Billund is the site of Denmark's second-biggest tourist attraction outside Copenhagen: Legoland. The son of the founder of the Lego Company, Godtfred Christiansen, invented the Lego toy brick in Billund in 1949; today the Lego Company employs approximately 6,500 people (2,500 of whom work in Billund). Over the years the company has manufactured more than 375 billion Lego bricks, all of which trace back to the modest facilities of the family home, which still stands on Main Street here.

Billund has grown exponentially with the Lego success, and today has its own international airport (constructed by Lego and then given to the community) and a large community center (also donated by Lego). However, outside of Legoland there's not much to keep you here—the bank in town is larger than the town hall, and you're in and out of the little metropolis before you know it.

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