Tavern on the Green

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Tavern on the Green

I will be in New York with my daughter and teenage grandaughter in Nov. We plan to take a carrige ride thru Central Park and was thinking about brunch at this restaurant.I've heard alot about it but never talked to anyone who has been here.I would like to know about the food,prices, etc.. Would it be possible to be dropped off here from the carrige ride?Please respond with any info.Thank You
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Yes you can be dropped off there. The food is not nearly as good as the ambiance/location. It's been hotly debated here if you type Tavern on the Green in the text search you'll probably find dozens of threads. If you're going to go, I think brunch is a good idea. I suggest going to their website or maybe menupages.com to check prices. For sure it's overpriced for the quality of food but it is a special occasion "New Yorky place."

Another idea is to do the carriage ride through the park and then have the carriage do a loop and drop you at the Essex House Hotel on Central Park South and have brunch at Cafe Botanica there which is far better food.
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Get ready for plenty of comments. Many will rant and tell you that it is horrible food. I'd take that with a giant grain of salt. It isn't the BEST restuarant in NYC by a long shot for food or service, but it is certainly good if not great. One doesn't go there to be eating at the best restaurant in New York. You go and you pay slightly inflated prices to BE there. It is a beautiful place (at least if you like "over the top") particularly in the Crystal Room. And it is the place you've seen in dozens of movies and TV shows, so it is somewhat special in that sense. Yes, the carriages will take you there, and yes you can get another one to pick you up.
Many will say it is mainly tourists, but it is a well known fact that it is still one of the top "event" dining spots for local New Yorkers as well, many celebrating various holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
I've eaten there twice. Would I go back? Probably not. Am I glad I went? Absolutely!
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I'll have to disagree slightly with Patrick. TOTG is one of the top event RECEPTION spots, not top event DINING spots. Big difference!
Without the tourist business, it's possible that TOTG might not be in business!
Having said that, I wouldn't think of telling you not to go...as long as you're not expecting a fine dining experience.
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I liked it better at night with all the lights in the trees on..the food is really mediocre, you do go for the place, not the food.
I like mclauries idea much more. There are so many great brunch places in Manhattan!
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Have been to TOG many times - many many times - almost always at the behest of out of town clients or friends - who wil not be dissuaded. Have even done events there in past years when it had more cachet.

It is a very pretty location. And, if you don;t mind mediocre and expensive food feel free to go. Order defensively - something as simple as possible - the more complex the dish the better the chances are they will ruin it.

However, I would never, never pay for anything there with my own money - thre are way too many places with much better food for way less money.
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Like Scarlett, I like Tavern on the Green better at night too. There are thousands of lights in the trees outside and so many beautiful Tifany lamps and mirrors inside. The horse-drawn carriages line up in front, so you could feasibly take the carriage afterwards. That's my plan for when I take my 16 years old niece in February. She will be more affected by the setting than the food, I'm sure.
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I think the food is not great but the overall presentation will b wonderful for children or a teen. My first time many years ago at 19 the Maitre D invited me and my roommate to the Cafeé Madrid(does it still exist?) and all the staff was there.
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Actually, Howard, I WAS referring to small parties and celebrations, in addition to the big private parties and receptions. I found the most annoying thing about the Crystal Room that practically every table in the place was filled with a small group with gifts for birthdays, Christenings, anniversaries, etc. I felt like every table there but ours was a group of locals celebrating something. These were not necessarily the same crowd that regularly dines out at fine restaurants, but I'll stick to my opinion that to many, many New Yorkers who rarely splurge -- this is their idea of the "most romantic" or most "special" place to have a celebration. Also I've read that Tavern on the Green is one of the first places in New York to get totally booked for Valentines Day as well as for New Years -- and those aren't all tourists! Locals, as couples or small groups -- celebrating.
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I'll elect, The Café ds Artistes, as a romantic restaurant.
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The restaurant?s website is tavernonthegreen.com, and they have menus and prices. You can easily get dropped off from your carriage ride there.

As with the others above, I am not a fan of the restaurant. My choice would be the Boathouse Restaurant on the lake in Central Park. Great food, great green and city views. (Tell your grandaughter this is where Carrie and Mr Big met for lunch and fell into the lake, and she will probably want to go. . . .) IMO a better choice than Tavern on the Green. Maybe go to TOTG for a drink at night.

The Boathouse
Park Drive North and E. 72nd St.
Central Park
New York, NY 10021

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Brunch at Cafe Botanica in the Essex House is wonderful. And you can plan your carriage ride around it.
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I absolutely agree with Scarlett and Maggi that TOTG is prettier at night with the twinkly lights. I was (without thinking) saying brunch was a good idea if you go b/c it's less $$$.

I also agree with Cicerone that the Boathouse is another good option for brunch, but great food? Not as far as I know. Better than TOTG, yes. You could take a carriage ride there.
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