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10 Unicorn-Themed Menu Items You Need to Try

Want to dance and prance like a unicorn? Eat these glittering, sugary, rainbow foods.

Everybody loves unicorns, those mythical creatures sporting halos of rainbows and representative of happy times. Restaurateurs, bakers, and chefs love ’em, too, which is why we’re seeing a lot of odes to unicorns on food menus lately. From pizza to grits, and ice cream to bagels, get ready to whip out your camera if you’re brave enough to try any of these rainbow-hued items.


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Unicorn's Tears Ice Cream

WHERE: Little Damage, Los Angeles

Proof downtown L.A.’s artisan food scene is hot? Dip into Little Damage—an ice-cream shop that opened in 2017—and be prepared to wait in line. But the wait for its Unicorn’s Tears ice cream (soft serve in a beautiful sky-blue hue) is worth every minute. Activated-charcoal waffle cones and choice of colorful toppings make this dessert even more picture-perfect.



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Pop Candy Land Pizza

WHERE: Industry Kitchen, New York City

This South Street Seaport eatery is huge—like, 5,000-square-foot huge—and that leaves room for the kitchen staff to be creative. Bumping up against signature dessert pies like chocolate pizza is the Pop Candy Land pizza. Its rainbow crust, pop-rocks, cotton-candy toppings, and cream-cheese frosting don’t detract: this is one sweet meal.

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Unicorn Grits

WHERE: Millers All Day, Charleston, South Carolina

If any food trend is going to pick up steam in the South, Charleston is a natural choice for putting a quirky twist on a traditional menu item. What are unicorn grits? Served at Millers All Day on King Street—an all-day brunch spot on the city’s unofficial Restaurant Row—these bright-pink grits are made with red kernels of corn.

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Unicorn Milkshake

WHERE: Creme & Sugar, Del Mar, California

Folded into the indulgent vanilla milkshake at this Orange County sweets shop are sweet add-ons like cotton candy, sprinkles, a candy charm bracelet, whipped cream, and marshmallows. Still not enough? Crème & Sugar also bakes its signature Unicorn Cake with pastel shades (lavender, pink, and turquoise) for each cake layer. And, you can order a steaming hot mug of Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

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Unicorn Doughnut

WHERE: Sweet Daze Dessert Bar, Richardson, Texas

The hot pink Unicorn doughnut sold at this Dallas ‘burb’s bakery—which employs “doughnut designers,” not bakers—is a work of art, with a vanilla glaze topped with sprinkles and handmade fondant in the shape of hearts and stars. Also on the menu are vividly colored soft-serve ice-cream swirls as well as iced drinks served with a mini cake slice through the straw.

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Unicorn Poop Ice Cream

WHERE: Cream Parlor, Miami, Florida

Snug on Biscayne Boulevard in Northeast Miami, Cream Parlor is full of inventions, from the build-a-crepe workshop (that’s a menu item, not a class) to Unicorn Poop, which is a montage of Lucky Charms marshmallows, cereal milk, and cotton candy…topped with gold dust and glitter.

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Rainbow Bagel

WHERE: The Bagel Store, Brooklyn, New York

The Bagel Store’s rainbow bagel cures that blah-aesthetic problem most pastries have. This is one colorful edible. It’s so hot there’s a website devoted to it; check out RainbowBagel for the hook-up, including catering to your door (once you’re off the waitlist). It’s a unicorn lover’s dream.

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Unicorn Poop Rainbow Cupcakes

WHERE: Blue Sheep Bake Shop, Somerville, New Jersey

Nearly everything that comes out of Blue Sheep Bake Shop is colorful, from the macarons to milkshakes. But what takes the cake are the Unicorn Poop Rainbow cupcakes, with frosting swirls of pastel hues, topped with gold-colored flecks, that look like what a unicorn might poop.

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Unicorn Ice Cream

WHERE: Cloud City Ice Cream, Portland, Oregon

Portland celebrates every food trend, and that includes unicorn-themed food. At Cloud City Ice Cream—in the Woodstock neighborhood—Unicorn, wedged between Totes Ma’Goats and Water Avenue Coffee on the alphabetized flavor menu, features mascarpone, chunks of red-velvet cake, and swirls of jam.

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Unicorn Poop Cruff

WHERE: Stuffed Ice Cream, New York City

What’s a “cruff,” you say? At Stuffed Ice Cream, it’s a doughnut sliced open and stuffed with sugary goods like cereal, milk tea, chocolate syrup, and caramel. Unicorn Poop is a crazy-good flavor featuring Fruity Pebbles, white-chocolate lavender, and Thai tea.

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