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12 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Themed Bars That’ll Transport You to Another Realm

Pick your potion at these mystical drinking dens across the world.

Whether you prefer your elixir stirred with a wand or heated with a bunsen burner, smokey like a cauldron or bubbling out of a beaker, we’ve rounded up a list of otherworldly establishments that will enchant and mystify you. Teleport, apparate, or fall down the rabbit hole into to these fantastical (or scientific) bars.

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Beetle House

WHERE: New York & Los Angeles

Creep into an eccentric world of misfits (with locations on both coasts) and rub elbows with Edward Scissorhands and Willy Wonka while downing a smoking Beetle Juice concoction.

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The Shire

WHERE: Killarney, Ireland

Merriment abounds at this Hobbit-friendly establishment. Arrive at the Prancing Pony Inn, wander (if you dare) through Mordor, and end up at this Green Dragon-esque den, yet beware a roaming Smeagol as you down a pint of Bilbo’s Beer or sip a Middle Earth Mojito.

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The Croft Institute

WHERE: Melbourne, Australia

Lab coats and goggles are advised at this Melbourne laneway bar, modeled after an old-school science lab. Yes, you can drink the stuff inside the beaker. For a further dose of high school nostalgia, visit the bar’s other floors and settle into the bleachers surrounding the gymnasium, or dance to a DJ on the basketball court.

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Planetarium Bar

WHERE: Tokyo, Japan

See stars no matter how much you drink at Tokyo’s dark and cozy Planetarium Bar. An emcee announces the names of constellations making your boozy cosmic journey a tad more educational.

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The Lockhart

WHERE: Montreal & Toronto

Choose from a wide selection of potions and elixirs at The Lockhart, and conjure up a Patronus, or just get a little tipsy. Better Beer (served with a toasted marshmallow) or Gin Weasley cocktails will put a spell on you.

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Unicorn & Narwhal

WHERE: Seattle, WA

If the carnival of color doesn’t overload your senses, enchant your taste buds at these two fantastical watering holes serving magical beverages like the Mystical Mermaid cocktail or a shot of Rainbow Brite.

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The Magic Castle

WHERE: Hollywood, California

Do you know the secret password? (Neither do we—please tell us if you find out.) This private magician’s clubhouse in a Hollywood mansion is invite-only; if you can find your way in through the secret door, prepare to be amazed.

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Scum and Villainy Cantina

WHERE: Hollywood, California

Hop in your star-cruiser and head to Tatooine for a Rebel IPA or a Chosen One cocktail at Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood. Just be sure to leave your Droids at the door.

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Wreck Bar

WHERE: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Go where the mer-people are and visit the home of Medusirena the fire-eating mermaid and her swimming sirens as you imbibe a tropical cocktail.

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Storm Crow Tavern

WHERE: Vancouver, BC

Cthulu presides over this house, where gamers roll the dice and release the Kraken on their opponents (also the name of a cocktail here).

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WHERE: Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia

Nerd alert: mixologists have gotten cocktails down to a science at this Queensland spot. Mesmerizing neon drinks (they call them “fantasy cocktails”) like the Snowglobe Trotter and the Nuclear Fallout will have you wishing you’d taken notes during chem. Does anyone need a lab partner?

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WHERE: New York, New York

For your ailments, head to this Chinatown apothecary where a mad scientist bartender is whipping up just what you need, like the Siren’s Call (gin, roasted seaweed, squid ink, ginger, candy pearl, black smoked lava salt rim) or the Huntsman (scotch with duck fat, fig, chocolate balsamic vinegar glaze, lime, agave, peach scotch mist).

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