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‘Saved By the Bell’ Pop-Up Diner Coming to LA

Hey Hey Hey Hey! What’s going on here?

Calling all preppies, cheerleaders, mallrats, macho pigs, and heart-of-gold principals in the LA area: your new favorite lunch spot has arrived. Chicago’s Saved By the Max, a pop-up restaurant based on The Max, the diner from ’90s TV sitcom Saved By the Bell, is finally coming to Los Angeles (where the series originally took place) this year. Oh snap!

The diner’s creators have been light on the details that matter: the exact location, opening date, and menu are still TBD, but what they lack in substance they make up for in hype. The Chicago menu was full of dishes named for the show’s characters (including the A.C. Sliders, Mac & Screech, Mr. Belding’s fries, Lisa Turtle milkshakes, and even a Redbull and vodka cocktail named “I’m So Excited” honoring Jessie Spano’s epic caffeine pill freakout) and photo opportunities with Kelly Kapowski’s locker. Get totally psyched by following @SavedByTheMax on Instagram.

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