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Best Sex Resorts in the World: What Happens at These 9 Erotic Resorts

"What is a sex resort?"

We’ll ease in by addressing this first question: what even is a sex resort? In layperson’s terms, a sex or pleasure resort is a hotel that encourages sexual behavior among its guests. It is created explicitly for swingers, sexually adventurous folks, or couples who want to add more zest to their romance.

You’ll find all the same features of a regular vacation resort—rooms, pools, bars, restaurants, and activities—plus a little extra to get you in the mood. An erotic hotel ups the ante of a vacation experience with looser dress codes and fun, risqué activities.

While nudist resorts are sometimes family-friendly, a sex resort is for adults only. Yes, people will be naked or, at the very least, topless. The (un)dress code at sex resorts ranges from being topless-optional to clothing-optional to completely nude. That brings us to the next question inquisitive minds may ask: “Can you have sex on a nude beach?”

The rules at almost every mainstream sex resort prohibit public sex acts, but let’s get real. It can happen. It does happen. Depending on your resort (but particularly at clothing-optional sex resorts), it can happen often—right in front of you, behind you, or even next to you. But just like clothes, sex is optional. For some people, sex resorts aren’t explicitly about sex; they are about cutting loose and feeling free. At their core, if you’re open-minded enough and even if you’re not having sex, these resorts can be a lot of fun.

Find yourself fantasizing about steamy vacation sex or a sex-filled weekend getaway while falling asleep in your umpteenth Zoom meeting of the day? A pleasure resort may be your cup of aphrodisiac tea.

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Hedonism II

WHERE: Negril, Jamaica

When pondering where to have tantalizing vacation sex, Hedonism II is the most notorious all-inclusive sex resort in the world. Sitting pretty on the beach in Negril, Jamaica, this iconic sex resort has a “nude” and a “prude” side. To prevent gawkers, you can’t be on the nude side unless you’re entirely bare also. This Jamaican sex resort hosts special weeks geared explicitly toward LGBTQ+, threesome, and millennial crowds. You’ll be stimulated (in more ways than one) here, with activities such as sexy theme nights, sensual massages, and even a “Romping Shop” playroom for couples, single women, and invited single guys to…er….shop and romp around.

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Desire Resort Riviera Maya

WHERE: Cancun, Mexico

Like Hedonism II, Desire Resort Riviera Maya is often ranked as one of the best sex resorts globally. This is partly due to its gorgeous location, sitting pretty on the beaches of Puerto Morelos, Mexico, and most definitely due to its extensive catering to couples and resort sex-loving folks. This all-inclusive sex resort is for the midrange budget and provides day-long entertainment, such as nude beach volleyball and pole dancing classes. Nighttime brings a cadre of spicy-themed parties, including Dungeon Night (latex, leather, and lace galore) and Flower Power, with psychedelic 60’s attire. But, as always, feel free to rock The Birthday Suit look instead.

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Temptation Cancun Resort

WHERE: Cancun, Mexico

Desire Resort’s rather sexy neighbor, Temptation Cancun Resort, serves to fulfill guests’ most erotic temptations (apt name choice, huh?). Dubbed “the playground for grown-ups,” this adults-only resort is rife with activities that set the mood, including a “Sexy Pool” and swim-up bar, custom live performances, and, of course, those signature-themed nights we all love. And if you need a little…temptation…before lifelong matrimony, host your bachelorette party here with their signature Bride Tribe packages, which include VIP time at the Sexy Pool and private group pole dancing lessons. Or, if you’re celebrating the end of an error, Temptation’s Divorce Party packages include an in-room stripper and a group trip to Isla Mujeres.

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Bali au Naturel

WHERE: Buleleng Regency, Bali

Maybe it’s the curve of Uluwatu’s coastline or that sensuous musk penetrating the streets of Ubud, an alluring mix of incense and freshly-fallen rain. Whatever the case, there is something about Indonesia’s island of Bali that evokes sexual awakenings. It makes sense that Bali au Naturel, a clothes-free resort in the island’s city of Buleleng, is a steamy hideaway for those looking to escape the ordinary and enjoy nudist resort sex, with in-house massages and two garment-free swimming pools. Marketed for singles, couples, or even groups at a mid-range price point, this pleasure resort caters to those seeing an oasis to unwind (and undress) rather than party animals seeking ragers. But rest assured–if you’re craving a sex weekend getaway, Bali au Naturel exists to serve (in the nude).


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Island House Key West

WHERE: Key West, Florida

Island House, Key West’s renowned nude, gay sex resort, has been dubbed the “Best Gay Resort in the World” for a good reason. First of all, the location itself is titillating. Key West, that tropical oasis on the USA’s last frontier, has attracted gay travelers for decades with its vibrant LGBTQ restaurant and nightlife scene. And Island House has welcomed upwards of 200,000 guests since its inception in 1999. If you want to visit during the peak naughty season, book a trip during the resort’s semi-annual “Bone Island Bare-It-All Weekends,” held in early July and early December. These weekends bring a conglomerate of gay male nudists looking to party on the island. Don’t pack modesty for this holiday–nudity is allowed (and flaunted!) everywhere on the resort, minus the fitness room (because hygiene).

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Caliente Club & Resorts

WHERE: Land O' Lakes, Florida

The Sunshine State certainly delivers in its clothing-optional resorts: Caliente Club & Resorts in Land O’Lakes, Florida, is a more modest way to enjoy sunbeams in the nude, as no public sexual acts can be performed. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the action: indulge in a couple’s massage at the retreat spa, be a spectator (or join in!) at one of the infamous Pin Up Girls pool parties, or dress up to dress down at the sultry nightclub. And don’t worry–you can still have epic resort sex in one of the hotel’s beautifully-appointed condominiums, vacation casitas, or hotel rooms. While guests must be a member to visit, daily and annual memberships are also available, making it an accessible and affordable sex weekend getaway.

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The Natural Curaçao

WHERE: St. Willibrordus, Curaçao

If you’re looking for stimulation of a different sort, check out The Natural Curaçao in St. Willibrordus. Deemed one of the best nude resorts for couples, The Natural’s objective is for guests to relax and rejuvenate in harmony with the island’s nature, with or without clothing. While the resort may lack in fist-pumping raves and erotic venues, you’ll be spoiled with untouched nature and luxurious offerings, such as a reviving couple’s massage and recharging afternoons poolside (and, lest we forget, plenty of nudist resort sex!). Curaçao entices with its own magic: hidden tropical beaches, an enchanting underworld of sea life, and even flocks of fresh flamingos are among the island’s natural treasures.


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The Love Cloud Jet

WHERE: Las Vegas & Los Angeles

Your fantasies of becoming a member of the elite Mile High Club as you’re dozing off in that Tuesday board meeting can become a reality with The Love Cloud Jet, a romantic scenic air tour company based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. These planes set the mood for customers with romantic interior touches: red satin sheets, sex position pillows and cushions, and even a custom-made foam mattress. While the plane obviously needs a pilot to fly, they are separated from the lovemaking by a secured curtain door (and are equipped with noise-canceling headphones to alleviate awkward scenarios!). Packages range from 45 to 90 minutes of flight, and each includes Mile High VIP Membership Cards (now that makes for a good conversation starter).

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Paradise Stream Resort

WHERE: Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Keen on more of a romantic experience with your partner rather than risqué pool parties and oodles of public sex often found at other adult sex resorts? Paradise Stream Resort, a nude resort for couples, is nestled in the Pocono Mountains and is the mountain retreat we never knew we needed to spice up bedroom affairs. Dubbed a “honeymoon hotspot,” this resort takes naked romance to a new level, with heart-shaped hot tubs, multiple bars, and even a seven-foot-tall “Champagne Tower.” Bottoms up (and off)!