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You Can Now Pay $30,000 to Be Left for Dead in the Wilderness

A luxury tour company is making all of your “Naked and Afraid” dreams come true.

You may have heard of luxury tour operator Black Tomato, but we can assure you that you have never been on a tour like this. Starting in late September, Black Tomato is offering tours where they’ll give you a bit of training and equipment and then drop you in the middle of nowhere for a trip of a lifetime.

 Black Tomato

The tours are a way for people to truly get beyond their comfort zone and have a real experience while unplugged from the world (there’s no Wi-Fi in the Gobi desert). The craziest part of this whole thing? You’ll have no idea where you’re going until you get there. You can choose between basic climates like polar, desert, coastal, mountain, or jungle, but you won’t know whether you’re headed to Timbuktu or Tajikistan until the helicopter lands.

Black Tomato

The trip will last between 5-7 days, during which time you’re on survival mode until you finish the excursion. At the end of the trip, you’ll be rewarded with an over-the-top indulgent celebration. Champagne? Caviar? A spa day? Finally posting a photo on instagram and seeing how many likes you get?

This idea is nuts, but I’m into it.

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