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I would recommend that you stay in Montreal, where there is LOTS to see and do. The Hotel du Parc is not right downtown, but is a wonderful hotel and VERY reasonable. The savings of staying here would more than offset taking taxis or the subway everywhere. There is a small shopping mall right underneath, terrific for breakfast (especially), shopping, and there is a drugstore with reasonable prices, in case you forgot anything. Take the Cityrama bus trip to Quebec. They drive you to all the best sights and drop you off for lunch and the afternoon, and you can cover the best parts in the time allowed. Would highly recommend that you READ a TOURGUIDE ahead of time and select the sights that interest you - there are so MANY. Be sure to go to underground Montreal - mall heaven and out of the weather. If the weather is nice or bearable, walk around Old Montreal. For more info, feel free to e-mail!
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Terry Alleyn
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You MUST go to Quebec City. I have been their twice with my family and it is my favorite city in Eastern Canada. Lots of history, sidewalk cafes and a European atmosphere. Bed & Breakfasts are good, and there are some reasonably priced hotels. Expect to pay at least CDN$100 per night. If you want to catch Montreal on the same trip there are excellent bus and train schedules (VIA Rail or Greyhound)

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Hi, I live in Montreal so I can tell you a lot about it. Please e-mail me for specific questions such as where to get the best meal (Italian, Mexican, Szechuan, Sushi, etc) or about the nightlife, etc. Un beau baiser de Montreal et a bientot j'espere (from Montreal with love, hope to see you soon). Nathalie.
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Jason Grover
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Hi! My name is Jason and I would like to know some
info about Montreal. Please send me info about the
underground city and the hotels that are connected
to the underground city. Also, I would like to
know if the train station and the bus station
is connected to the underground city.
Thanks Jason
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Ian Klarer
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If you wish to find a good web site with a collection of links to numerous Canadian travel and leisure site check out:

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Hi, I live in Quebec City and I really think it's the best place to go in the province of Quebec. It has a European style. If you come in summer, there are lots of terraces where you can eat or take a drink. There are activities, musicians along the streets and a festival during July.

If you want more informations, send me a E-mail. Have a nice trip. Don't forget that in the province of Quebec, we speak French. la prochaine...
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The nicest cities to visit in Canada are Montreal
and Quebec City. In Montreal you can visit the
Biodome and several good museums. You can walk
in Old Montreal and the Old Port which is very nice.
You have to see the Olympic stadium area with
its highest inclined tower in the world. And of
course you have to visit the Botanical Garden
(third largest in the world). The underground
connects most downtown buildings and shopping
centers, therefore, in case you have a rainy or
snowy day, you can still shop and visit.
For food and drinks, Montreal has one of the
largest selection of good restaurants, cafes, bars
and discotheques, especially on Crescent street,
St-Laurent Blvd and St-Denis street.
The Official language is French, but in the downtown
area everybody speaks English and French.
In Quebec City, you must visit the Old city.
It is so beautiful. You'll think you're in Europe.
Just walk through it and visit the buildings and
churches. You also have several cafes and restaurants. Enjoy.
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Lisa Davis
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Quebec is lots of fun, with the greatest restaurants. Stay in a guest house in the old part of the city; they are cheaper with lots of atmosphere, but not fancy. All of the restaurants on the main streets are fantastic, just check the menus to see what appeals. A favorite fancy one is Anciennes Canadiens, which serves authentic Canadian food in a provincial atmosphere. There is a wonderful creperie just above the Chateau Frontenac; it's a great place for lunch.
See the sound light show about Quebec and the diorama about the battle; they are really good.
Have fun! E-mail me if you need more specifics.
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dave f
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If you're going to Quebec, try to learn a few French phrases. You don't have to learn the whole language but they really appreciate it if you make an attempt to speak French.Buy a cassette and listen in the car. Montreal is bilingual but Quebec City is tough if you don't at least try some French. Both cities are beautiful.In Montreal see some of the old churches and shop in the underground shopping center downtown. If you're driving, stop at St. Anne de Beaupre Cathedral which is between Montreal and Quebec. In Quebec, eat some crepes and visit the old city.
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Plan to have my family of four in Montreal for 3 days near first of June. First time visitors.
What are the top few must see sights?
Best hotel value?
Big events you are aware of.

Thanks for your offer of help.
From USA.
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Dana Landro
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Please try to learn some French before travelling to Quebec. Quebec and its language is a very strong part of Canada's culture. By learning some basic French, you will almost certainly get more out of your trip. Have a terrific visit - I hear that Quebec is just beautiful.

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