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Plan Your Busan Vacation

White-sand city beaches and hot-spring resorts may not be everyone's first image of Korea, but these are what Koreans flock to Busan for all year. And there are plenty of opportunities for rest, relaxation, retail therapy, and even a touch of glamour every October with the Busan International Film Festival.

Life in Busan moves at a more leisurely pace to that of frenetic Seoul. This is the sort of city where if you ask a local for directions they'll likely walk you to your destination. Christened "Dynamic Busan" by the tourism board, Busan has seen a lot of development and plenty of glass and steel high-rise buildings. Here you'll also find Korea's largest fish market and the world's largest department store. Young people dressed in European labels share the streets with traditionally dressed seniors who no doubt remember a very different Busan. With little effort, it's easy to see remnants of Busan's history, from the serene Beomeosa temple to the UN Memorial Cemetery—a poignant reminder of South Korea's recent past.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Soak Away the Stress Busan is home to world-class natural hot-spring facilities. Strip off and relax, Korean style.
  2. Shop up a Storm Whether you are more at home browsing high-end boutiques or rummaging at market stalls, you'll find plenty of places to fill your suitcase and empty your wallet.
  3. The Busan International Film Festival Every October Busan becomes "the Cannes of Asia" with both stars and fans visiting in droves.
  4. Sun, Sea, and Sand, in the Heart of the City Busan's clean inner-city beaches are a sea of umbrellas during summer months.
  5. A Seafood Lovers' Paradise If it can be found in the ocean, you'll most likely be able to eat it at the Jagalchi markets.

When To Go

When to Go

Peak Season: July to August; October July is when Korean beachgoers descend on Busan and prices soar. October brings a second rush with the...

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