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Art and Sport Team up on This Parisian Basketball Court

Lisa Frank's dream court!

Passersby on Rue Duperré in Paris’ 9th arrondissement may be surprised to find a bright beacon of pinks, blues, and yellows among the classically Parisian architecture. The Pigalle Duperré, a basketball court situated between two residential buildings, has been revamped by Ill-Studio and fashion-brand Pigalle as an exploration of “the relationship between sport, art, and culture.”

Originally outfitted in solid primary colors, the court has been painted over in colorful gradients and equipped with cerulean hoops and magenta-hued, translucent backboards. Rectangular blocks of white paint recall Greco-Roman columns, alluding to the team’s mindfulness of how the relationship between art and sport represents a legacy dating back to antiquity.

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