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Be Happier: Get a Passport

Turns out the key to your happiness is in government-issued documents!

In convenient marketing studies and/or yeah-that-makes-sense news:  Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the flagship brand of Hilton, has “uncovered that Americans with passports are more likely to be content with their lives than those who do not have passports.” Insights and highlights include:

Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • More than half (53%) of Americans with passports are content with their lives versus just over a third (34%) of those who do not yet have passports.
  • Among respondents who have a passport (but haven’t been abroad in the past 12 months), 18 percent have never used their passport.
  • Six in 10 Americans are motivated to travel abroad and 27 percent already have plans in place to use their passport.

The cool thing about this study is the brand’s response: launching their Hilton Passport Project initiative with the aim to put more passports in Americans’ hands.


“For nearly 100 years, we’ve witnessed the profound impact travel has on the lives of our guests,” said Stuart Foster, vice president, global brand marketing. “The Hilton Passport Project is our way of helping more Americans unlock the power of travel and realize the benefits a passport can bring them– whether that’s becoming more content with their lives or enjoying new experiences and opportunities.”

Everything from brand partnerships to literal facilitation of passport application process at select Hilton Hotels will be utilized to mobilize travelers. Looking for a little more inspiration or motivation? We got you.

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