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15 Airbnbs Where You Can Experience a Winter Wonderland

We've rounded up the best rentals for cozying up by the fire.

While the winter season is one we usually associate with family, friends, festivities, and warm nights around the fire, 2020 brings with it a new challenge that may put a damper on your winter plans. While the get-togethers we spend the year looking forward to might not be a possibility for this winter season, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be magical.

Rather than spending the season longing for something that, this year, isn’t feasible, let’s rethink what winter can be. For those looking for a new way to do winter (sorry, no packed ice skating rinks this year), we found 15 rentals perfect for your snowglobe fantasies. Away from the crowds but still perfectly festive, these rentals can turn your winter from glum to sugar plum.

01_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__NakedElkLodge_1 naked_elk_snow
PHOTO: Courtesy of Tara Lewis
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Naked Elk Lodge

WHERE: Packwood, Washington

They may not be reindeer, but these roaming elk might fool the kids. At this rental in Packwood, Washington, you can enjoy a peaceful retreat into the fresh, mountain air. While snow is never guaranteed, this town gets an average of 51 inches per year, so winters do tend to be white. So, look out on your North Pole–surrounded by towering trees and makeshift reindeer—from the cozy living room with a cinema screen or from the steaming hot tub. No matter the room or view, this retreat is perfect for making your winter fantasies come true.

03_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__BrayBarnFarm_3 ff25c2da-48b3-4eb0-bb5a-49555cd7a6fe
PHOTO: Bill and Victoria/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Bray Barn Farm

WHERE: Farmington, Maine

At this rental in Maine, you can enjoy life more simply. The winter is about simplicity: time with family around the fire, maybe a glass of wine and a board game at night. At Bray Barn Farm, you can do (and expect) just that. This farmhouse is perfectly quaint and picturesque. Sit around the wood stove or climb up to the loft for an even better view of the surrounding land covered in a layer of snow.

05_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__VermontRiverCottage_5 46e3d20a-2d1f-493c-8e9d-bc8c2be7e99e
PHOTO: Brianne/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Vermont River Cottage

WHERE: Weston, Vermont

Enjoy the holidays river side at this Vermont rental. This cottage is quite quaint—it will feel less like a rental and more like a second home, which is perfect for a family looking for less of a vacation and more of a lie-low getaway. The back porch backs up to the river, offering a stunning view regardless of snow cover.

06_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__WoodlandVacationsLittleBear_6 95387d2e-2d5a-4039-a47e-cd86c267ef82
PHOTO: Hope/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Woodland Vacations Little Bear

WHERE: Wilmington, New York

This bear-themed lodge in Wilmington is quirky in a completely endearing way. This log cabin seems to be plucked right out of an L.L. Bean catalog—it’s cute, homey, and perfect for you and your loved ones looking for a new way to spend a winter weekend. While the cabin itself is stunning and sure to be covered in snow this time of year (perfect for photos), it’s also close to Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid, for those wanting a bit more adventure.

07_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__ForestvilleCabin_7 535780fc-095d-4a9c-85e2-5f6de8f36184
PHOTO: Erik/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Forestville Cabin with Finnish Steam Sauna

WHERE: Marquette, Michigan

Come January, it’ll be hard to not find Marquette covered in piles of fluffy snow. So, if a snowy New Year’s is on your to-do list, this is the spot for you. Start 2021 with a quick, cold, and renewing plunge into the cold and towards this rental’s steam sauna. This cabin comes equipped with a fireplace for frigid winter nights and gives you access to sprawling woods perfect for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

10_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__PeaceOfBeach_10 b6a5fc00-c885-448a-9188-f333862fdfb0
PHOTO: Shawn/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Peace of Beach

WHERE: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

And for those who cannot decide between beachfront and snow globe, this rental brings you a little of both. Just 10 yards from Lake Michigan, you can sit inside and enjoy the warmth of this cozy cottage while watching the waves roll in. The cold air from the lake might be a bit brisk (to put it lightly), but this cabin, with its full-length windows, allows you to feel one with nature without actually venturing out into it.

11_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__GlassHouseOnBirchBluff_11 53492166-0fd2-4fd3-a7c4-e902b41ba822
PHOTO: Katherine/Courtesy of Airbnb
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The Glass House on Birch Bluff

WHERE: Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Sometimes you want a getaway that feels like a home away from home—no hotel vibes, nothing too outlandish, simply a home. This rental in Fish Creek is just that…but maybe a little better. This cottage is just as cute on the inside as it is out. A blue coating that contrasts the pristine snow, this cottage is a standout. Not only that, it’s like stepping into Architectural Digest and then getting to spend the night there.

02_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__CasaOnTheBluff_2 ffe2cbb8-52c4-4d68-89fc-587be0e1b78c
PHOTO: Elite Photography Alaska LLC, with permission from Airbnb
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Casa on the Bluff

WHERE: Anchorage, Alaska

Let Anchorage—the far north and snow-white city—be your North Pole this December. This wooded rental is deceiving (in the best way possible). The surrounding trees give travelers the feeling of isolation–a reclusive winter in the woods–but the actuality is that this stay is just a short walk from downtown (you know, in case you want to do some sightseeing). You can keep to yourself and enjoy the surrounding beauty or venture into downtown to see how Anchorage lights up this time of year.

14_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__GuesthouseInFoothillsOfBozeman_14 cc2eca7f-a838-46c0-9e0b-de8fac4ca5a2
PHOTO: Tanya/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Guesthouse in the Foothills of Bozeman

WHERE: Bozeman, Montana

Is there anything more beautiful than rolling, snow-capped hills? After taking a look at this rental, we’re not quite sure there could be a more picturesque way to spend your winter. This stay is a retreat into fresh air and nature—though anticipate the fresh air being crisp and the nature frozen-over. This guest house offers a comfy stay for a family looking for a unique getaway this winter season, just remember to pack the snow boots.

15_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__CarriageHouseOnTheStream_15 5b137a78-c7e9-41e5-83e0-b998d53637e8 copy
PHOTO: Pamela/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Carriage House on the Stream

WHERE: Sundance, Utah

Sundance has made a name for itself in the world of film, but allow it to make its own impression on you. This Utah city offers stunning, snow-topped landscapes and a downtown perfect for Christmas-light-lit strolls. At this rental, you get the chance to step away from the downtown scene and into nature while only being a short drive away. This inside is also exactly what you might imagine a winter cabin to look like, with your bed surrounded by stunning, detailed woodworking.

16_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__LittleBlackCabin_16 4640a14f-7ff3-49c7-b52e-edf7312362c8
PHOTO: Ian/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Little Black Cabin by The Lake

WHERE: Carnelian Bay, California

And for those traveling for a moment of peace, there is this contemporary cabin in Lake Tahoe. Tahoe has always been a retreat for Californians looking to get away from the sunny beaches to catch a glimpse of snow—and this cabin gives you a chance to spend a few days in the midst of it. So pack whatever winter clothes you might have and hop in the car, this winter season will be spent fireside, blanket wrapped, and enjoying the snow globe-esque view.

17_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__HoneycrispCottage_17 Honeycrisp Cottage - A Tiny Timber Frame Photo Credit_ Chris Daniele
PHOTO: Chris Daniele Photography, via Andrea/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Honeycrisp Cottage

WHERE: Putney, Vermont

If you’re looking to spend the winter season in solitude, away from the crowds and hustle and bustle, this quaint cottage in Vermont is just what you need. Situated on nine acres of land, this energy-efficient home gives you a moment to reconnect with nature. With a creek backing up to the home and access to a plethora of trails, a mountain, and ski slopes in driving distance, this winter retreat is what you’ll need for a mid-January reset.

18_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__ChicCabin_18 Chic Cabin on Callicoon Creek (Callicooon, NY)
PHOTO: Meng/Courtesy of Airbnb
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The Chic Cabin on Callicoon Creak

WHERE: Callicoon, New York

Come winter, swimming is out of the picture, but soaking in a bubbling hot tub doesn’t have to be. At this rental in Callicoon, New York, you can move between the warm fire, the hot outdoor tub, and perfectly cozy rooms offering views of the surrounding (and hopefully snow-covered) land. This chicly decorated space will feel less like a cabin and more like a second home.

19_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__GoldRushCabin_19 Spirit of 1870s in Gold Rush Cabin (Big Bear City, CA)
PHOTO: Chris Daniele Photography, via Andrea/Courtesy of Airbnb
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The Gold Rush Cabin

WHERE: Big Bear City, California

For Los Angeles residents looking to get a taste of snow, head towards Big Bear city where this Gold Rush cabin from the 1870s will give you a chance to slow down, step back in time, and enjoy a fluffy layer of white. This ranch is on five acres of land, granting you the privacy you’ll want in a city-escape. And while the name might conjure up images of an old, dilapidated cabin, this rental is far from it, combining modern amenities (hello hot tub) with historic quirks (like a stone fireplace and retro stove).

21_AirbnbsForAWhiteChristmas__ColoradoAFrame_21 Classic Colorado A-frame on the Creek (Grand Lake, CO)
PHOTO: Francoise/Courtesy of Airbnb
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Classic Colorado A-Frame

WHERE: Grand Lake, Colorado

Imagine watching the snow fall on Mount Baldy as deer walk by out front. At this rental in Grand Lake, Colorado, this fantasy is more than possible. As winter falls on this town, things turn from green to white, and this A-frame cabin becomes the perfect winter retreat. While you might come for the hiking and nature, with a cozy fireplace and breathtaking views from the home, we don’t blame you if you can’t muster up the energy to venture outside of this spectacular rental.