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12 Best Destinations for Your Sexual Escapades, According to Dating Apps

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Travel can be sexy. You’re exploring new places, stepping outside your comfort zone, and wining and dining yourself every evening. Travel is indulgent, and your sexual escapades should be equally so. But “traditional” sex tourism is out. Seedy ping-pong shows and scantily clad strangers selling themselves (or others) in red-light districts can often breed crime, human trafficking, and lead to generally unsafe scenarios.

Instead, dating apps like Grindr, Tinder, and Bumble have paved the way for wild hook-ups or the long-term trans-oceanic flings of our fantasies. You can find another consenting adult for a… cultural exchange with a simple finger swipe.

Every country has its own unique collective tapestry of sexual preferences. Grindr has paved the way for you to plan your next trip based on the numbers alone. While traditionally, Grindr is used by the LGBTQIA+ community; the following sex stats can help us all find our fellow leather lovers and foot fetishizers or see which passport holder is most open to a hot date with a wayfaring stranger.

INSIDER TIPPlease rendezvous responsibly. Always take safety and health precautions both inside and outside the bedroom.


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The Best Country to Land a Date: India

Considering user data from the world’s three most popular dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Grindr), the countries with the most active users are the USA, India, Brazil, France, and Mexico. If we’re talking just numbers, millions of local users in each destination increase your odds of making a connection. There are roughly one billion people in India. One of them is bound to light your fire.

On the flip side, Grindr’s most “explored cities” are London, Paris, Mexico City, Bogotá, and Manchester. These are the five cities where users most frequently browse from abroad, looking for their next potential travel fling. If you’re a local in one of these cities and NOT on dating apps, you’re missing out on a thirsty pool of travelers.

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Best Country for Bisexual Travelers: Ireland

Ireland has made leaps and bounds of progress in LGBTQIA+ rights in the last few decades, and with home-grown sex-positive guru @hellojennykeane paving the way for comfortable conversations around sex in the country, it’s no surprise. Travelers to Ireland will find a high density of dating app users who identify as bisexual. But obviously, your interest in other bisexuals could be more educational and community-centered than purely sex-motivated. For international friends with shared interests, if you will. New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and Australia round out the top five.

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Best Country to Find Your Sugar Daddy: The United States of America

This, perhaps, is the most unsurprising on this list. Capitalism, am I right? The USA has a massive population of lonely, financially stable, older men looking for young, adventurous women (travelers) to bring some spice into their lives without needing to leave their home country. If you’re looking for financial freedom, plan a trip to the USA, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, or South Korea, where Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationships are a dime a dozen.

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Best Country to Engage in a Threesome or Group Sex: Australia

According to Grindr’s 2023 Unwrapped data, users in Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and the USA, respectively, all expressed interest in multiple-party sexual encounters on their profiles. From three-ways to group sex, these are the countries to visit if it takes more than two to tango.  

Australia is the number one country with users expressing an interest in getting freaky in the great outdoors. Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Canada all top this list. Considering they are also countries with ample wild spaces and stunning natural landscapes (and few spectators), I don’t blame them for preferring the hiking trails to the bedroom. Just be sure to pack some sunscreen along with the lube.


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Best City for Grindr: Thessaloniki, Greece

This ancient port city on the Aegean Sea is bursting with Grindr users. In between soaking in thermal baths and exploring the historical ruins of Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Thessalonikians can’t seem to put Grindr away. This Greek city is the “most active” on the Grindr app, or the city that uses the app the most days out of each month. Closely following are Milan (Italy), Rome (Italy), Turin (Italy), and Berlin (Germany).

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Best Destination for Exploring Open-Relationships: South Korea

Whether you’re already in an open relationship, looking to start one, or willing to participate in someone else’s, South Korea has the most app users with the tag “open relationship.” The runners-up are Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Switzerland.

I feel obligated to inform you, however, that in Pakistan, sex outside of marriage can still be criminally prosecuted as of 2024. Do use your discretion when choosing a travel destination for sexual adventures.

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Best Country to Travel to for Steamy NSFW Pics: Norway

It would seem that Norwegians are dying to take off all those winter layers and show you what’s underneath. Weirdly enough, four of the top five countries looking to share NSFW pics (USA, Canada, Finland, and Norway) are enshrouded in a frigid winter right now. Aussies are number five on the list.

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Best Country for Foot Fetishes: Italy

Globally, foot fetishes are the most popular of all sexual fetishes. Italians, in particular, seem to be more interested in feet than other nationalities. According to one study, 5% of people globally have a foot fetish, and up to 15% of people have fantasized about feet at one point in their lives.

Germany, the UK, France, and the US also report high percentages of foot fetishes on Grindr. If you’ve got a pretty pair of feet, pay a visit to any of these countries to have those tootsies appreciated to their fullest potential. While we’re on the subject of popular fetishes, you’ll find the most “Furries” in the US, UK, and Canada and “pit pigs” or those with an armpit fetish in Germany, France, Brazil, and Morocco.

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Best Country for Leather Lovers: Netherlands

Chaps, harnesses, whips, chains… this kink is BDSM adjacent and wildly popular globally. But the Netherlands takes the gold. A quick search of popular Amsterdam bars might explain why so many of the Dutch are bound to this fetish. Club Church, The Cookoo’s Nest, The Web, Sameplace, and Dirty Dick’s are all proud advocates of the underground leather nightlife scene in the city. So, even if you don’t plan to meet up with someone directly off of a dating app, there are plenty of themed bars and clubs to fill your nights. Runners-up included Belgium, Panama, Switzerland, and the UK.

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Best Country for Non-Penetrative Hook-Ups: Singapore

Low-risk, high-reward. Non-penetrative hook-ups can include anything from make-out sessions to outercourse. Sex remains largely taboo in Singaporean culture despite prostitution being semi-legal in the Asian city-state of the future. This could be a contributing factor as to why it ranks so high on this list. The Philippines, China, Kenya, and New Zealand are also high on the list of “Non-Penetrative Destinations.” Sex toys can be incorporated with or without penetration. New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Germany, and Canada are most into toy play, according to their tags on Grindr, that is.

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Best Country for Frisky Travelers Overall: Australia

Sometimes, we might not know what it is that we want exactly. But we want to keep our options open. So, which country was featured over and over and over again on these hook-up apps’ fetish/kink/sexual round-up lists? Australia.

When it comes to sexual liberation and diversity of interests, Aussies reign supreme. With a vibrant hostel culture, loads of tightly packed metropolitan cities for mingling, and weather well-suited for romps out in nature, Australia is the perfect place for all travelers looking to collect stamps in their proverbial passports. Australia also ranks very highly for LGBTQIA+ rights and acceptance within its borders.

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Our Honorable Mentions

Looking for “vanilla” sex? Nothing that requires gymnastic flexibility or bedroom equipment? Just a good old-fashioned romp in the hay? So are the residents of the United Kingdom, according to the data. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Individuals advertising themselves most as “Bottoms” can be found in South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. That makes these bucket list-worthy destinations perfect for “Tops.” In reverse, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, and Myanmar have the highest percentage of “Tops” seeking a “Bottom.” Fans of 50 Shades, Christian Grey, will be pleased to know that if you’re a dominant seeking a submissive, the countries with the most submissive tags are Venezuela, Bolivia, and Costa Rica.

Remember that this list was made in good fun with data from several global dating apps. Always use your discretion and consider personal safety when hooking up abroad.