What do you take?

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What do you take?

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering what everyone like to take in way of snacks when doing a road trip. Also, any suggestion on things for lunch? Thanks, oh and I might have posted this question earlier but I can't findit so I think I may have pushed the worng button. Sorry if it's a repeat.
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You did post it earlier, titled favorite vacation food. It's not common knowledge among the new people here, but you can find all your old posts by clicking your username at the very top of this page.

No one has answered the other post yet, either though. This is being dicussed on the airlines board with regard to food to take on a flight.
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various cheeses, crackes, water, fruit, pepperoni and sausages. Always eat lunch at rest stops. best stops seem to be the welcome centers when you first enter the states. Worst stop was leaving CA on I-40. The ones here in VA are not that great either.
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I'd be happy to reply.

We take a small ice chest with drinks, individual packets of cheese, yogurt, and salad fixings--lettuce, ham, grated cheese, tomatoes, other veggies, etc.

I take plastic bowls with lids for our salad bowls and then use the lid to seal it up until I can get somewhere to wash it. Or you could use disposable and just throw them away.

We enjoy stopping at a roadside park to eat lunch. It's a nice spot to stretch your legs instead of gas stations.

Then there's the box of goodies--candy, chips, nuts, jerky.
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The only snacks we have on road trips is water, soft drinks and fruit. If we want to pack a lunch, it is most likely, hard boiled eggs. However, most of the time we stop at Subway.
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I rarely eat while driving, so snacks are not big on my list of what to take for a road trip. It also depends on the length of the trip. (Just a day or a few days?) Normally, I always have plenty of water and will probably bring some fruit that is easy to manage while driving. I do bring along a few hard candies as well.

If I plan on stopping along the way, it really depends. Most of the time I'll just stop somewhere along the way. However, if I'm driving up to northern California via the 5 (very few dining options!), then I'll pack a small cooler with some sandwich and salad goodies.

I'm just weird, but I hate having a messy car - even while on a road trip!
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Water. I always have a bottle of water in the car.

On longer trips, some fruit that's ready to eat - peeled oranges, etc. in individual baggies. Other easy to eat stuff like nuts. These are just to act as fillers.

We usually stop for lunch or dinner, even if it is to get a hamburger at a drive-through. Acts as a means to break up the trip a bit on long drives.

More important items, especially for the passenger, are a good neck pillow, books and magazines to read, and favorite music discs.
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We definately take a cooler for road trips. If we have flown and rented a car, we buy a styrofoam model (which is left upon departure) and fill it with:

Ice, fruit, bottled water and other drinks, energy and/or granola bars, cheese sticks. Often we will take sandwich fixins. Perhaps some nuts, chips or similar.

In my case, this has been with a family that includes teenagers.
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I take a soft side cooler as my carry-on. I'd tried buying the sytrofoam cooler and the squeaking just drives me crazy.

Always water. We stop to shop and everyone buys a little of what they want. Baggies hold a person's "personal" stash (keeps the stealing and whining down to a mininum). Chips, nuts, fruit, granola bars or similar for the communal supply.

When I'm traveling with kids, there is alway a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. If they chose not to eat what was ordered when we stopped for a meal, they eat a foldover PB sandwich when they are hungry - or to tide them over to the next meal. Raisin bread has always worked well for sweet tooths without worrying about melting chocolate.

When its just me, I keep a flat of water in the car and shelled pecans in the glove box. Water and a handful of nuts go a long way to calm the munchies until its time for a meal.
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Water - plus gum for any high altitudes.
Part of the fun of a road trip is stopping off in small towns and eating at a local restaurant. It also gives you a chance to stretch your legs and use a bathroom.
But on shorter trips (4-5 hours) I sometimes visit a good, gourmet deli and get a couple of sandwiches, a drink with caffeine and a cooky or brownie.
I like to treat myself to stuff I normally wouldn't eat at home. For me, the vacation starts the minute I pull out of the driveway!
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Every other week, we drive two states over for 4 days or more days. It takes us about 2-1/2 hrs. each way.

I have everything I want at both places (coats, makeup, dry good foods etc., medicine and nearly everything else you can think of.) So all I take is water/milk/eggs in a cooler (those three in a very small cooler) some good fresh Italian bread in a bag, my clean sheets packed from the trip before's return and my cockatiel in his cage with bungees to keep him secure.

That's it. It takes me 5 minutes to get out to the car. And coming home I only have the water in the cooler and a small plastic bag of sheets with my dirty clothes on top if I want to take some home to wash. I never launder up there, too busy having fun.

In Spring I take up a bunch of clothes, underwear, etc. so I never have to pack anything but the little cooler.

On all other driving trips, we take water, luggage and cockatiel. No food or snacks then either. Except the cockatiel's food. He has his own little traveling bag, and it looks like a tiny trunk.
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We have an electric cooler that plugs into the power outlet in the car, and comes with an adapter to plug into the wall outlet in the motel. Holds quite a bit and you never have to worry about ice. I believe it was $65 at Walmart.
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You can take almost anything you like in a cooler as long it's not something you have to keep frozen.

We have a motorhome with a refrigerator and freezer, so anything and everything is possible for us.


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