Terror in the Skies article - Must read

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>>TSA, FAA and the airlines must make sure there's no repeat. That would be a tragedy.<<

Agree!! So, why do we handcuff them?
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... if they'd simply take full advantage of what they have now, safety would go up. Pilots leave cockpit doors open during boarding. Airports suggest allowing non-ravellers access to boarding areas. TSA runs uneven operations at various airports. Those folks have plenty of authority to do the work ... if they'd get off their butts and take it seriously. Most are half-wits, so what can we expect!!! Bush has better stop bragging and get his administration in order. Another 9-11 and he's out!
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I confess. I'm one of the guilty ones: I do go to the restroom when the seatbelt sign is on.

Those of you who stay seated should know that it's a heck of a problem doing what you need to do in the restroom when the plane is bouncing around in an airpocket, so you're very wise to stay seated.

BTW, must be a heckafa stupid terrorist to try using a plane again, given the amount of added security. They may be paranoid, those terrorists, but stupid they ain't.

I'm one of the "indifferent" ones. I refuse to have my chain yanked by Homeland Security warnings or journalists or anyone else. I've flown just as much after 9/11 as before 9/11. If it's my time to go, it's time to go and that's that.

On the other hand, travel expands the mind and is a great adventure. The view from the heavens is fantastic. I get to meet new people each trip and they are 99% wonderful and nice people. In other words, the positives of travelling and flying still far outweigh the negatives.

I haven't read the article and don't plan to. In the grand scheme of travel, it's about as important as a fleabite. Just my HO.

Have a great day! And those of you travelling - have a great flight!
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Why don't we just put all the Arab-Americans in camps. Nothing to worry about then. We did it to a different group of Americans before, why not again?

Some of you scare me.

I posted this on another thread, but here it is again:


The above page comes from here:


and if you want to read my thoughts on this, look here:

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beachbum....why is it so important to determine if the story is true???
Substitute "black" for "Middle Eastern" in her story..I think you get the point.

She almost had me going, until the end, when she claimed the flight attendent told them there were marshals "all around them".
And then the interview on msnbc...
Her hubbys "journal"..gezzzzzz take a valium!!!
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"BTW, must be a heckafa stupid terrorist to try using a plane again, given the amount of added security."

So, when Richard Reid tried to explode a bomb in his shoe AFTER 9/11, did the added security scare him away?

If you had read the original article that started all this, you'd see that sources in the UK are worried about terrorists bringing in materials that could be used to construct a bomb on board the plane.

You an expert in explosives to know that it isn't feasible?

Clearly, some are to ignorant, stupid, blind, or apathetic to recognize that we run a massive risk by NOT allowing our security people to profile people based on groups who are known to harbor the kinds of terrorists who would use a plane.

Fine, then I'm all for an El Al level of security that requires each and every person to have their bags opened, detailed checks, and multiple levels of security check-points. We're clearly unwilling to make a few people feel uncomfortable. So, what the hell, make everyone go through the check.
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Richard Reid tried to explode his sneakers in December, 2001. Did we have all our "added security" in place at that time, two months after 9/11? Seems to me that the entire nation was pretty much in shock still.

"You an expert on explosives to know it (building a bomb on board a plane)isn't feasible?" Ummm, YOU'RE the one who brought up this entire topic. This is precisely the kind of cobbling together bits and pieces that's aimed at creating mass hysteria. You bring up a point, then you ask a rhetorical question TO YOUR OWN COMMENT to make the other person look stupid, ignorant, etc., and then you walk around, blanketing others with labels like
" to [sic!]ignorant, stupid, blind or apathetic" without their having expressed anything in relation to what you are raving about. YOU are the beginning and the end of a lot of what you are saying in your post.

I merely said that I am going to keep on travelling/flying. I didn't say anything about bomb construction nor whether it's OK or not to profile certain groups of people nor a lot of the other things you imply in your "brilliant, intelligent, sighted, pathetic (as opposed to "apathetic")" - NOT! post.

What's the point anyhow? The entire story is in the past. Will one of those 14 "middle eastern" men please stand up and tell us why they were massed by the restroom? Mebbe it was something they all ate at lunch.

Look, Ryan, you can create as much hysterics as you wish. I personally just don't want to participate. I enjoy travelling too much to let tabloid journalism and tabloid TVism get in my way. Taking precautions - yes, but, unless it's information that others can use, the only purpose of such stories is either negative fame for the author or needlessly worrying innocent travellers. Pfffft!
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easytraveler, What you deem as "information that others can use" may be entirely different from others. If you read the article, you might agree with some that it's point is to provide information useful in bringing about changes in air travel security.

AAFF, do you have an issue with El Al level security, where everyone is thoroughly screened?

It's contradictory to me that we expect to be alerted to potential risk, but hesitate to authorize adequate detection systems, and then are so quick to accuse someone of crying wolf.

You can bet that when the wolf strikes again, the first questions will be 1. Why weren't we alerted to the potential threat, and 2. Who can we blame for the failure to stop the wolf?
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Racial profiling and stereotyping (as the article and Neanderthal Ann Coulter suggests) is not only bigoted but incredibly stupid. Richard Reed (the shoe bomber) is British and Caucasian. How stupid do you think terrorists are? If the only people that are singled out for scrutiny are Middle Eastern (or appear to be) then EVERYONE is less safe.
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We're all going to die from something.

If you're scared by something as silly as this...maybe you shouldn't fly.
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Profiling is a bad idea for more reasons than just racism.

For one, it's lazy police work. "Let's just consider all people of this type as suspects and our work is done."

Second, something tells me the next time (if, heaven forbid, there is one), the terrorists won't be so easily recognizable as Middle Eastern. Thinking that we can rely on a quick ID as a defense is stupid.
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rbc:If you saw R.Reed you would know he wasn't caucasian.Check your facts.
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Richard Reid has an English(white mother) and Jamaican father - he certainly is not Arab. Not sure what you mean there
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There is an excellent article on Salon.com today about Jacobson's story.
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Remember the All-American California boy? I believe his name is John Walker Lindh! He will be housed and fed by our government for some time to come for his activities as an active al-Qaeda fighter. He actually shot at some of our boys. Imagine that.
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