8 Best Places to Shop in Udaipur, Rajasthan

B.G. Sharma Art Gallery

Udaipur has many galleries that exhibit original work by burgeoning artists, which attracts serious art buyers. This gallery was started by B.G. Sharma, one of the preeminent miniature painters of India. Unlike most artists of miniature paintings, Sharma produced original ideas rather than copying traditional pictures, and made a huge contribution to advancing the Mughal, Kishangarh, and Kangra painting styles. Now his sons run the business but some of Sharma's legacy remains. As well as creating miniatures themselves in-house, they also sell the work of other painters. Check the authenticity of anything you want to buy.


A suburb of Udaipur on the road exiting the city towards Jaipur (15–20 minutes away from the city center), Bhuwana is the place to buy something carved in marble, be it an elephant almost as large as your car or a small knickknack like a soap tray or serving dish. There are rows and rows of shops here, where, with a little bargaining (never take the first price), you will get a good deal. Marble workshops are attached to many of the stores and you may be able to see artisans at work. Check with your hotel or local guide to arrange a car.

Bhuwana, Udaipur, 313001, India

Gallery Pristine

Specializing in both contemporary and folk art, this gallery has many small pieces by Shail Choyal, a guru of contemporary Indian painting. Other highlights include the stylized work of Shahid Parvez, a well-known local artist, as well as work from an expanding number of Udaipur's contemporary artists.

60 Bhatiyani Chohatta, Udaipur, 313001, India

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Ganta Ghar

From Jagdish Temple, stroll down to the Ganta Ghar (clock tower) and the area around it, a base for silver jewelry. Browse freely, but take care not to purchase items that are merely coated with silver-tone paint. Most of the silver shops here are run-of-the-mill and offer little variation in style and price.

Kamal Sharma Art Gallery

You can often see the artist at work here. Kamal Sharma paints mainly birds and animals on paper, marble, silk, and canvas, in contemporary, experimental, and traditional styles. All the works are for sale. The gallery often holds workshops and rotating exhibits.


If your time is limited, head straight to the area around the Jagdish Temple, where you'll find an array of shops stocking an almost overwhelming variety of leather-bound journals, deity statues, and knickknacks; if bargaining isn't your thing, though, head to an emporium instead. The government-run Rajasthali emporium (there's also a larger branch in Jaipur) sells high-quality Rajasthani arts and handicrafts, and is a good place to pick up a wool-stuffed washable quilt with a Rajasthani motif. The showroom at Jagdish temple is a bit run-down and looks dusty, but the prices here are fixed.

Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur, 313001, India


One of the oldest NGOs in India, working for the advancement of the village poor, Sadhna works with rural women in the Udaipur district and trains them to produce traditional appliqué work on cushion covers, bedspreads, silk stoles, bags, kurtas, light quilts, and jackets. Sadhna has gained popularity over the years, and the women also tour around the country to exhibitions in major cities during festivals. There's another branch near the Jagdish Temple in the Old City.

University of Arts

While you're in the Jagdish Temple area, make sure you check out the collection of more than 500 handmade wooden puppets in varying shapes and sizes at this small shop. Ask the folk artist proprietor, Rajesh Gurjargour, an excellent puppeteer, for a private demonstration. Miniature paintings, embroidered jackets, handcrafted soft toys, and knickknacks are also for sale.

166 Jagdish Marg, Udaipur, 313001, India