Teenagers to Santa Fe and Taos?

Old Jun 10th, 2002, 01:30 PM
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Teenagers to Santa Fe and Taos?

We are considering a trip with our three teenaged daughters to Santa Fe and Taos in early August (about 4-5 days). We know the adults would love these locations, but is this a good choice for teenagers? What sights and activities would you recommend? Any advice welcome.
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HAve never been to Santa Fe-heard it's great...went to Taos when I was a teenager and absolutely hated it...for that matter my parents in law just visited and hated it as well...
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Hello Patti, hope you get to read this message b/4 you leave. I took my teenage daughters 13 & 17 to Santa Fe in June. They were just ok about it. I had been there b/4 and thought that they would love it. They did love the laid back atmosphere and the geography, but overall they were not that thrilled. The shops (usually a pleaser) had very little for the 13y/o and although the 17 y/o bought a few items, they were very upscale and expensive for a girl returning to high school in the fall. We went to Taos, which is pretty much the same although we did the Taos pueblo. The girls found it interesting but only for about 15 minutes. I ran into other families w/teens going thru similiar experiences w/their kids. I had not planned a rafting trip but in retrospect that might have been better. We stayed at La Posada de Santa Fe and had spa treatments which we all really enjoyed. The girls loved the pool and hot tub also. I'm still glad I took them; I want to expand their horizons whenever I can. Good luck and hope this helps.
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I haven't taken teens to the area, but I recently returned from there myself. Are they outdoorsy types?? If so, you might consider rafting and/or hiking. There are some beautiful sights to see outside of Sante Fe and Taos--Bandelier National Monument, Taos Pueblo (it IS only interesting for about 15 minutes--small, but neat nonetheless), and Tent Rocks. If you are up for some day trips, I understand Chaco Canyon and Ghost Ranch are awesome. Sante Fe and Taos are both neat places, but mostly shops and galleries--not enough to keep anyone engaged for very long unless you are really into shopping and have lots of $$$$. I would recommend those as your "home base" and try venturing out to do some other stuff during the day.
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We went to a HUGE flea market outside of Santa Fe that was really fun. I think it was called Trader Jack or Joe's. We saw everything from kitsch to crapola, folk art, beautiful textiles, jewelry, local foods, clothing. I would think teenage girls would love a place like that.

I don't recall exactly where it was outside of town (I know...not much help) but we read about it in one of those freebie magazines you find in every hotel lobby, inquired at the desk and immediately got the scoop. Everyone in town knows about it. I think it was held Friday and Saturday.
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I just returned from Santa Fe and Taos. We enjoyed the area immensely, but my husband and I remarked how our two teenage daughters would not have loved it. They likely would have enjoyed the day of white water rafting, and I would recommend that definitely if you bring your girls, but that's about all I can think of, except sitting in the sun by the pool at La Posada, esp. if you spring for some kind of spa treatment for them. That is,unless your girls really enjoy unbelievable scenery, art galleries and Indian history. We were glad to have made the trip on our own.
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I am 30 and I just went to Taos. It was the worst place I've ever been too. All the shopkeepers look at you like you are a piece of crap unless you are ready to plunk down $40,000 for their extremely overpriced artwork. Even the bars weren't any fun because most of the workers down there are just rude. At the Alley Cantina we got cussed out by the waitress for being bad tippers... before we even ordered! (After her crappy service, we tipped her anyway, and she started crying and appologized). The whole town seems to shut down in the evening when all the gangbangers come out, and I can see why. We practically walked into the middle of a gang fight trying to walk to a restaurant. And I was a little worried for the cute 18 year old girl with us because these gangbanger punks kept trying to talk to her. And don't expect much for the kids at the hotel. We stayed at Taos Inn (the worst) and La Fonda (much nicer), but neither one really has any amenities for a kid. I don't think they even had a coke machine! I would say leave the kids at home. It is an adult town, and it was my impression that all they want coming to their town is old rich people who are willing to buy overpriced art.

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