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yellowstone NP

My husband and i are planning first trip to Yellowstone in late august to attend a wedding in Driggs, ID! Flying into jackson Hole, want to see Yellowstone. Any recommendations for lodgings - first night in Jackson-three nights in park. Any good accommodations in Grand Teton NP? We are NOT "bathroom down the hall" people, and not full blown luxury either . . . something clean with a wonderful view.
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We stayed at Canyon Lodge in Yellowstone and also at Grant Village. Both were fine -- not luxury but very nic. Canyon Lodge was nicer. Neither was very expensive but we went in early September right after Labor Day. I encourage you to reserve soon. We did not have a view in either place. Lake Yellowstone accommodations would have a view. We tried to get some of the newer places there (not the Lake Hotel) but they were all booked. In Grand Teton you should be able to get great views but I can't recommend a particular place. At the Yellowstone site they refer you to the sole proprietor of lodging.

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In Grand Teton National Park try the Signal Mountain Lodge, preferrably one of their lakeside retreats for a wonderful view. In Yellowstone we liked the Old Faithful Inn. Lots of information on this site on accommodations from past posts.
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Try to get a cancelation at Jenny Lake Lodge- setting is divine and food very good. Jackson Lake Lodge has attractive rooms and a gorgeous view from fancy dining room but dreadful food. Signal Mtn lodge has beautiful setting but horrible rooms- might be clean but depressing studio apt quality- no charm whatsoever. Food at Signal Mtn better than Jackson Lake Lodge. Go to Yellowstone instead! Food also dreadful in Yellowstone but Old Faithful Inn location is wonderful. Lake Yellowstone Inn kind of depressing and institutional looking.
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PS forgot to address town of Jackson Hole- excellent restaurants abound if food is important to you.Spring Creek Ranch pretty nice and a beautiful setting- would prefer staying there over Jackson Lake Lodge but Yellowstone and Old Faithful Inn still my top choice. Good luck!
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Just a reminder, at Old Faithful Lodge there are no TV's in the rooms and although it is a beautiful Lodge it is quite expensive and the rooms are small.
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No TVs because there is no TV reception! Hardly any radio reception either. Also, the rooms have no telephones.
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Also, there is a difference between the Inn and the Lodge. Old Faithful Inn is the famous one. Old Faithful Lodge is a pretty average motel
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I stayed at Old Faithful Snow Lodge (the newest hotel in the Old Faithful area) and we absolutley loved it there. It's within walking distance of Old Faithful Inn, so we went over there for dinner and a drink. Unfortunately the food at Old Faithful Inn was terrible, but we were still glad we visited one evening just to see the awesome architecture of the place. But it was VERY noisy and lots of people. Stay at the Snow Lodge and just VISIT Old Faithful Inn is my advice!
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We were in that area last summer and flew into Jackson. We stayed at the Wort Hotel right in Jackson, which is one of the original town hotels that has been beautifully refurbished. We really enjoyed our stay and you can walk right out of the hotel to explore the town a little. The Spring Creek Ranch is out of the town of Jackson itself, so you would have to drive into town. We were in a "Deluxe" room at the Wort Hotel and I absolutely loved it. They have a neat bar and a very nice dining room.

At Grand Teton, I would recommend the Jackson Lake Lodge. Most of the rooms are in buildings around the main lodge building and don't have the greatest views (unless you want to splurge on a "view" room), but the lodge building itself has a wall of huge windows overlooking the Tetons. It is spectacular!! We did not think the food was dreadful. We were there with our kids and did not eat in the fancier dining room there, though. We ate most of our meals in the more casual restaurant and they were fine. Jenny Lake Lodge is much more expensive and all of the rooms are cabins nestled in the woods. We liked the view at the Jackson Lake Lodge better.

Hope this helps!
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Just a note on Signal Mountain Lodge - if you book the rustic cabin - which is a log cabin with a small porch, lots of charm, and is much nicer than their "country room" - which is a motel-like room with no charm. We booked the country room, but were able to switch to a rustic cabin after seeing it - for the same price. I loved staying at Signal Mountain, but only after I switched to the rustic cabin!
In Yellowstone, we stayed at the Old Faithful Inn (2 nights) and Lake Yellowstone Hotel (2 nights). I love historic hotels, and these two were a must for me. And I did insist on a private bath at both places (and a lake view at the Lake hotel). We went to Jackson for an afternoon, hated it - but I hate shopping, and town charm only goes so far.
Dinner in GTNP - Signal Mountain was best - they have an upscale and a family restaurant. Jackson Lake Lodge fancy dinner was good, but not as good as Signal Mountain Lodge, and breakfast at the JLL diner was gross. Signal Mtn. does a much better b'fast in their family style dining room. They packed a nice lunch for us, too.
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The Old Faithful Snow Lodge (located next to Old Faithful Inn) is only a few years old and I would never call it just a "prety average motel". It sounds like just what you are looking for.
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I think people may be getting confused about the different hotels that are located in the Old Faithful area because there is not much difference in their names. There is the: 1)OLD FAITHFUL INN--the old historic hotel; even if you don't stay there you must at least visit it, 2)OLD FAITHFUL LODGE (CABINS)--very average but cheap; the lodge has a huge cafeteria serving up fast food, and finally, 3)OLD FAITHFUL SNOW LODGE--easily has the nicest rooms in the entire park system (know from first-hand experience) and it's only a few years old. Food is better-than-average here.

All of these are within walking distance of one another, so for instance if your heart is set on visiting the Old Faithful Inn but you desire a nicer room, stay at the Snow Lodge and walk over to OFI. Or if you're on a budget, stay at the Old Faithful Lodge Cabins and walk over to visit the other hotels.

Btw, I think the rooms at Old Faithful Snow Lodge are even superior to the lakefront deluxe rooms at the Lake Hotel.
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We were in Yellowstone and the Tetons May 30-June 6th. We were able to stay in a "high-range" room at Old Faithful Inn which meant a private bath and spacious room, corner location with two windows, one facing Old Faithful Geyser and the other facing the geyser basin (it was on the fourth floor). We enjoyed the buffet breakfasts in the dining room at OFI (although the coffee was terrible!). Even if you don't stay at the Inn, it's worth taking the tour with Betty--she's been there for ages and tells great stories! We stayed in a rustic cabin at Signal Mountain and enjoyed the atmosphere of the place; the food was good, as well. The cabin had a limited view but we were able to see the lake from our porch. We had lunch at the Mural Room at Jackson Lake Lodge and liked it. And, you can't beat the views! Nice to walk out on the trail there and see the wildlife.

In Jackson, we ate dinner at a small Italian restaurant called Nani's. It was wonderful. And we enjoyed the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

The best part of course was the landscape, the creatures, the wildflowers--a very fulfulling experience.


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