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Alejandro Romero
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Hi, I'm traveling to the USA on my holidays for the fifth time in a row.
This time, I'm going to Indianapolis, Ohio and Detroit.
Could you give me any advise or suggestions on these places, specially Ohio?
Thanks a lot!
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Owen O'Neill
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If you're definitely planning on being in Ohio, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland is worth a visit. While there, consider a baseball game (home of the Cleveland Indians) and an evening of nightlife ine "the Flats" (a restored warehouse area near the stadium - now an entertainment/restaurant district). When there, we also drove an hour or so west and visited Cedar Point Amusement Park. If you love roller coasters, it's considered to be the "mecca" of parks. I though it was a bit overpriced and the lines were long but the coasters were remarkable. The area near Cedar Point is on the shores of Lake ERie and is very scenic - friends have rented cabins there for weekend stays and recommended it. Other than this, I know of little in Ohio that warrants a vacation visit - it's a very flat state with little to see in geographical features, although I found the people to be friendly.
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Hi! You never did mention what part of Ohio you will be visiting, but I have lived in Cincinnati, OH my whole life and therefore have been all over the state. I agree that the resort areas in the North along the lakes are nice...but you may want to skip Cleveland. Especially if you're traveling during the winter. The winters up there are horrid and if you're not used to driving in snow/blizzard like conditions, your trip could be disastrous. My advice is to visit the southern parts of Ohio, such as Cincinnati and Dayton. Cincinnati has a lot to offer visitors, and on top of all that it is an extremely CLEAN city with friendly people galore. Don't skip eating the infamous Skyline Chili. Catch a Reds or Bengals game or just visit one of the city's famous museums or take a German heritage tour. Cincinnati is very beautiful with its rolling hills and picturesque views of its skyline from many area parks. Definitely do not miss this!!! Have fun wherever you decide to go!!!
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Diane Forquer
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If you're going to Detroit, a visit to Greek Town
is a must. If you stop in Toledo, Ohio, I'd recommend the Toledo Zoo (excellent exhibits!) and
the Toledo Museum of Art. The Zoo also has free
concerts on Sunday evenings. At Promenade Park downtown in the summer, there are "Rally by the River" parties on Friday nights which feature live
music and they sell food and beverages (everything
is outdoors by the Maumee River). There are also a lot of ethnic festivals in the Toledo area during late summer and fall that have excellent food.
If you plan to go to the Port Clinton/Sandusky area that was mentioned in a previous posting (Sandusky is where Cedar Point, the amusement park, is) there is the Jet Express that can take you to the many islands in Lake Erie for exploring caverns, tasting wine (wineries abound), and sightseeing.
You didn't mention what time of year you were travelling, but fall is a very pretty time of the year here also. Good luck!
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Another interesting place to visit is the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH. It is a big complex with lots of historical planes, military displays, an IMaxi theater, etc. You can spend a day there. They now have the plane that was President John Kennedy's Air Force One. Carillon Park and Carriage Hill Farms are a couple of other places to visit in Dayton. Also, no one mentioned the waterfront in Cincinnati along the Ohio River or the B&B riverboats on the Kentucky side where you can cruise on the Ohio River or down by Indiana they have the gambling boats on the river. There are some nice restaurants down on the river.
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If you are in Central Ohio, you may want to check out the Ohio Caverns and Piatt Castle near a small town called West Liberty. Kind of fun.
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Why would u go there? In my opinion, Ohio is the most boring state in the USA!!!
There's nothing to do - and it's toooo quiet! Don't go there - drive about 4 hours away to Maryland, or a state on the east coast.
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First of all, what kind of a name is "STECKY" and also who are you to talk about which states are boring and which states are not??? Oh yeah, and Maryland is just so much better...NOT!!! The way I look at is why in the hell would someone want to go to Maryland??? With an idiot in the White House and the crime in that state, who would go there? Maybe you should buy a clue before you go and start ripping up places you've probably never been before?
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I absolutely agree with the above post about Wright-Patterson Air Museum. If you pass through Dayton, you should plan a minimum of 1/2 day there. Another interesting place off the beaten track is the Warther's Carving Museum at Dover, Ohio. It is a short hop off I-77 south of Canton. The football Hall of Fame is at Canton, however, I had never been inside so I don't know if it is worth the stop.
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Excuse me Jim! FYI - the White HOuse is in DC - not Maryland!!! And we're one of the safest states in the US!! Sorry if it seems like i'm really trashing OHIO, but hte last time I went - it was extremely boring!!! That's my opinion THANK YOU!!
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To admit that you are bored is to admit thay you are not even interesting enough to entertain yourself. I don't recall being bored. There are a million things to do in Ohio - all you need is a little imagination - or do you lack that as well????
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Well put, Mr.Seese!!! Hey, let's try to get this dudes address and send him some info on how to enjoy life!!!

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To anybody who thinks that Ohio is flat perhaps you haven't visited the areas around Marietta, Coshocton, Chillicothe,
Hocking Hills or West Liberty to name a few. I suppose Colorado is flat because the part coming in from Kansas to Denver
Alejandro, Ohio has a variety of terrains and many interesting small and
large towns. If you are coming from Indianapolis you might want to follow US40 - the Old National Road - into Ohio. Take the backroads instead of the
interstates if you want to see more than

Proud to be a Buckeye and even prouder to know that it isn't all flat!
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Larry, Larry and Daryl
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Drive THRU Ohio and visit Northern Michigan! Ohio is a very boring state...I lived there for 50 years and moved to god's country...the Great Lakes, hundreds of little lakes, beautiful geography, CLEAN air and friendly people. Come on up!
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I'm from the East Coast (Boston & NY) and the time I went to school at Ohio State was pretty enjoyable so ignore the "boring state" comments. My suggestion is to visit Columbus' German Village. It's a restored neighborhood, very residential but still pretty cool. Look there for a hole in the wall restaurant/bar called Thurman's. They had the biggest and best burgers I've ever had. I'm going to visit for the OSU/Minn game for the first time since graduating in 95 and Thurman's is a priority on the Agenda. There are also some other cool places hidden around the neighborhood so if you have the time, look carefully.

Good luck.
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Ohio is not a boring state! (No, I don't live there and didn't grow up there) I grew up on Lake Superior (also a beautiful area) and live in Southern Calif. now and love to visit Ohio. A very pretty state and we love the Holmes County Area. It is the biggist Amish settlement in the USA and very interesting. Also, lots of yummy down home food. There are some nice B & B's in the area now and also some motels or can stay at the hotel at Wooster College. Don't miss it and don't believe it is boring. Whole state has lots to see and do. If a football fan, do go to NFL Football Museum in Canton. Not far from Holmes County. Have fun!

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