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The Brilliance of Light in the Jordanian Desert

From daybreak to sunset, the Jordanian desert is a million shades of light.

Lee Delulio first explored Jordan’s brilliance from dusk until dawn, reveling in the nighttime illumination at Petra.

Here, in a photo essay for Fodor’s Travel, and with guidance from G Adventures, he captures the hues of a day in the desert.


PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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The day begins clear and calm. Visibility is at it’s best at dawn.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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For the sun’s first hour over the horizon, the sands are cast in gold.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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As the sun makes its way from one side of the sky to the other, the heat intensifies.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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Honeyed light turns to lemony brightness.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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Haze from the sand carries the rosy hues, fading landscape and sky.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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The sun paints the desert sands red until it dips below the mountains, casting the earth with cool shadows.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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The darkening sky and the red sandstone collide along the horizon line.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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The crimson warmth diminishes as the celestial landscape reemerges from its harsh heat.

PHOTO: Lee Delulio
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The night shimmers with moon and stars.

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