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15 Best Restaurants in Vancouver

With seemingly constant restaurant openings, any trip to Vancouver involves exploring its dynamic culinary scene.

Whether upscale restaurants, casual joints, or food trucks, Vancouver’s best restaurants skillfully combine techniques from all corners of the world with the bountiful harvests of British Columbia’s lands. Thanks to its strategic waterfront location on the Burrard Peninsula, straight-from-the-ocean seafood and farm-fresh produce from the surrounding Fraser Valley joyfully collide to create a unique dining experience.

Coupled with the coastal city’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainably sourced ingredients feature prominently on the menus throughout Vancouver. Here are the 15 best restaurants in Vancouver, whether you’re seeking vegetable-forward comfort food, modern Peruvian fare, or a succulent steak.

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Blue Water Cafe

Executive chef Frank Pabst heads this go-to restaurant for quality seafood in a brick-and-beamed heritage warehouse space in Vancouver’s bougie Yaletown. With a focus on locally and sustainably sourced seafood, a wide spectrum of dishes can be savored, both raw and in skillfully cooked dishes. Aside from the signature three-tier seafood tower, Blue Water Cafe is recognized for the festival Unsung Heroes, which occurs each February, an initiative Pabst has championed since 2004 to highlight undervalued species of seafood in innovative dishes, like mackerel filet with sesame carrot rice, jellyfish wonton tacos and a creamy carbonara with sea urchin.

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Dressed in expensive dark mahogany wood panels and furnished with deep red velvet chairs, Hy’s embodies the timeless sophistication of a classic steakhouse. Their crispy cheese toast is legendary and worth seeking out, even if just for a quick bite over happy hour. Splurge on any of their perfectly prepared prime-grade cuts, whether the New York strip or porterhouse, which are aged for a minimum of 28 days. Pair your mains with classic and irresistible sides like roasted broccoli, crispy brussels sprouts, and creamed spinach. With top-quality beef, the freshest seafood, and exceptional service, Hy’s has been a longtime destination for celebrations or anytime you deserve an indulgent meal.

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Vancouver’s crazed obsession with aburi sushi is all thanks to restaurateur Seigo Nakamura, who introduced the city to flame-seared nigiri with the opening of high-end Miku in 2008.

This sushi style comprises delicately thin slices of fresh seafood like tuna or salmon placed atop perfectly seasoned pressed sushi rice. Lightly grilled or torched using a blowtorch to gently tease the flavors of the fish results in a melt-in-your-mouth type texture. Though many other restaurants have since adopted this technique, Miku remains the place to indulge in aburi sushi.

INSIDER TIPSituated along the Burrard Inlet, book ahead to secure a spot by the window for stunning waterfront views.


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Published on Main

Serving contemporary Canadian cuisine, this Main Street spot has now become a destination thanks to its string of accolades that includes earning the top spot on Canada’s list of 100 best restaurants in 2022 (and number three in 2023), as well as receiving a coveted Michelin star in the city’s first edition of the Michelin Guide Vancouver. Order à la carte or journey through their menu on a curated 10-course tasting menu across 2.5 hours.


INSIDER TIPReserve a table months in advance, but if you run out of luck, try snagging a spot at the walk-in bar.


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Head chef Nico Schuermans runs the show at Chambar, serving creative French-Belgian cuisine. As Vancouver’s first carbon-neutral restaurant, its strong sustainability ethos is emphasized throughout its brunch, dinner, and even ever-evolving wine menu, leaning heavily on responsibly and locally sourced ingredients and sustainably farmed wines. Though you can get smoked steelhead trout alongside fried eggs for brunch and braised lamb shank with figs and almond couscous for dinner, the mussels and fries are the undisputed star attraction. They’re all equally decadent and served in three sauces—white wine and butter, white wine and cream, or tomato coconut cream.

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Helmed by chef David Hawksworth, this ritzy establishment has continued to earn a top spot on the list after list of Vancouver’s must-visit restaurants. Its menu highlights the region’s abundance, and fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients like albacore tuna, oysters, chanterelle mushrooms, and Haida Gwaii sablefish shine across a spectrum of high-end contemporary dishes.

INSIDER TIPTo take advantage of one of the city’s best-valued happy hour deals, visit between 4 to 6 p.m. daily, when you can gorge on a Hawksworth classic burger, topped with crispy bacon and an onion ring, with either a lager or an Old Fashioned for $22 CAD.


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Opened in the summer of 2022, this modern Peruvian restaurant has been an exceptional addition to Vancouver’s ever-evolving culinary scene, and it’s already received considerable attention for its innovative menu. Start with the ceviche clasico at this 49-seat restaurant, which features Haida Gwaii halibut bathed in leche de tigre and topped with red onion and cilantro.

For a twist on a Peruvian staple that hailed from the country’s Chinese community, sample their take on the lomo saltado, a beef stir-fry. Here, it’s reimagined with flame-grilled AAA Canadian tenderloin. The seven-course chef’s tasting experience is a great way to go. Plus, sample your way through Peru’s varied landscapes with cocktails inspired by the rugged Andean mountains, lush Amazonian rainforest, and glittering cityscapes of Lima.

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Savio Volpe

With an emphasis on fresh and simple ingredients, this neighborhood osteria dishes up unpretentious meals in a buzzy and industrial-chic setting. The menu highlights pasta that’s made in-house each day, like tortellini with ricotta and spring greens and spaghetti with basil, pistachio, and parmesan. Savor the wonderfully complex flavors of their generously portioned veggie sides and wood-fired grilled meat dishes like pork chop with salsa verde and the dry-aged striploin with red wine jus, all of which are served family style.


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Specializing in Northern Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, Kirin has remained a reliable and uber-popular choice for quality dim sum since it opened its doors in 1987. A weekly ritual for many, families and groups of friends come together to swap gossip over an Instagram-worthy spread of small plates accompanied by endless pots of tea. At Kirin, the delights are many. Steamed, fried, or baked, a wide assortment of seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes are expertly prepared, with many of them served in piping-hot bamboo baskets. Crowd favorites like their generously stuffed barbecue pork buns and shrimp dumplings uphold Kirin’s top standing in dim sum-crazed Vancouver.

INSIDER TIPReservations are highly recommended.


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The Arbor

With fresh and wild foraged ingredients, vegetable-focused comfort food features prominently on the menu at The Arbor. Sister restaurant to Michelin Guide-recommended and award-winning fine dining restaurant, The Acorn, The Arbor, just three doors down on Main Street, caters to a more laidback crowd. The zen patio garden at the back of The Arbor serves as an escape from the hustle of busy Main Street. With a highly creative kitchen that makes nearly everything from scratch in-house, like the sourdough focaccia, vegan burger patty, and cashew cheese, both vegetarians and carnivores will swoon over dishes like the Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich and their signature Arburger.

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Via Tevere Pizzeria

As Vancouver’s only Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) certified pizza restaurant, Via Tevere dishes up pies that use ingredients, techniques, and equipment that conform to Neapolitan traditions. Housed in a heritage building on a residential street just off Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, this neighborhood haunt can be identified by the vintage yellow 1969 Fiat 500 parked out front. Inside, their baby blue and white tiled wood-burning oven is the focal point, from where authentic thin-crust pies emerge. Served whole, uncut, and often with cheese still bubbling in the middle, their menu of over a dozen pizzas celebrates simple and fresh ingredients emphasizing quality.

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Phnom Penh

Boisterous and almost always packed, Phnom Penh is a Vancouver institution that has drawn lines since its opening in 1985. Blending Cambodian and Vietnamese traditions, this restaurant in Chinatown boasts an enormous menu, and its over 100 offerings include beloved classics like green papaya salad and lemongrass chicken on rice. Join the masses in ordering the legendary deep-fried chicken wings, which come with a tangy lime dipping sauce, and the thit bò marinated butter beef—a platter of carpaccio-style beef blanketed by an aromatic bundle of cilantro, garlic, and soy sauce.

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Now with three locations in Vancouver, this uber-popular ramen joint first came from Japan in 2013. Best known for its rich and silky tori paitan, this chicken broth is prepared fresh each morning. The West End location routinely sees lines out the door, but as it’s a quick-service type restaurant and not one for lingering and socializing, the line thankfully moves swiftly. Garnish your bowl of noodles with extra slices of delicately braised cha shu (pork belly), a soft-boiled egg that’s consistently jammy, crispy fried garlic, and sheets of seaweed.

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Downlow Chicken Shack

Drawing long lines during peak hours, this laidback counter-serve on Commercial Drive dishes up flawlessly spiced and flavored Nashville-style fried chicken. Ranging from mild to eye-watering levels, which this spot has coined “side of milk,” these deep-fried birds, whether breast meat, wings, or boneless thighs, come in several different levels of heat. The menu also features a few varieties of their sandos—or sandwiches—which are generously stuffed with juicy chicken breast and your preferred fixings between a fluffy potato bun.

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Dinesty Dumpling House

The menu at Dinesty Dumpling House is extensive, with several snack dishes like scallion pancakes, spring rolls, and fried noodles. But as its name suggests, their dumplings are where this casual spot shines. Whether pan-fried to a golden crisp, boiled, or steamed to showcase its flavors, Dinesty’s best offerings come with classic fillings like pork and shrimp. Across its four locations throughout Metro Vancouver, their xiao long bao (pork soup dumpling steamed in bamboo baskets) remains the best seller, as chicken broth and juicy ground pork seep out of the ultra-thin and expertly hand-kneaded wrapper with every bite.

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