US Open - a few questions

Aug 25th, 2008, 08:22 PM
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US Open - a few questions

My wife and I will be in NYC next week and are thinking about going to the US Open on the Tuesday after Labor Day. By that time it appears that the only matches still being played will be in the Armstrong and Ashe stadiums, so buying a grounds ticket is not an option.

Tickets are available in both stadiums, but our preference is to buy for the Ashe as we then can also go to the general admission area of the Armstrong.

We have checked the site that the US Open has set up for subscribers to resell tickets, and it looks like we can get tickets in the lower Promenade in the first 5 rows for about $90 each. If we want to sit in the Loge, we're looking at close to $200 each. How bad are the first few rows of thePromenade? Is it worth paying double to sit in the loges?

Also, are there sections of the stadium that get any shade during the day? Can anyone suggest a side or corner that might have more shade? Are there any parts of the stadium to avoid because they get no shade at all?

If we decide to go to the evening session instead of the day, is it safe to take the subway back to Manhattan late at night?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Aug 26th, 2008, 06:05 AM
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I sat in the 300 section last summer and it was fine. Arthur Ashe is a small stadium. So pretty much anywhere you sit is fine. Of course closer is always nicer, but the prices for those seats are insane. Just save some cash, grab some 300s and enjoy the show. 318 to 324 seemed to have the most shade when we were there. Enjoy!

p.s. check out ebay for some great deals on tickets. People get desperate to sell them at the last second, and they can email them to you with etickets.

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Aug 26th, 2008, 08:24 AM
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There will be plenty of people taking the train back to Manhattan with you, and there is a ramp leading directly from the tennis center to the #7 train.

Can't say I agree with the above statement that Arthur Ashe is a "small stadium". It, and Armstrong, IMO, are HUGE for tennis stadiums.
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Aug 26th, 2008, 11:01 AM
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Thanks very much for the information!
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Aug 27th, 2008, 04:47 PM
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In my opinion, I'd get the Promenade seats. It's not $110/ticket better in the lode.

If you go during the night session, bring extra layers. It usually gets very cold.

Also, matches during the night session might end very late, so be prepared for a long stay.

You can also take the LIRR to the city, which is better especially if you're staying on the west side. Fewer stops, much faster.

I'm not sure if you can bring food - I got some in last time, but try to bring your own food. The prices at the concession stands are crazy. Nuts.
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Aug 23rd, 2009, 04:06 PM
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I do not enjoy watching the matches from even the closest row of Arthur Ashe promenade level. From the 4 matches I've seen from there, I am too far away & I cannot see the players' expressions or hear the ball ping off the racket. (It was similarly unenjoyable at the close lip of the upper deck at the spiffy tennis center in Key Biscayne, Florida.) That's why I got grounds passes this year (these also allow first-come, first-serve Gen'l. Admission access to the Louis.)I am curious about the appeal of some of the closer loge seats. I imagine their proximity is enjoyable. I've only sat in Promenade.
I'm not sure but I think you'll have some of the Men's & Women's singles quarterfinals on that Tues. I believe both the Louis & the Arthur will have some of these.
I highly recommend seeing night matches. The competitive atmosphere can reach a peak, plus the nocturnal air seems to stoke the fans' involvement. And after all, if you're gonna watch Andy Murray prevail at 1:30 am, wouldn't Gotham be the perfect place for it?
I don't find the doubles matches very exciting. If you can rearrange your schedule to see any singles matches on the Grandstand court, that would bring my strongest recommendation. Those seats are all first-come, first-serve. Fans will arrive & sit thru two matches ahead of the one they have come to watch to ensure a prized seat on this fabled court. The most exciting match I ever saw at the Open was there on a Sunday night between two men who were both ranked between 25 & 50 in the world. (I believe there's one neat area between the Louis & the Grandstand where you can stand to watch what's in progress on the GS & easily walk 20 paces to find a nice standing spot to view the Louis.)
I find early round matches between "lesser-knowns" to be the most exciting ones, especially the matches on the outer courts. The least exciting are watching a top 10 player on the Arthur breeze thru a low-ranked opponent.
Saving seats for others is allowed on all the non-reserved gen'l admission areas & courts. I ensure a good seat by making a deal with whoever will be sitting beside me to mutually save seats if one party wants to go back to the Arthur or take a meal break for an hour or so. It pays to form a little seat-saving cartel with folks you already know who would be willing to go directly with you to the Gen'l Admission seats when the gates are first opened in the a.m.
I agree the Arthur Ashe is a huge stadium. The Louis Armstrong is less fragmented into all those different portions, which seems to encourage more unity & spirited involvement among all the gathered fans. I believe that from any seat in the Louis, you can see every other seat. This is far from true at the Arthur. (That's a major drawback to many of our newer sports stadiums.)
I've had major discomfort sitting in (and waiting in line in)the direct sun at the Open. I believe that all the Gen'l Admission seats in the Louis are in the sun. Bring a hat! And whatever else to protect. Another factor is the possibility of rain. See their strict rain-check policy on the usopen . org official website. We've had great luck these past years, so I fear we're due for some rain. cancellations. They say that by week 2, the heat diminishes a bit, but that's not always true. The nights should be quite mild thru-out, but yes a chill wind is possible.
It seems a third of a mile walk from the subway to the front gate-plus another quarter mile or so to get to your seat. The subway is fine even quite late. The cars have A/C but the below-ground stations don't and can be unbearable hot. (The US Open stop is above ground & well-patrolled plus helpful info booths for your transportation questions.)All the police officers & subway workers & event personnel are wonderfully helpful & skillful.
I have bought scalpers tix near that station twice but they can sometimes be hard to find & expensive. Sometimes they enforce the no selling at above face value within ?1000? feet of the facility. But that's a minor worry.
I also bring lots of food & drink. They have water fountains that are not very cold & sporadically placed at best. Filling some liter bottles with ice beforehand is wise. Check their official site about bag restrictions. I think backpacks are prohibited but medium shoulder bags are OK. No glass bottles I assume.
There are lots of nice canopied outdoor tables inside the center available to all but usually in high demand. If you look hard, you'll find some small grassy areas for picnicing. There also is a large area on the grounds to sit on the fountain stoop & watch the match featured on the giant screen (and also the impressive drawsheet as it is updated with the latest upsets.) I think you can buy a late-round grounds pass just to do this.
Check for tix on stubhub & craigslist & the classified ads of the NYC newspapers. I do not know how important a good price is to you. I believe that tix will become available from the event itself at the last minute every day of the tournament. You can even go to their walk-up window (from either inside or outside the grounds) to see if something has become available, These will usually be really expensive tix, but at face value. Walk-up will also save the high high high ticketmaster fees.
NCAA basketball Final Four, NFL playoffs, UK Premier League soccer, French Open tennis, Hank Aaron - of all the sports I've attended, the US Open in New York City is my favorite. Next years tix will go on sale around April 1st.
If you want to support American tennis, Andy Roddick is having a great summer & would appreciate your support. The newcomer Sam Querry is my favorite & has been showing some attractive talent this successful summer. New Yorkers really rally behind James Blake, bless their hearts. We hope Jesse Levine will continue the success he found at Wimbledon, to say nothing of Mardy Fish, Taylor Dent and the truly amazing John Isner. I imagine that if more Americans became devoted tennis fans, the sport will prosper worldwide & lead to more folks playing the sport & find the eternal bliss that comes from whacking that fuzzy little ball back & forth, back & forth.
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Aug 24th, 2009, 04:24 AM
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If you have an American Express card, bring it to the event. Since Amex is a major sponsor of the USOpen, they give plenty of benefits (e.g. free posters, free video displays, free radios) to their cardmembers.
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Aug 24th, 2009, 07:44 PM
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Nstevey must be from a tropical land. Check the weather, it is highly unlikely to get "very cold" in the first week of September in NY.

And you'll be fine on the 7 train into Manhattan because there will be thousands of fans traveling back. It's not quite the packed-in feeling on the train after a Yankee game or in the long ago past when the Mets didn't suck, but it won't be sparse either.

And you need separate tickets for the day and night sessions.
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