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10 Adorable Little Free Libraries Across the U.S.

Grab a book (or photo) at these unique Little Free Libraries.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that offers people from across the globe the opportunity to build their own library boxes to share books with visitors and the local community, free of charge. These libraries are scattered across the world and each one is unique in its own way—both on the inside and out.

From a telephone booth to an Arrested Development-inspired banana (book) stand, here are some of the most uniquely decorated library boxes from across the U.S.

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Food Truck Findings

WHERE: Wichita, Kansas

This food truck-themed Little Free Library at Wichita State University is fittingly located where the on-campus food trucks park. It’s the perfect place for students to grab a bite to eat, and take advantage of the opportunity to leave or take a book (hopefully one that’s not too much the “textbook” type).

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London Calling

WHERE: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

When the Pennsylvanian couple that steward this library purchased an old English phone box, they knew exactly how they wanted to repurpose it. Over the course of three long, hot summer months they put in hundreds of hours of grueling restoration work, and their Little Free Library was finally opened in September of 2019, much to the excitement of the local community. “Selfie shots are encouraged; Feel free to tell your friends you’ve been to London for the weekend! Your secret is safe with us,” says the library’s proud stewards.

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The Hobbit Hole

WHERE: Rochester, Minnesota

Live out a Hobbit-themed fantasy in both literature and IRL by visiting this “Hobbit Hole” Little Free Library in Rochester, Minnesota. It’s the perfect way to dive into a book—literally and figuratively.

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There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

WHERE: Galloway, Ohio

There’s always money in the banana (book?) stand, just as there are always books in this local Little Free Library location. This library takes television puns to the next level, drawing inspiration from the popular television show Arrested Development’s cheeky sense of humor. “What could a book possibly cost, $10?,” you might inquire. But, no, with this Little Free Library, book lovers are welcome to leave a book, take a book—or both—completely free of charge.

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Potterheads: Little House of Potter

WHERE: Bozeman, Montana

The steward of this Little Free Library has worked as a lifelong educator, and wants readers of all ages and backgrounds to have the opportunity to get their hands on a book whenever they want, free of cost. She was highly moved by stories within the Harry Potter books, so it was only fitting that her family’s book exchange pay homage to this beloved, powerful fantasy series.

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You’re a Sunflower

WHERE: Lawrence, Kansas

This sunflower-shaped Little Free Library was created to pay tribute to Kansas’ state flower, the sunflower. It was designed and built by a local artist named Greg Ornay. “We wanted something with a little more personality,” shared the library’s steward on the character of this colorful work of art. This vibrant library overflows with vibrant books full of interesting stories, fitting for visitors of all ages and literary interests.

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A Giant Book—Full of Other Books

WHERE: Lemont, Pennsylvania

It’s “book-ception.” This Little Free Library in Lemon, Pennsylvania’s steward printed out pictures of her own favorite books and covered her entire library with them. There will certainly never be a shortage of good stories here.

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Cook(ing) Books with "The Bookery"

WHERE: El Paso, Texas

This work of art was fashioned from a 40-year-old antique oven that was left out in a field—its new life is that of a Little Free Library. The entire structure is made almost entirely from found and rescued materials. And, following the cooking and eating theme it so flawlessly emits, this library’s stewards vow to keep it stocked with at least one cookbook at all times. “El Paso, Read Your Heart Out!” says the steward.

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What's "Up?" (or, "Adventure Is Out There")

WHERE: West Jordan, Utah

This Little Free Library was designed and modeled after the Disney Pixar movie Up. The book nook is aimed at creating joy and offering “high flying excitement” to local book lovers while making sure that no one ever actually has to leave the ground. The library’s stewards wanted to give the community the opportunity to immerse themselves within the movie’s motifs, reinforcing “adventure is out there,” by offering them the chance to dive into any kind of escapade imaginable with just the power of a great book.

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WHERE: Sebastopol, CA

When a neighborhood came together to build a bench in memory of a local resident, it seemed only natural to also add a matching library for visitors to browse while they sat and relaxed. This library is built from a salvaged redwood log and, in the spirit of trees, it also includes a “seed” library to support the local bird community.” Neighbors invite locals and visitors to come “Sing a Song of Nature” and enjoy a book. This book collection even has its own consistently updated Instagram account.