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Amusement Park With Hot Tub Roller Coasters to Open in Japan


Have you ever been enjoying a soak in an onsen (hot spring) but found yourself thinking, “This is relaxing and all but what if this hot spring could also do a loop-de-loop?” You’re in luck! The city of Beppu (a Japanese resort town with the largest number of source-fed hot springs) will be opening a spa-themed amusement park.

Beppu’s mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano, took to Facebook with a promotional video that depicts plans for a “spamusement park” wherein towel-clad visitors ride roller coasters and carousels outfitted with bathtubs instead of seats. The video also featured a promise from the mayor that the amusement park would become a reality once the video reached a million views. Nearly two million views later, Nagano confirmed that Beppu will be moving forward with the construction of the park.


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