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Fodor’s Week in Travel: Try Something New

If you're feeling adventerous, now is the perfect time to travel. From volunteer opportunities abroad to the perfect itinerary for your first trip to Cuba, there are plenty of new experiences in our weekly travel roundup

Top 5 Things to Do in Cuba

From the Museo Masónico to the Colon Cemetary, make sure to visit the top 5 things to do in Cuba on your first trip. 

9 Ideas for Your Next Volunteer Travel Experience

Whether you're headed to Nicaragua or Thailand, here are 9 ideas for your next volunteer travel experience.

World's Craziest Bar Concepts

You can dine and drink in a cave, underwater, or in a tree when you visit the world's craziest bar concepts.

5 Reasons to Visit El Salvador

With fresh seafood and plenty of volcanoes to explore, here are 5 reasons to visit El Salvador.

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