After driving or riding for hours along the empty coastal road (or via Ruta Provincial 30 from Ruta 3), the tiny town of Camarones—a collection of brightly colored, tin-roofed buildings with scrollwork fascias, trim, and other curious architectural details—appears like an enchanted village. People here seem jovial and happy in their isolation. Most of the worries that plague the inhabitants of Argentina's big cities—crime, unemployment, pollution—simply don't exist here. The only controversy you may encounter is the battle between the town's two main industries, algae farming and salmon fishing: some species of algae here are invasive, and degrade the salmon's habitat.

The one main event each year is the Fiesta Nacional del Salmón (National Salmon Festival), celebrated in early February with fishing contests and the crowning of Miss Salmoncito (Little Miss Salmon). Other than that, the main attractions are the beautiful, empty beaches south of town and the Reserva Natural Cabo Dos Bahías.

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