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The 9 Best Animal Influencers on Instagram

Not all travel-bloggers look like you and me—some hit the trails on all fours.

There are some pets out there living every traveler’s dream and accompanying their owners to all ends of the Earth, from looking out from the tops of mountains to exploring the sea via kayak. These are travel pets, a new genre of blogger in our influencer-driven world.

Our favorite furry-bloggers are exploring the world and letting us see it through their eyes one Instagram post at a time. Whether they’re relaxing lakeside or embarking on a day’s long hike, these pets have risen to top travel inspiration. Who knew one could be so jealous of a house cat?

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One of the most popular travel pets, Suki, a Bengal cat, has experienced everything from the scorching hot Arches National Park to the below-freezing Yoho National Park. This beautiful furry-traveler has been on the road since 2017, heading around the world to experience all that nature has to offer. Not only has she seen more of the world than most of us, she’s also got her own book—making her quite the accomplished cat.

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As a husky-lab mix, there’s very little this dog isn’t up for. Jasper has been known to hike to mountain peaks just as much as he’s been known to venture below the water. A dog ready for the cold, Jasper is often found exploring the chilly side of the world (though is not opposed to a warmer day lakeside).

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Theron Humphrey, a travel photographer, found the perfect subject in his dog Maddie, who perfectly poses (and naps) in scenic locations around the world. She’s always down for a soak in the hot spring, a sleigh ride, or even a skateboarding trip down Venice beach. This dog is one you might consider very chill—just take a look at all the stunning (and high) places she “chose” to get a little shut-eye.

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While she might prefer her van, this cat is definitely not opposed to a little R&R in the great outdoors. Not quite the mountainous explorer some of our more winter-suited dogs are, Willow enjoys sticking to green parks and sometimes a nice cup of joe out in the woods. If you’re out on a trail, this black cat might just cross your path.

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Brody and Lulu

We’ve got some travel buddies over here. These unlikely best friends are experiencing the world together, though their experiences might be a little different. Brody, far from a lap dog, is joined by his tiny co-traveler Lulu to see our favorite National Parks and nature reserves, often from the comfort of their favorite kayak.

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While he might not be quite as experienced as our other travelers, that doesn’t mean our newest travel-pet Loki isn’t head-over-heals for site-seeing. This part Australian Shepherd part Duck Toller has already experienced so much in such a short time, from crossing a pond via fallen tree to enjoy his first snowfall in Colorado. These pictures are making me wonder, do I want to travel or just need a puppy?

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Bolt and Keel

Brothers and travel partners from birth, Bolt and Keel have become so popular as pet-travelers that they’ve been sponsored (yes, these two cats have more influence on social media than you and me). Whether they are walking the trails or being carried via backpack to the top, Bolt and Keel never fail to take in their surroundings, nor do they fail to pose for a photo opp.

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Miami Traveller

This dog is not quite as nature-focused as some of our other favorite furry-travelers. Miami’s favorite globe trotter is much more preferring of cities, visiting anywhere from posh NYC hotels to Rome’s Trevi Fountain. And while other travel pets might enjoy their lunch lakeside atop a log, Miami Traveller prefers dinner to be served farm-to-table at a Michelin starred restaurant. This one’s as chic as they come.

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Travel is not just for our more traditional house pets, it’s for anyone in the animal kingdom—just look at Wilhelmina. A popular travel-pig, this girl is all about exploring her home of Oregon, hitting the trails to see what the Pacific Northwest is all about (don’t worry, on colder days she wears a very stylish winter coat). If you ever find yourself in Siuslaw National Forest or other surrounding Oregon parks, don’t be too surprised if you find an oinking-hike along the way.

DiBrad July 16, 2020

Henry the Colorado Dog is amazing. And his traveling companion Baloo the cat. I have never seen a dog and cat relationship like thiers. Check it out!!