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The jungles of El Petén were once the heartland of the Mayan civilization. The sprawling empire—including parts of present-day Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador—was once made up of a network of cities that held hundreds of thousands of people, but a millennium ago this fascinating civilization went into a mysterious decline and soon virtually disappeared. The temples that dominated the horizon were swallowed up by the jungle.


El Petén Hotels

El Petén now has a wide range of lodging options, from suites at luxurious lakeside resorts to stark rooms in budget... read more


El Petén Restaurants

In El Petén you have a couple of choices for dining: comedores, which are small eateries along the lines of a U.S. café or... read more

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Things To Do in El Petén

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El Petén Experiences

  • History

    At its peak, the Mayan civilization developed one of the earliest forms of writing, the very first mathematical system to use zero,... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Tikal is usually ranked as the most impressive of all Mayan sites. You'll never forget the jungle setting, rich with wildlife and birds.... Read more


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