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The 50 Scariest Haunted Attractions in Every State

From scream to shining scream.

There’s something about spending your autumn nights crammed into dark, narrow corridors so that you can be terrorized by masked ghouls and goblins that’s as American as apple pie. Whether you’re in cool and crisp Maine or nice and balmy Hawaii, you’re sure to find friends and families lining up for the thrill of being chased by chainsaw-wielding maniacs and cackling clowns. And if you count yourself among the thousands of people that seek out these hallowed halls of horror, you’ll want to find your way to the scariest haunted attraction in your state. Enter if you dare!

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Atrox Factory

WHERE: Alabama

Featuring over a quarter mile of twisted hallways brimming with demons, demented doctors, and the undead, Atrox Factory in Leeds makes good on its promise of “Industrial Strength Horror.”

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Ghosts and Goodtime Girls Walking Tour

WHERE: Alaska

Take The Ghosts and Goodtime Girls Walking Tour for a look at the places where the most notorious characters from Skagway’s history once walked. The tour wraps up with a visit to the Red Onion Saloon, where you might just catch the scent of disembodied perfume or hear footsteps that mean you may have been visited by Lydia, the saloon’s resident ghost.

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Mount Mayhem

WHERE: Arizona

The family that haunts together stays together: that’s the motto at this family-run Phoenix haunted house. Every year Mount Mayhem puts together a new theme for their haunt that can drag visitors through the realm of Hades or have them fleeing the wrath of the dreaded Lamia.

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The Torture Chamber

WHERE: Arkansas

The aptly named Torture Chamber occupies the remains of a 70,000-square-foot warehouse in Benton. That’s 70,000 square feet worth of gory, self-guided terror.

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Creep LA

WHERE: California

Every year, Creep LA puts on an interactive haunted house experience guaranteed to send chills down your spine. But this year, Creep LA’s Halloween experience is directly drawing inspiration from the upcoming Amazon series Lore, bringing the true stories behind horror’s most terrifying myths to life. Because as anyone who loves a good scare knows, a story’s always scariest when it’s true.

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The 13th Floor

WHERE: Colorado

Evil clowns. Undead spirits summoned by a psychic. A demon capable of sucking you into a nightmare realm. You can run from the blood-chilling entities that occupy the 13th Floor but, rest assured, you can’t hide.

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Trail of Terror

WHERE: Connecticut

When you walk the Trail of Terror in Wallingford, prepare to face over 30 interactive scenes and come face-to-face with 80 creatures of the night.

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WHERE: Delaware

Whatever scares you most—confined spaces, cemeteries, clowns, zombies in a town, zombies in a prison—Frightland in Middleton has an attraction that’ll haunt you long after the night is over.

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The Shallow Grave

WHERE: Florida

When night descends on the sunshine state, find your way to Winter Haven, home of The Shallow Grave. The haunt may not have the flash of big-budget attractions, but the scares are colossal. The Shallow Grave is a labor of twisted love and the creators and actors will go above and beyond in order to have you questioning what is real and what is terrifying fantasy.

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WHERE: Georgia

Now in its 20th year of scaring patrons, Netherworld Haunted House isn’t just a Georgia Halloween staple, it’s known as one of the best haunted attractions in the world. Netherworld is chock-full of movie-grade costumes and special effects sure to petrify even the hardiest of haunted house aficionados.

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Haunted Plantation

WHERE: Hawaii

It’s hard to imagine that an island as picturesque as O’ahu could play host to such cabal of horrors and ghouls. At Haunted Plantation, over 60 actors chase and taunt daring visitors. Just make sure that’s actually an actor scaring you; the historical plantation that serves as this haunt location is said to be haunted by real ghosts of Hawaii’s bygone days.

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Lost Souls

WHERE: Idaho

What’s creepier than a spooky, 100-year-old theater? How about an abandoned hospital complete with dumbwaiter? Can’t decide? Visit the adjacent Theatre of Lost Souls and Hospital of Lost Souls in Shelley to find out.

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Basement of the Dead Haunted House

WHERE: Illinois

While the Basement of the Dead may have started off as a venue for homespun horror, it has manifested into a Halloween juggernaut. The team and family behind this haunt originally put on a haunted house out of their home and yard. Now, the Basement of the Dead is a professional, full-scale operation chock full of inspired terrors that’ll unsettle the most veteran of haunted house-goers.

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Fear Fair

WHERE: Indiana

Fear Fair is frequently noted as one of the best haunted attractions in America. And considering the elaborate details on everything from the creepy sets to the elaborately costumed actors ready to scare you silly, it’s no wonder this haunt has become a must for adrenaline seekers everywhere.

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Scream Acres


Maybe you’re looking for the All-American Halloween corn maze classic. Or maybe It wasn’t scary enough for you and you want to test your mettle in the Carnival Chaos—2,000 square feet of clown-based terror. Either way, Scream Acres will make sure your Halloween is one to remember.

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Zombie Toxin

WHERE: Kansas

Zombie Toxin Haunted House invites you into the home of the twisted Dr. Von Monschture, where dark and narrow corridors teem with the horrifying results of the not-so-good doctor’s experiments. Tread carefully, lest you end up as one of Von Monschture’s latest contributions to the field of mad science.

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Skeleton’s Lair Scream Park

WHERE: Kentucky

Skeleton’s Lair Scream Park has thoughtfully provided several ways to scare the daylights out of you. There’s the haunted hayride, haunted woods, and even a 3-D zone. But one section takes on an overlooked source of terror: dolls. The Doomsday Doll Factory is certain to have you giving your aunt’s antique doll collection some serious side eye for years to come.

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The House of Shock

WHERE: Louisiana

There is a house in New Orleans they call the House of Shock. The House of Shock puts on a haunted house like only NoLa can. In addition to its main haunted house and its 3D funhouse experience, the House of Shock’s new House of Wax attraction pays homage to the Museé Conti and the dark history and legends that lurk in Louisiana’s past.

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Destination Haunt

WHERE: Maine

Destination Haunt is so scary that just the names of their scare-zones are their own gauntlet of terror—Scorched, The Butcher, Hobo Village, The Execution Center, Buried Alive Cemetery, The Outdoor Maze, The Boatyard, and The Clownhouse.

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Bennett’s Curse

WHERE: Maryland

When it comes to creating a world-class haunted house experience, Bennett’s Curse in Baltimore has skimped on exactly nothing. Sets, costumes, special effects, lighting, makeup, actors, themes, music, and animatronics are top-of-the-line. And all that high quality work results in high quality scares. When you visit Bennett’s Curse, prepare to have all five senses activating your brain’s fear centers.

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Ghost Ship Harbor

WHERE: Massachusetts

Ghost Ship Harbor’s immersive haunted house takes place on the deck of an honest-to-God battleship. There, you’ll be plunged into an alternate universe where the world has been stricken by a gruesome virus with Ghost Ship Harbor being your best (and last!) chance at survival … only survivors will soon find themselves trapped onboard with the very contagion you’d hoped to outrun.

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WHERE: Michigan

Erebus may no longer hold the Guinness Book of World Records for longest walk-through haunted house, but its crackerjack “Terror Team” delivers four stories of unbeatable scares.

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Nightmare Hallow Scream Park

WHERE: Minnesota

Most haunted houses will last an hour or so (sans time spent waiting in lines) but at Nightmare Hallow Scream Park, the scares are an all-night long affair. When you set your tent up with Terror Trail Camping, you’ll spend the whole night fending off the ghouls and creepsters that’ll keep the nightmares coming until the literal break of dawn.

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Bailey Haunted Firehouse

WHERE: Mississippi

Every Halloween season, thousands head to the Bailey Haunted Firehouse to experience thrills and chills unlike anywhere else in Mississippi.

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The Beast

WHERE: Missouri

The haunted attractions that make up The Beast are something of a, well, beast. Instead of taking a linear trek through various scenes, you and your friends are thrown into the middle of The Beast’s “open format” scares.  That means making your own way through boundless scenes of terror in which you are very much a player.

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Field of Screams

WHERE: Montana

You never know what’s lurking in the shadows of the Field of Screams. Everything from evil clowns to chainsaw-wielding maniacs lay in wait among the corn stalks. But just because you’ve made it through shrinking tunnels and haunted graveyards doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods (corn?)—get ready to brave the streets of the haunted Ghost Town.

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Scary Acres

WHERE: Nebraska

Rain or shine, Scary Acres is ready to deliver a frightening Halloween courtesy of its three haunted attractions. Brave the Haunted Woods, the Master’s Castle, and the House on the Hill if you dare.

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Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror

WHERE: Nevada

The scares you’ll experience over the course of the Freakling Bros. Horror Shows presentation of The Trilogy of Terror are extreme. As in, finding-yourself-hurtling-through-the-cold-black-road-to-Hell-itself extreme. This haunted house is very much an R-rated, adults-only experience. Which, really, is what you want from your Las Vegas haunted house.

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The Ghoullog

WHERE: New Hampshire

With what is objectively the best haunted house name ever, The Ghoullog has been delivering scares for 10 years. Make your way through four attractions where the titular ghouls are on your heels and around every dark corner.

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Brighton Asylum

WHERE: New Jersey

Brighton Asylum is a haunted house meticulously designed to play on every possible fear you might have. Hollywood-level actors, sets, and special effects fill every inch of this interactive haunted house. And in case all this Halloween razzle-dazzle isn’t high octane enough? Go on one of their Contact Nights, during which the denizens of the undead can physically interact with you.

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Quarantine Albuquerque

WHERE: New Mexico

What’s Halloween in New Mexico without a little alien invasion action? (No kind of Halloween, that’s what!) Quarantine Albuquerque’s immersive horror show allows visitors to get their Mulder and Scully on as they investigate an unknown threat from beyond the stars.

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Blood Manor

WHERE: New York

As if touring Blood Manor wasn’t terrifying enough, try showing up for their especially scary Lights Out Nights. With nothing but a single light stick per group, visitors will face the gauntlet of sinister creepsters that call the Manor home.

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Haunted Forest at Panic Point

WHERE: North Carolina

Haunted Forest at Panic Point invites patrons to find their way through six different haunted attractions. The Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Haunted Hayride, Killers in the Corn, Menacing Maze, and Carny Crypt all promise to make your Halloween one for the history books.

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Acres of Terror

WHERE: North Dakota

You’ll meet a colorful cast of characters when you visit Acres of Terror. There’s werewolf bus driver ZiggyD Wolf, escaped from prison mass murderer Striker, and former circus performer Scremit Da Klown—all of them ready to welcome thrill-seeking patrons to their world of horror.

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Dent’s Schoolhouse


School’s in session at The Dent Schoolhouse and the first lesson is … beware The Dent Schoolhouse! You won’t find any kind-hearted teachers here, just the sadistic ZoBo the Clown. If you choose to visit The Dent Schoolhouse, make sure to keep your wits about you because once inside you won’t be able to count on being saved by the bell.

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Hex House

WHERE: Oklahoma

Hex House doesn’t draw its scares from goblins and ghosts, but from a dark chapter in Tulsa, involving a woman who kept two other women as virtual slaves over 70 years ago. This extreme haunted house isn’t for kids, taking its patients through unsettling creepy hallways into a nightmare world of pure terror.

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Fear PDX

WHERE: Oregon

When you visit Fear PDX, you’re getting five bone-chilling attractions for the price of one. Really, if you think about it, it’s good to have your bases covered. So in case The Decayed, The Condemned, and The Harvest don’t do the job of scaring you silly, The Pit, Carnage, and The Slaughter can pick up where they left off.

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Scarehouse’s The Basement

WHERE: Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania boasts an impressive number of renowned haunts. But for an experience that’ll leave you terrified long after the adrenaline’s worn off, find your way to Scarehouse’s The Basement. The Basement is such an intense experience (one that includes tight spaces and high voltage effects) that you must be 18 years old to enter. And don’t think you’re gonna get off easy by hiding at the back of your group of friends—only two people are allowed in at a time.

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Field of Screams

WHERE: Rhode Island

At Field of Screams, you’re not just a helpless heap of zombie food—you’re a hunter of the undead. Climb on board a military transport truck, take up your paintball gun, and start firing on the brain-hungry hordes.

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The Fear Farm Haunted House

WHERE: South Carolina

One ticket gets you entry to four bone-chilling attractions at The Fear Farm Haunted House. Get a backstage tour of the creepy Ringmaster’s Circus Academy, dive into the pitch-black Abyss, navigate The Forgotten Asylum Corn Maze, and then top it all off with 8,000 feet of terror in the Fear Farm Haunted House.

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Fear Asylum

WHERE: South Dakota

Walking into the Fear Asylum is like wandering into the world of the most frightening of horror films. Heads in jars, zombie hordes, demons, and jittery J-horror ghost girls occupy every inch of this haunted house.

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Nashville Nightmare

WHERE: Tennessee

What’s scarier than nodding off to sleep and having a nightmare? Four nightmares, naturally. Which is exactly what you’ll find at Nashville Nightmare. This haunted house’s attractions range from the eerie realm of Fairy Tale Hell to the blood-pumping terror of the Industrial Undead.

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Cutting Edge

WHERE: Texas

Sure, the Cutting Edge in Fort Worth comes complete with petrifying actors and plenty of special effects against the creepy backdrop of an old meatpacking factory. But if you’ve ever wanted to fight back against the forces of the undead, look no further than their live-action Zombie Apocalypse. You and your team will be equipped with military-grade training replicas in order to fight off the zombie hordes.

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Asylum 49


It’s Halloween season, which means visiting hours are open at Asylum 49, Utah’s first full-contact haunted house. When you visit the Asylum, be prepared to be touched, grabbed, and detained in small, dark areas. Be on the lookout, you may end up strapped to a bed and become a patient yourself.

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Nightmare Vermont

WHERE: Vermont

Nightmare Vermont combines scares and special effects with an original storyline and live stage combat. And this year the haunted house maze will be more mental than physical, as you puzzle your way out of a trans-dimensional lab, trying to figure out if the creatures you encounter are friend or frightening foe.

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Fright Factory

WHERE: Washington

The exquisitely scary actors and macabre scenes found within the walls of the Fright Factory make for the perfect assembly line of horror.

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The Asylum Haunted House Presents Deviant

WHERE: West Virginia

Located in a 19th-century asylum for the mentally ill, Deviant pulls its patrons into a world where nightmares come to life and the lines between life and death become irrevocably blurred.

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Terror on the Fox

WHERE: Wisconsin

At Terror on the Fox you have two choices: Would you prefer to face the terrifying Caretaker that looks after the eerie Blackthorne Manor or the deformed Bullman leading an army of devious clowns? It doesn’t matter because they both wield chainsaws.

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Nightmare on 17th Street

WHERE: Wyoming

An old-school haunted house, Nightmare on 17th Street promises scares you won’t find anywhere else. And if you’re feeling extra brave make sure to visit on their Black Out Night, when the house is plunged into complete and utter darkness.

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WHERE: Virginia

During the Halloween season, the Paxton Manor and its basement become the staging ground for Shocktober. Both of their attractions feature over 100 cast and crew members dedicated to giving their guests the scare of a lifetime.

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