Where to stay in Vegas

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Where to stay in Vegas

Hubby and I are going to Vegas in June. We love to gamble and see the sights. Which hotel is the best value. We like a nice room, not a suite, at a good price and close to everything. Thinking about the MGM. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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Hi Joanne - The Monte Carlo is a nice place to stay. It's across the street from the MGM, and next store to New York, New York. A nice feature of the MC is that both the check-in/out area and the elevators to your room are separate from the casino, which is great in that you don't have to deal with your luggage as you maneuver thru the casino. Of course, if you have your luggage sent directly to your room, this isn't an issue !!

The MGM is too big for my comfort level.

Have fun !!
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WE AGREE! The Monte Carlo is an ecellent property for the money. The location is great, it's beautiful, and not overwhelming. Ten of us our headed there in April. We expect to enjoy the pool area, Lance Burton show, and all the sites. It's our 3rd time to the Monte Carlo. It's also next door to the Bellagio, a new extravagant casino. Also, the new Mandalay Bay Resort is inthe area. Each trip to the Monte Carlo has been wonderful. You can't go wrong.
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The Flamingo Hilton is an excellent choice. Great location and a fabulous pool area.
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We decided to take a trip to Las Vegas 12 years after we moved from the area. We were very familiar with many of the older hotels; however, in the end we booked our reservations at the Excalibur. The hotel was great! Spacious rooms and the hotel is only a few years old. You will be within walking distance of MGM, Monte Carlo and lots more! It seems as though we only paid $59 per night for a room with two double beds - very reasonable!
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We just returned from LV last week where we stayed at the MGM because of a great promotion they sent us. However, the next time I will stay at the Bellagio -it's the most beautiful hotel/casino/lobby ceilng/flowering atrium/art gallery/fountain show I've ever seen. We spent most of our time there -it's something else...the other places mentioned are really nice, too...we hardly stayed in our room anyway...have a great time!
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We stayed at the Bellagio the week they opened last fall. It was terrific. The rooms are great and the lobby, spa, casino, restaurants are top notch. We have stayed at many nice hotel in Vegas but Id have to say Bellagio is my favorite.
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Paul Rabe
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Another thought --

Unless you plan never to leave the resort where you're staying (NOT the way to see Vegas), it really doesn't matter WHERE you stay. Believe me, you can go into ANY casino in town; I've yet to see a "Hotel guests only" sign at ANY of them. So just pick ANY place and then hop from casino to show to restaurant. When you find a casino/show/restaurant you like; hang out there until you get bored, then go to the next one. When you're ready to sleep, just go back to your room, rest up, then repeat the above steps. Yes, this approach may cost a little more in taxi fares (it you even use taxis) or discounts from a specific place; but, if you save $500 by choosing basic lodging, won't you come out ahead?

Just a thought, from someone who's been to Vegas seven times.
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Joanne: lst. choice: Montecarlo,it is
just beautiful and affordable.

2nd. choice will be Excalibur, very good
Old Apr 14th, 1999, 01:31 PM
the Professor
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The MGM should definitely been seen and experienced, but it's just too big and chaotic to stay there.

If you like that end of the Strip, the Luxor is nice, with the Excalibur being a second choice.

If you prefer further North on the Strip, the Treasure Island is nice. The Frontier used to provide pleasant, *cheap* accomodations, although I haven't been there since it was sold.

For off-strip--a little more inconvenient--a very nice place to stay is the Hilton.
Old Apr 14th, 1999, 04:02 PM
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Just in case you haven't had enough input here's mine. The Mirage is my #1 choice every time we're in town which is 2x's a year for the last 5 years. The Monte Carlo is nice, however I would
have to reccommend against the Excalibur as there are wall to wall children of all ages.
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My son and I stayed in Luxor last June and loved it. The tower rooms are large and luxurious, and the hotel/casino beautiful. Very nice pool area. My only regret is we were so busy running all over the city we didn't get to stay there very much. I think we paid $79 weekdays (price goes up on weekend. Close to all the action on the south end of the strip, but like someone said above, you' ll want to visit them all. For good prices at different hotels on dates you want to stay at check out
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I've stayed at the Flamingo and Luxor. The Flamingo was comped so I can't talk about the price but the Luxor had the best deal at the time when we went in May last year. Very impressed with the Luxor and the Flamingo was decent. I believe it all depends on what part of the Strip you want to be on so you can cut down on walking and cab fares. If you plan on staying at one of the large hotels, it doesn't matter much where you stay.
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My boyfriend and I went to Vegas in April of 1998 and we stayed at Caesar's Palace. He did alot of research before choosing a hotel for us. It is BEAUTIFUL. The pool is unbelievable. I would stay a Caesar's again, it is a little more upscale than many other hotels on ths strip. We got a package deal with flight and hotel and it really wasn't that expensive.

Have fun.
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Joanne -- We are also going to LV in June with another couple -- our fifth trip, and we have always stayed at the Luxor. We all love the pyramid shape to the rooms (although this year we are going to try the tower rooms for the first time). Your best bet has already been suggested -- where ever you stay, tour all the hotels and casinos so you can make a more educated choice for your next trip. We found the MGM to be too big for our tastes (which was the case with many hotels), but the Luxor was a little smaller. I do have to admit, the service in the casino (drinks and such) was not very good last year, but the pool is beautiful. If you would like additional information on things to do, please feel free to e-mail me directly -- we've been to LV every year for the last four years. Have a great time!
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Maybe I am wierd, but I really liked the MGM Grand. The size didn't bother me; in fact, it added to the atmosphere of loads of people having a fantastic time. The friendly professionalism of every single hotel employee impressed me, especially given the size of the place. There is also a great pool area and lots of other things I liked. However, having never stayed anywhere else in LV, I've nothing to compare it to.
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Hi Joanne- I agree with most of the previous writers -- all those hotels are nice and worth the $$.. the MGM is too large. Read my latest article at Click on GS Woodlow and read "Great Deals, Good Meals, A Few Steals". I highly recommend the Imperial Palace as it has great food, VERY cheap rates and some of the best comps and FUN book...or Harrah's next door. Have fun and feel free to email me! Be sure to click on e-vegas--there are many great informative articles!
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Judy Olmstead
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I go to Vegas 2x a year. In May we are trying the Rio Suites. I did not like Imperial Palace. It realy does not matter where you stay. I was at Tropicana 2x. Holiday Inn Boardwalk was the most convenient because it is small but the accomadations are bland. i even like Circus Circus when we wanted to stay at that end for convenience to downtown. If you like to walk, it doesn't matter. If you stay in your hotel a lot then you will want everything handy. I do not like the Excalibar at all and the Luxor to me is inconvenient. Las Vegas is the best place to vacation. I have to Aruba 2x and it is great also.
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Hi Joanne,
I agree with most of your posters. It depends on what end of the strip you want to be on. We went to Vegas two years ago and stayed at the Monte Carlo.
We loved their pool area, the food and the Lance Burton show. We have also stayed at Ballys which we loved also and Ceasar's Palace which is also a very nice place to stay. I don't like Imperial Palace, Harrah's or Circus Circus. However, Harrah's has a magic show that is awesome. Also check out Rio Suites for their buffet. I think it is the best is town. No matter where you stay you will have a great time. Try and visit all the hotels so the next time you go you will try somewhere else to stay. Enjoy Vegas!
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I've stayed at Excalibur twice. the first time I thought it was a great deal but the second time I thought it was too cheesy of a place. Go figure. My favorite place to hang out last time was New York, New York. I'll stay there next time I go. They have wonderful breakfast in the coffee shop there, BTW, and good pastrami sandwiches in the deli! Have fun, I KNOW you will.

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