Where should I go for a pedicure in NYC

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Where should I go for a pedicure in NYC

I will be in New York City next week and in desparate need of a great pedicure - where should I go? thanks!
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I like Bloomies on 55th st. b/w 5th & 6th but it's not fancy or luxurious. It's one of those walk in places (no appt. needed) but I find they do a great job and it's very clean.
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In 3 words: Rescue Beauty Lounge


Just unbelieveable!
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Honestly, there are thousands of places you can visit in Manhattan for "a great pedicure." Competition in New York is intense, so basically all of the NYC options are better than most places you'll find elsewhere.

So, ask your concierge for a nearby suggestion. No need to go out of your way for a pedicure.

Enjoy NYC!
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I am staying at Hotel Giraffe - 365 Park Avenue South at 26th Street - is there a good place around there for a pedicure? If not, I will go somewhere else.
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There are nail salons on almost every block in NYC. Ask at your hotel where the nearest one is and they can direct you. My only rule: it has to be at ground level (so I can see in) and has to look impeccably clean. The upstairs ones are never as nice.
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I used to live a couple of blocks away from there, so can recommend 2 places very close. On Lex and 29th, they do a very good job and it's reasonably priced. Also on 3rd AVe and 22nd ST is another salon, more expensive but a bit nicer and also VERY good.

Have a great time while you are here.
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Hi wantsomesun, do you know the names of the salons?
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I recommend Elizabeth Arder the Red Door or any other well known name and avoid the generic 5 to a block nail places. Although the following is from Denver, it bears reading:

CBS4) DENVER Health inspectors are worried an unusual problem in California could develop here, CBS4 News reports.
Hundreds of women in California have gotten horrible boils and rashes on their legs from pedicures.
It can take six months to three years to clear up the condition, which often leaves permanent scars.
In Colorado, there are two inspectors for all the salons in the state. The inspectors indicate the problem with pedicures could happen here.
At area spas, they submerge your feet in warm water, they clip, they file, they scrub.
"I'm on my feet working and it's a nice treat," one patron said.
Californian Cherri Brown's experience was a little less stellar. "It really turned into a nightmare," she said. "It was a very horrible thing to live through."
Brown is one of the plaintiffs in a California law suit. She ended up with painful and oozing boils on her legs from a pedicure.
The boils, according to state inspector Kevin Heupel are "a form of tuberculosis."
Heupel said this bacteria is found in the filters of pedicure chairs. A clean basin doesn't insure a sanitary filter.
"We've seen clean basins," he said. "Then, you take off the filter and you have junk, orange-blackish in color and you only see it if you take off the filter."
State agents urge all customers to take precautions. According to Heupel, the bacteria enters through open wounds.
"It will go through the open cut and enter the body and it thrives on eating the flesh," he said. "The best thing a consumer can do is to not shave their legs prior to getting a pedicure. And, don't get one if you have an open wound or cut on your feet or calf."
Inspectors say they can't possibly check on all the state's salons, so they visit only after a customer has filed a complaint against the business.
Colorado authorities get about 150 complaints a year from customers of salons.
Investigators suggest checking to see if your salon is licensed, and say you should ask how often they clean their equipment.
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THe salon on 29th and Lex, you can't miss it, it's the only one there, on the east side of Lex a couple of doors down from 29th St and it's just a couple of blocks away from your hotel.

The second one I mentioned is on the west side of 3rd Ave, heading down 3rd Ave it is right on the corner of 22nd and 3rd.

Both should be easy to find, and I have used both. The one on 29th is less expensive, but they did a nice back massage as well with a manicure.

Have a great time while you are here, and if you feel like a good Indian dinner, try Curry in a Hurry, cheap and very good.
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It is Elizabeth Arden...the Red Door. We are not sure what a GREAT pedicure means...you can get a really good one on almost every block, as almost all of the previous posters have written...

You want the MOST fabulous pedicure in the City????...Try Cornelia Day Spa on Fifth Avenue in the East 50s.......
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Here is the link for a great pedicure....where lots of stars go:

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I had a wonderful "gel pedicure" in NYC two weeks ago. I don't recall the name of the salon right now, but it was on 33rd Street between Broadway and Sixth. The pedicure was about 45 minutes long and included so many extra touches that were just wonderful. I'll have to fish out their business card when I get home from work and post the name of the salon.

Thanks for the additional info, Debit. Definitely something to keep in mind.
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As the article Debit posted recommended, never get a manicure or pedicure if you have any open wound (even just a hangnail). It simply isn't safe.

While I think Elizabeth Arden is a great spa, a pedicure there is approx $65 and more of a "spa" event. If that's what you're looking for, Eliz Arden is a good choice. For a basic pedicure, try one of the nail salons mentioned here and, like I suggested, look it over carefully to make sure it's clean, the employees seem neat and clean, etc.
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