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Legend has it that a millennium ago a seafaring chieftain caught sight of the green shores of Northern Ireland, and offered the land to whichever of his two sons would be first to lay a hand upon it. As the two rivals rowed toward shore in separate boats, one began to draw ahead, whereupon the other drew his sword, cut off his own hand, and hurled it onto the beach—and so, by blood and sacrifice, gained the province. To this day the coat of arms of Northern Ireland bears the severed limb: the celebrated "Red Hand of Ulster."


Northern Ireland Hotels

Major hotel chains based in both the Republic and abroad have invested in Northern Ireland's cities. In Belfast's environs,... read more


Northern Ireland Restaurants

Belfast has experienced an influx of au courant and internationally influenced restaurants, bistros, wine bars, and—as in... read more

Things To Do

Things To Do in Northern Ireland

Explore the best sights, entertainment, and shopping with our top choices and insider tips.


Northern Ireland Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Northern Ireland

    Belfast, Gateway City: As the locals put it, "Despite what you've probably heard, Belfast is not what you expect"—so get ready to... Read more

  • All About Irish Whiskeys

    Located on the Antrim coast, the small town of Bushmills lays claim to the world's oldest distillery. Today, its name is synonymous with... Read more

  • The Troubles

    Northern Ireland's historic conflict between Catholic and Protestant, Irish and English, had its roots in the first Norman incursions in... Read more

  • Beautiful Belleek

    The origins of Belleek china are every bit as romantic as the Belleek blessing plates traditionally given to brides and grooms on their... Read more

  • Belfast's Wall Murals

    In Northern Ireland they say the Protestants make the money and the Catholics make the art, and as with all clichés, there is some... Read more


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