it out, if you can. ZZ
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Tunisia can be a woderfull place or a horrible place depending of what you do of your trip.
If you stick in your cheap foreign only resort you will probably hate it. And will be right to do so...
If you are going either with a serious tour operator planning journeys around or go around far from the hotels you will love.
Hotel industry brings a lot of money to the country and people in/aroud this business might try to rip you. But real tunisians are very friendly & generous. Carthage is a must see as well as Sidi bou Said around Tunis. The desert is splendid... Star Wars desert shots were done in Tunisia so you must have an idea of what it looks like. Sea side wise i'd advise either Tabarka region (north West) or Kelibia.
You can also tour the carthagian/roman ruins which are one of the most weill reserved in the world. Getty is founding a meuseum in Carthage which is alone is worth a whole afternoon.
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Tunisia is an amaizing country. I have been there last year in a study tour (I am workin as a travel agent), we had cross the country, I 've seen Douze (The Desert Gate), Djerba, Hammamet, Sousse, Tozeur (near Algerian border). You will find good services, good hotels, golden sand with clear water (Mediteranian Sea). Pay attention in bazar (they are asking you a lot of money, but you can negociate with them). On the other hand you can buy a lot of things (traditional) at good prices (is cheap).
All the best
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