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The core of Munich's Innenstadt is Altstadt (Old Town), which has been rebuilt so often over the centuries that it no longer has the homogeneous look of so many other German towns. World War II leveled a good portion of the center, but unlike other cities that adopted more modern architectural styles, much of Munich's Altstadt was rebuilt as it was before the destruction. An amazing job has been done to restore the fairy-tale feel that prevailed here. From the modest palace of the Alter Hof in the Old Town, the Wittelsbachs expanded their quarters northward, away from the jumble of narrow streets. The new palace, the Residenz, is one of the stunning royal landmarks, and abuts the Englischer Garten, a present from the royal family to the locals. Although a few royal-themed sites can be found farther afield, most of the historical treasures are fairly concentrated in the Innenstadt, and mostly in Altstadt, making them easy to visit on foot.


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