The Central and Southern Aegean Coast Hotels

Hotels along the Aegean coast range from international-standard luxury properties and city-center corporate options to artsy or historic boutique hotels, and from rather stark lodgings for local business travelers to family-run bed-and-breakfasts or pansiyons (guesthouses). Almost everywhere offers free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning (but check before booking), and most include breakfast in the

price—a basic spread usually consisting of cucumbers and tomatoes, tea, instant coffee, eggs, feta cheese, bread with jam and butter, and watermelon in summer. The Bodrum and Çeşme peninsulas are infamous for A-list hotel prices to match their swanky clientele, with world-class resorts frequented by international glitterati, especially around Bodrum. İzmir has luxury options, too, mostly a bit more sedate. If you don’t care about certain amenities (pool, spa, interior design), decent and reasonably central budget options are almost always available, even in the fanciest destinations.

Lodging in small towns like Selçuk and Gümüşlük tends to be less expensive, and often has more local flavor. To get the best deal, check prices on the hotel’s website or a third-party booking site, then call or email the hotel in advance to see if they’ll quote you a better rate. Hotels listed here are generally honest, helpful, and hospitable, and many will gladly offer advice on visiting local sites. Always ensure that a hotel’s location suits your requirements: central for walkable sightseeing or remote for pure relaxation. If you’re arriving by public transportation, ask in advance how best to travel from the bus station to the hotel. You’ll need your passport to check in, so if you think a day trip might turn into an overnight stay, take it along.

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