Which Hawaii Island do you recommend?

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Which Hawaii Island do you recommend?


We want to go to Hawaii but can't decide which island we should go to...

We like nice scenery and want to stay away from big cities as much as possible....

Thanks for any itinerary suggestions also

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When are you going & for how long??
All of the islands are nice and they are all very different - so it depends on what you are looking for. Kauai has more green, dramatic mountain chains and quiet, restful atmosphere. The Big Island has rain forest on one side, desert on the other with dramatic lava flows (sometimes active - check the in-depth section of the NPS website for current activity, it changes all the time). The stars from the top of Mauna Kea are incredible especially during a new moon in summer. Maui has a beautiful drive to Hana, dramatic views from Haleakala...
If I had to pick just one I'd do the big island.
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And I'd pick Kauai. A lush, green, intimate wonder of nature. Spiritual in it's glorious beauty. Waterfalls and rainbows and mountains in the mist near Princeville. Remarkable for its exquisite cliffs and valleys. No big cities. And unlike the BI, it won't take you 3 1/2 hours to drive from just one side to the other...and then you have to drive back again!

While I've been to the BI many times, it has never appealed to me. Driving through mile after mile of lava fields on the west coast frankly bores me, although I can see where other people might appreciate its stark beauty, it does nothing for me. So Kate579, you get to keep the BI as your favorite, and I get to keep Kauai. Fair enough?

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When you see Hanalei by moonlight
You will be in heaven by the sea

Every breeze, every wave will whisper
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Hanalei, Hanalei moon
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Hanalei, Hanalei moon
Aloha no wau ia 'oe
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ONe word----Kauai
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I agree-its Kauai. In September we returned from our 10th trip there and we never get tired of going. It's lush, very hawaiian, no big cities, great hikes, wonderful beaches, snorkeling, all kinds of water sports,good restaurants, great condo's, incredible views, funkly little towns, good resorts if you want them, what else can I say. Kauai is the best. Don't let people tell you it rains all the time cause that just isn't true. We've never been stopped by the rain. It does rain a bit almost every day and depending on which side of the island and when you go will depend on the amount of rain you get. we love Poipu and princeville and especially love Hanalei. Aloha
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We would like to go from May 14 to 23 if we can find affordable plane tickets (we live on the East coast of Canada).

Kauai sounds really nice but the BI sound like there might be more things to see and do?

What about Maui? I see lots of post about that island, it looks like a popular place.

Thanks so much

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I like the big island. Kauai is fine for beaches and we did hike the sleeping giant, but think there is more variety on the Big Island. Could you go to 2 islands?
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I'm trying to decide which island myself. I'm leaning towards Kauai but I'm concerned about rain. How are the rains in June? I've heard that there is less rain in the summer. I don't mind some rain, just don't want day after day of it. I understand unpredictable weather, I live in California. Last week we were flooding, this week is beautiful w/ temps. in the 70's.
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Weather is basically a crap shoot year round in Hawaii -- there is no dry season or wet season. But a few generalities can be made:

-- The north and east sides of Kauai and the Big Island get the most rain of anywhere in the state.

-- The west/Kona side of the Big Island gets the least.

-- Winter storms tend to be slightly larger than storms in other seasons.



Anyway, to answer your question, June is one of the best bets to avoid rain. Also staying in Poipu or somewhere else on the south side, and keeping your fingers crossed.
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I will qualify my vote by telling you that I haven't been to Kauai in 20 years. I remember that it was beautiful, but so was Maui.

Our last trip was to the North Shore of Oahu - if you're from California (like I am) Oahu will remind you too much of home. It's beautiful, but it just "feels" more crowded.

The Big Island is my favorite. We stay in Kona which is more like a small town than a city. It does take more time to drive to the other side of the island, but the drives are beautiful. I loved going to Laupahoehoe, and Waipio Valley on the other side, snorkeling on the Kona side, and hiking near Waimea. The Big Island has something of everything. You'll never run out of things to do, and once you're out of Kona, it doesn't have a touristy feel.

The drive from the airport to Kona is pretty dry though - not tropical at all. More like a moonscape made from lava.

No matter where you go you'll have fun.
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Thanks to all of you,

To answer your question Pat, I could go to 2 islands but it all depends on how much it cost for traveling from one island to another.

We are from Montreal, Canada, about 12hrs flight to Hawaii...
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Kauai.......rain rain rain
Maui..........too touristy
Lanai........nothing to do
Molokai......what gives? cowboys and a leper colony
Big Island......stupid volcano that could be dangerous or might not even show up for the show.
Oahu....city city city.......north shore.

Understand my silly sarcastic response....I have only found good things on every turn of the islands. Ignore the blatent complainers and research and love and emrace your choice. In my home there is no response other than yes to the question, do you wanna go to Kauai, maui, hana, lanai, big island...and we have yet made it to the big island...it remains on our yes list.
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Poipu Beach in Kauai has lots of sunshine. There are direct flights there from Los Angeles. You could fly from Montreal to LA, change planes and on to Kauai. Beautiful island. We've been to them all and it's our favorite.
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We have talked to many people in pools and hot tubes while on Kauai. 98% said they wish they had stayed on Kauai for their whole trip to the islands. No comparison! We have been there 5 times in the last six years. Not a problem at all with rain. We go in Feb. Haena and Hanalei area is our place to relax. KAUAI is it! Mahalo
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But remember-No rain,No rainbows!
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