Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok Tops the List of Tourist Destinations in 2016


Everyone has a favorite travel destination. Now, MasterCard has ranked them. The newly-released Global Destination Cities Index examined 132 countries to find which city gets more overnight tourists than anywhere else–and Bangkok, Thailand topped the list.

Every year, over 21.47 million tourists visit and stay the night in Bangkok. That's 2 million more than visit London, the number two city on the list. Paris, Dubai, and New York round out the top five.  

The index also tracked countries where tourists spend the most (Dubai at $2000 per person), and the fastest-growing tourist destination in the world: Osaka, Japan. In fact, over half of the newly-booming tourist spots in 2016 are in Asia. So if you’re looking to put a few new must-see cities on your list in 2017, it may pay to look east.

To find out where the rest of the 132 countries ranked as world destinations, check out MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index here

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