Meg Butler

Meg Butler

Staff Writer

Meg Butler is a travel writer with a passion for great stories, great food and even better drinks.


  • Why do you travel?

    I have chronic wanderlust and it’s terminal. Thanks for bringing it up.

  • What’s one thing you never travel without?

    A sweater. Why are planes always so cold?

  • What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place?

    Head to the hotel bar to ask for the bartender’s must-see suggestions. They’re always pretty plugged in.

  • Do you like traveling solo?

    Yes, so I don’t have to feel weird about stopping to take a photo every 10 seconds.

  • What was your worst travel experience?

    Being chased back to my hotel by a pack of dogs that seemed very interested in eating me for dinner.

  • What’s currently on your airplane playlist?

    I have a “time to chill out” Spotify playlist with a lot of Yesung, Roy Orbison, Vince Staples, Sufjan Stevens, Isley Brothers and stuff like that.

  • What is your favorite book or genre of books?

    Infinite Jest

  • What's the most unusual place you have stayed on a trip?

    In a poorly-constructed hut in the middle of the Amazon that I shared with four tarantulas.

  • Carry-on or checked?

    If it’s indispensable, it comes on the plane with me.

  • What’s on your travel bucket list?

    Exploring Son Doong Cave.

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