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San Salvador de Jujuy

Founded by Spaniards in 1593, San Salvador de Jujuy (known as Jujuy to most Argentineans and as "S.S. de Jujuy" on signs) is a compact city. Its focal point is Plaza General Belgrano, in the city center between the Río Grande and Río Xibi Xibi. The square is home to a number of key sights, the 18th-century cathedral and grand Casa de Gobierno among them.

The city’s quarter-million inhabitants—including a large indigenous population—busy themselves with administering the province’s main sources of income (tobacco, mining, and sugarcane), although more are beginning to deal with tourism. Jujuy may lack nearby Salta’s colonial dreaminess and ample hotel selection, but it has a laid-back, unadulterated local culture plus a touch of frontier-town charm. It also makes a great stop-off point and touring base. Just outside town you can ride horses along mountain paths in the jungle or go boating in valley waterways.

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