9 Bizarre Lodgings You Can Actually Vacation In

…why are these designed like this?

Do you find regular hotel rooms to be boring and terrible? Of course you don’t, that would be an extremely weird opinion to have. However, if you’re taking a trip somewhere but would rather sleep inside of, say, a cowboy boot or a seashell rather than a regular shaped building for a change, you might want to take a look at these very strange Airbnb listings (as well as a few actual hotel suites).

PHOTO: Courtesy of Airbnb
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A Geodesic Dome in Nature

WHERE: Andalusia, Spain

Would you like to stay in this dome thing? Well, congratulations, you can do that. This Airbnb is like a tent, except it’s in the shape of a weird dome bubble… igloo… thing, in the middle of Andalusia country. It’s basically just a tent with a shower and toilet next to it, but you can use the main house nearby for their kitchen and outside stoves.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Airbnb
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A "True Plane"

WHERE: St. Michel Chef Chef, France

Well, this Airbnb is a straight up plane. It’s literally as if somebody attached a plane to a patio and went, “Yeah, sure. Here’s a hotel room. Sure, hahaha.” There’s room for four people in there, and it includes a little table with real plane seats. It’s literally just a plane. You’re sleeping in a plane. Okay. I mean, that’s cool.

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Cowboy Boot

WHERE: Huntsville, Texas

This Airbnb is a 35-foot-tall boot. Behind the boot is a regular 700-square-foot house, though. The bedrooms are in the regular house (unfortunately), but there’s a deck on top of the boot, as well as a fireplace inside of it. You can stay in this extremely large part-boot, part-regular-house for $1,200 a month. Only a little over a thousand dollars for a whole shoe? Sign me up, man.

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Seashell House

WHERE: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

You can also stay in this house that is shaped like several seashells. It’s got a pool and it’s right on the damn beach. It is not just seashell like on the outside either–inside, it’s what we imagine actually being inside of an extremely large seashell would be like. If you’d like to pretend that you are a merman or some sort of sea lord, this is the home that you will want to be renting.

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Raindrop Villa

WHERE: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Okay, so this place is shaped like three raindrops that molded together and formed a small home (??). It’s part of a bigger eco-resort at the Mala Dhara. Your surroundings are near-ethereal and this place should be illegal for being so nice. You’ll want to live there. Hell, I want to live there.

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Crane Hotel

WHERE: Amsterdam

Um, what the hell is this? Answer: It’s lodging that is also a three-suite property inside of a god damn crane. And get this–it’s beautiful inside. What a time to be alive.

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A Replica of The Spongebob Squarepants Pineapple House

WHERE: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

And here we have the home of Spongebob Squarepants. That’s right, for only $3,800 a night (!!!!), you can reside inside of a whole pineapple, just like your cartoon sponge boy hero. There’s even a life-sized statue of Gary the Snail in there.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Airbnb
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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lair

WHERE: Tribeca, NYC

For just $10 a night, and if you have access to a time machine that will take you back to June of 2016 when this was offered for a very short amount of time, you and five of your friends can sleep in this small loft-lair and eat free pizza (just like gigantic turtle superheroes do), as well as play video games and watch TV (things the turtle superheroes also enjoy).

PHOTO: Courtesy of Airbnb
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Barbie Dream House

WHERE: Essex, UK

This is literally a pink, life-sized version of an actual Barbie’s Dreamhouse, and you can fit up to about 30 life-sized actual people in here. There’s an all-black bathroom and a basement covered in golden glitter, if you begin to go blind from all of the hot pink everything else.