11 Amazing Places to See the Solar Eclipse

This is not just another eclipse: Those in the “totality” zone will be plunged into night for several minutes as the moon reduces the sun to a crescent, then to a thin glowing ring. Stars will even appear in the dark sky.

NYC Is Taking It to the Streets on Waterslides and Ziplines

“In its decennial year, Summer Streets will allow us to once again give back some of our most important public space – our streets – to the public with car-free surroundings and rest stops that will be bigger and more entertaining than ever.”

I Chased Actual Giants Through the Streets of Montreal

When I heard there’d be gigantic marionette robots walking through Montreal for its 375th birthday party, I was like, great, sounds like what I was born to do. I had no idea of the emotional roller coaster ride I was in for.