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You’ll Never Guess What U.S. City Has the Most Expensive Hotels

On average, you’ll spend more on your hotel room in…

When you travel around the United States, how much can you expect to pay for a hotel? As it turns out, it depends heavily on the city—and not the cities you might think. While metropolises like New York and Los Angeles might be your first guess at the most expensive cities for hotels, you’d be wrong. A new survey by has found that the priciest hotels aren’t where you’d think.

The US Cities With the Most Expensive Hotels

  • Nashville $223
  • Boston $221
  • San Jose $214
  • San Francisco $209
  • Albuquerque $198

Surprised? Nashville, Tennessee is the city that boasts the highest hotel rates among the 50 cities surveyed by for the period spanning 1 October through 31 October 2019. The prices above reflect the average rate for the city’s cheapest-available double rooms at hotels with at least three stars.

While those prices are eyebrow-raising, they didn’t come completely out of the blue. The Thompson Nashville made our list of The 100 Most Incredible Hotels in the World this year for being our favorite unapologetically trendy hotel in the United States with rooms so cool and comfortable that you’ll want to live in them (or at least add the deep cuts on the vinyl record collection curated by Jack White’s record label to your Spotify list). And, at around $500 per night, you get what you pay for. This hotel is more than worth the price, it’s one of the best hotel stays in the world.

The US Cities With the Least Expensive Hotels

There is a time to drop several hundred dollars on a stay in one of the world’s greatest hotel rooms, and there is a time to look for more reasonably priced hotel experiences. If you’re looking for a vacation at a price point slightly less than the absolute most, these are the cities with the least expensive hotels in the nation:

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  • Tucson $99
  • Baltimore $97
  • Fresno $85
  • San Antonio $84
  • Las Vegas $69

Surprised again? Who would’ve thought that the neon, gambling fever dream metropolis Las Vegas would have the cheapest hotel rooms in America? Well, we’ve been around, and all our most intrepid travelers attest to this truth: if you book last-minute, even swanky hotel rooms can be had at a deep discount. The more likely you are to nab a cheap stay during a hot streak, the more likely you are to spend more money at the casino downstairs.

So, there you have it: the five most expensive and the five least expensive hotels in the United States’ biggest cities. For the full list, check here: you’ll find 40 other cities ranked by the average price of their hotels. But, while price is a great first step for choosing a hotel, we wouldn’t recommend going in blind. Always check out hotel reviews that you can trust before booking a property.

Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve been in the travel industry for 80 years, and we know a thing or two about hotels. We only accept hotel reviews from our list of trusted travelers who know what to look for when making a recommendation. And we’re not afraid to tell you if a property isn’t great or what beaches you should avoid. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our Hotel Reviews for yourself.

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